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20 Best Future Business Ideas For 2020 To 2030

Looking for a profitable business to start post COVID-19?

coronavirus-covid-19-businessesIn this article, you will discover top 20 recession-proof business opportunities in 2020 and beyond that you can launch and start making money quickly. Some require a big budget to get started while some are pretty straightforward and you can hit the ground running without breaking the bank.

2020 would go down in history as the year when the global economy suffered its most devastating blow due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In America, the epicenter of the pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs as thousands of businesses were forced to shut down at the wake of the pandemic.

Although several countries are beginning to reopen their economies, the economic impacts of the pandemic are colossal and many nations might not recover in the next three years.

Interestingly, there’s a broad range of business opportunities that you can invest in and make huge profits despite the havoc being wrecked on the economy. These business ideas are pointers to the future of work and the earlier you join the trend, the better.

What Are The Recipes For Success In Business?

  • I believe one of the key ingredients for business is mentorship. There are many unsuccessful entrepreneurs out there who failed not because the business was really bad but due to lack of guidance and mentorship from people who have made it in the business.
  • Commitment also plays a huge role in determining the amount of success you will get from a business. The most successful business owners understand the need for them to put in their best efforts to achieve their goals.

Whatever business opportunity you choose to invest in, make sure you do your best and stay committed.

Now, let’s head straight into my best picks for 20 future business ideas for 2020 to 2030.

1. Lead Generation

  • Lead generation is simply helping local businesses to acquire leads and you get paid for your service. This is one of the best and most profitable businesses that is going to stay relevant for as long as businesses and companies continue to exist.
  • Local companies need customers to boost their profit margin, grow their businesses and compete favorably with other businesses in their industry. Your job as a lead generation expert is to develop strategies to capture leads and send those leads to local businesses who pay you after the leads are converted customers.

There are several ways to get leads. Some lead generation experts use free traffic also known as organic traffic via SEO (search engine optimization) while others generate leads through paid advertising on Facebook and/or Google.

While any of these two approaches can get you results, I find the paid advertising option more efficient and more rewarding.

I can say this with confidence since I've tried both methods. I started out as a digital marketer back then in 2006 specializing in SEO. I was in that space for quite some time before venturing into other opportunities.

  • Although I was able to make considerable passive income helping businesses to rank their websites on Google, the results were neither immediate nor sustainable. Worse even, many SEO clients usually don’t stick around for more than 6 months.

What would you do if a client stops using your service?

Doing SEO is like playing a long game which doesn’t necessarily guarantee long-term results as Google continues to roll out new  algorithm updates ranking web pages.

If you want to make it faster in the lead generation business, then it’s advisable to learn how to run successful ads on platforms like Facebook and/or Google. This will enable you to get results on time for your clients, make lots of profits and scale your business with ease.

2. Amazon FBA Business

  • amazon-affiliate-dropFBA stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon.” Amazon FBA is a program developed by Amazon for people who want to become sellers on their platform. Amazon provides storage, packaging and shipping assistance to their sellers.
  • To become an Amazon seller, you need to register as a seller and have an inventory of products with them. People collaborate with factories usually in China and other countries to manufacture their products.

Once your products are ready, you will send them to Amazon for storage and packaging. There are about 100 Amazon warehouses across the U.S. They will be the one to tell you which warehouse to send your products to.

Amazon sorts and stores your products and then adds them to their inventory. When a customer orders your product, the company manages the entire transactions including transportation of the products to the customer’s address.

Amazon sellers get paid every fortnight (2 weeks). Amazon sums up all your sales within the period, deducts their fee and wire your earnings to your account.

Although Amazon FBA is profitable, you may have to consider the enormity of capital required to build the business from ground up. Amazon sellers make a lot of upfront investment on inventory and shipping. You may also factor the cost of promoting your products among other things.

But if you have the money, and are confident about making the right choice of products to sell, Amazon FBA business is a profitable enterprise that’s worth venturing into.

