My Best Pick for 2020 & Beyond…

My #1 Pick For a Business That ANYONE Can Start Easily, & Within a Few Months Be Earning $7-10k a Month Is  The  “Local Marketing Vault”


5,500 Members & Growing!

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🤯 Recent Wins from our Facebook Group from People Just Like You!🤯

It is not rocket science! Small businesses need leads! You generate the leads for them using simple pre-made tested funnels!

This is something I wish I was doing 10 years ago, but I have to admit I was afraid!

You see I was playing the long game… taking months to get results for clients with traditional SEO… their trust just wasn't there.

After I got out of my own way & started following this lead generation model I am pushing 20K a month!

It is a TRUE foot in the door RESULTS driven strategy that opens the door for even more FUTURE long term work!

You see the video below? Yup that is me the TALL bald dude and the two studs in the blazers changed my life!

The trainings, support, and guidance from these guys is what has been responsible for me hitting these life changing goals, not just for me, but for 1,000's of others!

In fact just being in the group allows for all sorts of opportunities!


Not only do I have access to the tools and training to get results for clients I have access to a group of almost 5,000 Smart Marketers to partner with!


Take a look at this:

In February 2020 alone I can calculate $6,850 of NEW… YES NEW income I took in via Local Marketing Vault partnerships!

$3,350 of that is on monthly retainer now… so if all goes well I effectively added $40,200 to my yearly income! WHOA!

There is nothing better than showing a client you mean business!


I am so grateful for this passive income! I am so GRATEFUL my wife doesn't have to work and can be home for my kids.

What would extra passive income do for you?

If you don't have any then you need to do whatever it takes as soon as possible!

To 20K & Beyond!


Yeah pretty crazy huh! That is $27,502 income for February 2020… and the truth is I actually hit 30k!

I really didn't feel like redoing that in PHOTOSHOP! 😉

I knew February was going to be one of my best months! I was pretty confident I was going to break the 20k mark, and then I did the above!

I really don't see any signs of stopping either! The thing is once you get the momentum going, start working with and around like minded people… well sky's the limit!

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Put your email in below, and you'll get 3 CASE STUDIES,
showing you step-by-step how they did it (and how you can replicate it)

What's great about all these below is that I literally went to the Facebook group scrolled down for a few minutes. These are all in the LAST 24 HOURS!

I met Julie below the day before the LMV Live event! I knew there was a fire lit in her!


Dude $4,000 a month solar deal! I remember his post a day earlier mentioning he was pitching it! Nice job Bill!

90 Days in the vault! First client! $900 a month. Not a bad raise!

They Just Got In The Vault! Nice!

48 Hour Newbie? Already has a wedding photographer ready to speak with. Taking Action!

Client of 2 years! My man Andy!

Pretty awesome when one of the owners gives you a shout out! Nice job Ashlin!

Finally Among People That Speak Your Language!
Jason & James Kickoff LMV Live 2020

So I have been to every live event LMV has had! I am proud of that! San Antonio 2018, New Orleans 2019, San Diego 2020, and not to mention a few mastermind events! We really do have a special group here and the more I spend time around them, the more I learn and the more successful I become!

Ha although the trip cost money, on the way home I upgraded to FIRST CLASS… because WHY NOT! I have been working hard…. brought back about a dozen connections, so why not treat myself! I don't think I will ever fly coach again… no offense!


Hey and what's better than riding First Class? Somehow lucking out and getting a seat next to one of the owners of the company James Bonadies! This was not planned one bit! I will tell you that first class ticket paid for itself just getting to talk to him privately on that plane!


Up on stage with probably about 30 others getting our 10K club awards!

And below are just a bunch of pictures from a great time at another LMV Live event hanging out with old friends and meeting new people!

I will tell you one thing! Everyone loves our training and I have seen it over and over again! When people come to these events they go home with a desire to do more!

You don't need to go to an event to changer your life, but being around like minded people is a huge confidence booster and I know our March sales contest will be the biggest LMV has had so far!

So… if you are ready to know more and take that next step… then do it! I will be here waiting for you!


Put your email in below, and you'll get 3 CASE STUDIES,
showing you step-by-step how they did it (and how you can replicate it)