3. Selling PPE

  • COVID-19 still remains the world’s major public health concern and it’s difficult to predict when the pandemic will be open. What this means is that, individuals, businesses and governments will continue to emphasize the need for the highest level of safety and protection against the virus through regular cleaning, social distancing and the use of PPE.
  • The use of personal protective equipment such as protective clothing, helmets and facemasks is now a new normal. The market for these products is wide. All you need to do is survey your environment and strategize how to attract and retain your customers.

However, I won’t advise you to stock these products in large quantities. The more people going into the business, the more competitive it becomes and the more likely for the prices to fall. Therefore, ensure you have a market for the products before you order.

It’s also safer to order a few quantities per time to prevent loss in case the prices drop.

4. Robotics


roboticsThe world is currently witnessing a wave of technological evolution that will redefine how we live and work.

  • Already, huge investments are being made in the invention of robots using artificial intelligence. Soon enough, robots will start replacing people in most jobs or fields, cannibalizing the traditional workplace ideals and perspectives.

Depending on how you see it, this development represents huge opportunities for people who are prepared for this techno-revolutionized future. While the world might not be able to stop the proliferation of robots, you must be prepared to remain relevant in the robots dominated economy by learning how to manage these machines.

The future business ideas in the field of robotics include robotic mechanics, diagnostics and maintenance. You can learn and become certified in robotics creation or management from MOOCs (massive online open courses) sites like Coursera, Udemy or Udacity.

5. Business Coaching

  • Although the authorities are making their best efforts to restore life to the economy, it is likely that many businesses will grapple with the losses induced by the coronavirus pandemic for years to come. Several business owners and business-driven individuals will need the professional assistance, insights, and advice of business coaches to guide them through these highly volatile and trying times.
  • If you’re confident in your knowledge about business and would like to make some cash from it, then becoming a business coach might be one of the most life-transforming decisions you will ever make.

Your job descriptions as a business coach includes offering leadership and management training courses, as well as courses designed to enhance knowledge in certain areas such as IT, financial planning or investment.

The business coaching industry heavily relies on demand from its largest market which include middle and senior management staff of companies, startups, and SMEs. The fastest growing niches in the industry include women empowerment coaching, sales training and employee satisfaction coaching.

Although the business coaching industry was significantly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic following the shutdown orders, it is expected to rebound over the next five years with revenue growing at a faster rate as the US economy recovers.

6. Web Design and management

  • We’re in a fast-paced world where the internet continues to have a strong influence on the global culture and economy.
  • For most businesses, migrating to the online space is a sine qua non to record meaningful improvements in sales and expansion in customer acquisition. As more local businesses see prospects for growth on the internet, demands for the services of web designers and managers are expected to soar.

As a web designer, you have multiple options regarding where and how you work. You may decide to work with a company or an agency. You may also choose to work as an independent expert on notable freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.

As a freelance web designer, you can make between $500 to over $5,000 per website. The plat rate depends on the complexity of the job, and your experience level.

7. Software Development

  • binary-code-data-software-1536x1086Software development is one of the fields that has witnessed exponential growth over the last decades. One reason why the field has become so popular is because it has the potential to automate previously tedious tasks that required human oversights and approach. Computer software or programs offer solutions that eliminate stress and improve productivity in a cost-effective manner.
  • As a Java, C#, .Net, C, Sybase and Oracle software developer, your job responsibilities cover the development, design, and implementation of new or modified software products or ongoing business. You will be involved in liaising with the business analysts and development managers to ensure software projects meet requirements.

Whether you choose to be a freelance software developer or decide to launch your own agency, you can make a lot of money with your skills. What you make per project depends on the complexity of the task as well as your experience.

8. Fitness Trainers

  • Today, there’s an increased awareness about living a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing. Fitness trainers are on high demand by people seeking to boost their health and athletic performance. Fitness trainers or instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.
  • This might be a good time for you to establish a profitable business in this field if you have the training, education and experience required in the field. You can set up your fitness gym and leverage the internet to promote your business.

As a fitness trainer, you may work nights, weekends, or holidays. Some trainers travel to different gyms or to clients’ homes to teach fitness classes or conduct personal training sessions.

Interestingly, you can combine another job with this business. There are many fitness instructors or personal fitness trainers that hold full-time jobs and conduct personal or group training sessions during evenings or weekends.

9. Electric Vehicles

  • For some years now, electric vehicles (EVs) have gained increased popularity among people in the U.S., China and some parts of Europe. This innovation is hugely fuelled by the world’s determination to cut down the usage of fossil fuel and reduce emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

According to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric vehicles will hit 10% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2025, with hit 10% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2025. The number will rise to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040. Currently, EVs make up 3% of global car sales.

Where does the opportunity lie for entrepreneurs?

  • With every new innovation comes opportunities. But only few people with business mindsets get to discover them and convert the opportunity to substantial wealth. You can set up charging stations or open an electric car garage. In fact, you may start a business where you rent out electric vehicles to people.

10. Affiliate Marketing

  • Every business is looking to attract new customers, make more profits and expand. Businesses adopt different sales and growth tactics to achieve these golden goals. One way businesses increase their sales is by working with affiliate marketers.
  • Affiliate marketers help businesses to promote and market their products or services.

Affiliate marketers earn their income (commission) by helping businesses to promote their products or services. There are different ways to do this. You can run a website or blog where you promote one or multiple products that solve certain problems.

You don’t have a website or blog?

That’s not a problem. There are a lot of affiliate marketers who make thousands of dollars every month by promoting their vendors’ products on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can also reach your target audience using email marketing.

Market research is key before venturing into affiliate marketing. You need to research the niche and products that help people solve their problems.

Like any other businesses out there, reputation is key to making sales in affiliate marketing. How reputable is your website, blog or the brand you’ve created for yourself.

Can people trust you and take you for your words? People tend to buy based on recommendations from people they trust and have good relationships with. Many efforts go into affiliate marketing, and chief among them is your personal branding and integrity.

11. DDoS Cyber Attack Prevention Security Company

  • Although, the internet and technology have significantly improved how we live, work and conduct businesses. The development also presents quite a number of challenges including cyber security breaches, hacking and illegal data harvesting.

DDoS attacks are a major threat that businesses must be ready to combat to avoid disruption in the communication with their customers.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a target server, network or service by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of internet traffic.

DDoS attacks can have several negative impacts on a business.

It impedes legitimate traffic from accessing the business’ website while flooding it with networks and devices that have been infected with malware.

The goal is to make an online service unavailable and inflict serious financial injuries on the target business.

With relevant training and demonstrable experience, you can make a considerable amount of money by starting your DDoS attack prevention company.

Your job descriptions will include identifying possible vulnerabilities to DDoS attacks, implementing infrastructure components to combat or reverse the attack and bolstering your clients’ website cybersecurity.

12. Cryobank Business

  • Consistent advancements in the field of medical laboratory science have led to many incredible trends. The term and concept of “cryobank” might not make sense 2 or 3 three decades ago. But it is happening right under our noses now.
  • A cryobank is an all-entailing term for a clinic that collects and stores human tissue for later use. This may include donor sperm, eggs, umbilical cord blood, embryos and stem cells.

People pay hundreds of dollars to have their sperm, or eggs collected and stored for future use. Interestingly, competition is low among the major operators of cryobanks.

With relevant training, funding and qualification, you could start a cryobank and start making your money.

13. Spa Business

  • The beauty industry is booming and it will continue to grow for as long as the world continues to run. Most people take a great sense of pride in their appearances. If you have interest in the industry, then there might not be a better time to launch your beauty parlor than now.
  • A spa business can be quite lucrative for talented professionals who know their onions and can flow along with the trends in the constantly changing industry.

Spas offer a variety of non-invasive beauty services such as facials, makeup application, electrolysis, spa manicures and pedicures, as well as body treatments like exfoliation.

Some spas also have compartments for salons where hair services like cutting, styling and coloring are offered.

Most of the services offered at spas attract repeat clientele on a monthly basis.

Although the competition is high for this kind of business. However, you can compete favorably and stand out among the crowd by offering optimal relaxing and therapeutic experience in a clean, serene facility with a highly professional and friendly staff.

Wondering how much this business can fetch you monthly? The possibility is limitless depending on the quality and experience you bring to the business.

14. Senior At-Home Care

  • care-nurse-serving-dinner-to-a-senior-woman-at-home-300x200The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the lack of reasonable safety measures at several nursing homes in the U.S. Many care homes have been hit by a tsunami of lawsuits filed by families of victims of wrongful deaths due to exposure to coronavirus.
  • As a result, many families will opt for hiring senior at-home caregivers. Apart from its potential to reduce the seniors’ vulnerability to diseases and avoidable death, at-home care delivery allows the elderly people  to retain their comfort and independence.

You can offer a broad range of services including meal prep, personal care assistance, financial planning and companionship. As your business grows, you can expand your team by recruiting additional experienced caregivers and assigning them to different families as required.

Senior at-home care isn’t only a business for today, it’s a lucrative future business idea that can help you make lots of money if you understand the market for it. Based on several reliable reports, one out of five Americans will be 65 years or older by 2030.

This represents a huge opportunity for people with the right experience and training to show compassion towards the aged by earning their income concurrently.

15. Dropshipping

  • Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment business where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to their customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the products directly.

With dropshipping, you don’t have to stock or own an inventory. You simply collaborate with a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfil orders.

Online shopping has increased exponentially among Americans in the last decade and surged after COVID-19 prompted shutdowns.

Online shopping will continue to remain popular among people during and even after the COVID-19. This implies that dropshipping a business for both the present and future. By 2030, the majority of commercial transactions would be conducted online.

Ecommerce business offers flexibility, high ROI (return on investment) and is easy to manage using automated delivery systems.

16. Solar Power

  • At the time the world is making concerted efforts to combat the increasing global warming, solar power becomes a viable alternative to the traditional electricity production that relies on oil, coal and natural gas. Solar power is a 100% clean and renewable energy source.
  • In addition, solar power is more affordable and can help homeowners or businesses offset their rising energy expenses. Solar solutions offer year-round efficiency and cost-saving potential whether in sunny, cloudy or colder climate.

some-solar-panel-jobsThe solar energy industry has witnessed increased expansion in the last decades and it will continue to grow over the next decade. According to a report by GlobeNewswire, The United States solar energy market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.32% during 2020-2025 with solar photovoltaic (PV) expected to dominate the market.

As an entrepreneur you can make money from any aspects such as design, inspection, or installation of solar solutions. The starting capital for this kind of business may be a little high, but you're sure going to make your money in the long run.

17. Online Tutoring Platform

  • Online learning became a culture during the virus-related lockdowns, but that was only a boost to one of the fastest growing trends in the education space. In the last decade, the number of online tutoring platforms in the U.S has surged.
  • Sometimes, it is challenging for students to find the perfect tutors in their areas, cities or county. As a result, more and more students see e-learning has a better and more viable alternative.

More importantly, online tutoring removes the possibility of physical contacts with strangers which can be dangerous for you or your students considering the peculiar time we are.

Online tutoring is primarily geared toward students who need extra help in specific areas. The programs also offer courses and assignments designed to help students improve their standardized test taking skills especially pertaining to the SAT and ACT.

You can develop an online portal that matches students with online tutors for virtual 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. And then make different sections for high school students and college students. This model of learning and teaching offers flexibility as well as delivers optimal value.

18. Drone

  • If you’ve been following the trend in the drone production industry, then you will agree with me that there are vast business opportunities to explore in the drone niche.
  • Although initially viewed as military devices, drones have gained a significant presence and acceptability in the commercial sector over the past five years. Incremental growths have also been predicted for the nearest future and beyond.

drone-jobsThe drones market is expected to register a CAGR of 15.37% to reach $47.76 billion by 2025.

The droves market can be segmented by areas of their application – construction, delivery, law enforcement, entertainment, media, agriculture and energy.

You can start the business if you have a fat capital to invest. The drone business boasts of massive ROI. The good part is, there is low competition among the top operators in the industry. So, this could be the best time to get started if this sounds like what you’d love to do.

19. 360-Degree Photography

  • For some people, photography is a mere hobby. For others, it’s a serious business that brings in consistent flow of cash.

360-degree photography is an on-demand service for businesses that want to get past the noise online and establish a strong connection with their customers. One way to make people stay glued to your website, engage with your product or service and take action is to accompany your content with stunning visuals.

You can set up your online 360-degree photography business and start offering bedazzling visual content to business, social media managers, and digital marketers.

20. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  • Many businesses have come to recognize the benefits of ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although Google does not share exact numbers of its number of searches conducted on their platforms, there are reports that the largest search engine in the world handles 3.8 million searches per minute.
  • The statistics show the increasing dependence of people on the search engine to get information or make buying decisions.

In the last decade, demand for the expert SEO services have skyrocketed. Every business wants to be found online whenever search terms related to their products or services are typed in Google. With more quality web traffic comes the possibility of increased customers and higher profit margin.

Although the competition is a little tough in this business, you can however leapfrog competition by adhering to the SEO best practices as well as familiarizing yourself with every algorithm update.

Wrapping up

  • All the business ideas highlighted in this article have considerable potential to help you make money for the next one decade and beyond. All you have to do is pick the one that works best for you.
  • In fact, you can combine two or more businesses depending on the capital and entry qualifications for those businesses.

Also, you have to consider which business enables you to make the most profit with little or no stress.

Although it is somewhat true that nothing extraordinary comes easily, it doesn’t mean you have to toil day and night before you make decent income. The important thing is to invest in the right business and get the needed support for accelerated success.

Worthy of note is the uniqueness of each of the future business ideas. Since all the businesses are not created equal, you can only expect them to have varied levels of risks and opportunities.

Thus, it is important for you to do your research about any business that piques your interest before you invest in it.

My Top Pick For the Best Future Business Idea For 2020 To 2030

My best pick for a business that can help you make consistent monthly income while working from the comfort of your house is Lead Generation. Lead generation is a semi-passive income business that can improve your financial life tremendously. .

If you’re tired of the everyday grind of your 9-5 job and want to begin to have absolute control over how you spend your own time, then this business is for you.

For one, lead business offers you more freedom and flexibility as well as potential considerable monthly income.

The good part of it is you don’t have to have prior knowledge or be tech savvy before you can do this job.

You can learn the skill and start making money in less than a week. It’s that easy.

I’ve been into the lead generation business for the past three years, and the journey has been amazing so far.

I’ve been able to build a 6-figure online business where I make 4-5 figures in retainer fees monthly by generating leads for businesses using Facebook ads.

Interestingly, this business will continue to pay for as long as businesses exist. And guess what, there will always be businesses around!

Which business would turn down the offer to help them get more customers to buy their product or use their service? None!

But you know… it doesn’t end with you landing your first client..

The big question is, for how long can you retain the client?

If you succeed with your first deal, can you replicate the success over and over again for multiple clients?

These are important questions you need to provide honest answers for.

For me, I got to learn how to run Facebook ad campaigns that deliver results as well as land multiple high-ticket clients through a program called the Local Marketing Vault.

The Local Marketing Vault is an online training platform that shows you everything you need to know about running successful ads to help your clients get new customers.

In addition, the program gives you access to tons of pre-built funnels which makes the process of getting up your ads easier, faster and more effective.

The program gives you deep insights and a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to succeed in the business.

With a private Facebook group of 5000 happy and successful students turned lead generation experts, you can rest assured you’re joining the winning team to help you realize your personal and financial goals.

Want to find out what other members of the Vault are saying about this program? Click here.

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