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Local Marketing Vault Review

UPDATE 7/12/2023 – I have been updating this post since 2018!! Read on, but if you are TRULY TRULY interested in LMV “Local Marketing Vault” then watch the video below. That is me… live and direct!!

How I Make $8,362.99 A Month From LMV Partnerships

UPDATE 12/1/2022 – The thing that I love about the Vault is that it is constantly changing! The market, the tools, business is always changing and Jason and James have been changing with it since 2017! You can't say that about a lot of other programs out there! 2023 is going to be a great year! Are you going to join me?

And…. UPDATE 6/14/2022 – You will see a common thread here! YES The Vault still works and I continue to do all the things I talk about below!

UPDATE 12/3/2021YES The Local Marketing Vault Still Works and I am still involved in it to this day and a huge part of my income comes from involvement with the group members!

FEBRUARY 19, 2020 – The FIRST LOCAL MARKETING REVIEW EVER WRITTEN! TRUE STORY…. but the story changes…. read on to learn more!

Read on to learn why after… wow 4 years I still think LMV is the best program/group to help start a business online!

Take Note: Grab a cup of coffee it's a deep one! By the end of this article you are either going to LOVE me or HATE me!


OK so listen if you are looking for the last program you are ever going to buy… then the Local Marketing Vault might just be for you!

I don't say this lightly or typically start reviews off like this, because I might come off biased!

…and I am sure you are probably tired of reading reviews on programs out there that are totally fake and just trying to sell you!

This is coming from someone who has spent $1,000's & $1,000's of dollars on all the bells & whistles and all those “Private” Facebook groups that promised to be amazing, but faded away after a few months or so.

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Or tried things that worked for a month or two.. or relied on some sort of hack that would get you burned in the end anyway.

I am only telling you this because first if you are here, then you searched Local Marketing Vault review and are looking for some information on it.. duh!

Second, you might be coming from an SEO background and looking more into local marketing with Pay Per Click “PPC”

So I am here to tell you what the Vault is about since I have been in it for almost 3 years now!


  • If you don't have 10-15 minutes to go through this post or watch some of my videos and learn some things
  • If you are not ready to spend some money on this program and actually dive into and use it… not just scratch an itch… meaning you sign up, you get your login info, and you get to work!
  • If you are not at that point, then there is honestly no point in reading further!

Not trying to sound harsh, but that is the truth! I have talked to so many people with excuses…. They want what the vault has to offer, they say they love the ideas, but then they back out!

COMMIT to something or I can almost guarantee you will fail.

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Hit The 10K Club – Waiting For My 20k

If you have dealt with the following then keep reading my review:

  • Tired of SEO taking FOREVER!!
  • Programs that don't deliver what they say
  • Confused about where to start with a website, a funnel, advertising etc…
  • Have spent $1,000's on other programs that only left you more confused & burnt out!
  • Joined a group where all they do is sell you more stuff
  • Joined a group that said it was for “complete beginners” but was a lie

If you are looking for a program that will help you do the following then keep reading my review:

  • Land Clients much FASTER
  • Land Clients much EASIER
  • Get results for them NOW rather than later
  • Have the BLUEPRINT laid out in front of you

Local Marketing Vault Reviews on Trust Pilot!!


With all that said!

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You Probably Fall Into 3 Categories:

  1. You have never done anything before dealing with making money online. You have no clue what any of it is about!
  2. Maybe you have tried a couple courses, bought a few programs, maybe you even tried drop shipping, ebay sales or even Amazon. Or maybe you made stuff on etsy to sell or even tried launching your own blog/youtube channel with hopes of going viral! So… yeah you put some time into it, but probably not enough… you burned out and left it!
  3. You might just know what you are doing… you are an Internet Marketing / SEO wizard, you have some of your own sites making money and maybe even a few paying clients. You pick up stuff really fast and you are just looking for an edge to be an even better marketer.

Do any of them sound like you?

What if you are #1?

  • What if you are new to all of this? You have no clue! This scares the you know what out of you. Well… LMV “Local Marketing Vault” is almost perfect for you! Being someone who is a #3 I sometimes say I wish I came into the vault not knowing anything and just followed the training, listen to Jason McKim, and go through the motions.  I sometimes felt like I got in my own way knowing all the things that I know and tried skipping over some of the training “DON'T DO THAT“!
  • As a beginner you are going to learn so many things it can be information overload for sure! Jason does make it easy with daily checklists and constantly reminding you to “FOLLOW THE PROCESS“. One of the first things you are going to learn in the training is “HOW TO GET CLIENTS“! Because without clients you have nothing right?
  • A lot of people will jump in the training and go right the funnel creation section or ask what do I need to spend right now and Jason will usually chime in something to the effect of… do you have a client? Then don't spend any money until you get that first client!
  • So you are essentially learning how to get clients via I think about 7 or 8 methods <<< don't quote me on that. The beauty of that is when you get that client you can jump into the funnel training and literally follow the videos Jason puts out to set it all up! Now on the flip side of that… maybe you are scared of the tech side of things… WELL… you can PARTNER with someone in the group. There is a vetted preferred partner list<<<<“yes I am on it ;-)” or you can jump in the group and say hey listen I just spoke with a local chiropractor, who can help me? You will get someone responding that they are already running those types of campaigns and would be glad to help and of course split some sort of profit.
  • And again you can do this all yourself and it is really super easy to set up the funnels… you are basically going to need a Clickfunnels Account, Zapier, Wufoo Forms, and maybe call tracking… all depends on the particular client
  • Back to getting clients… you are actually going to learn how to close these clients with the 6 Circle Close tactics where you are just helping them understand their actually needs and on top of that you get the CQI “client qualification interview” process which actually gets you interviewing thing, because trust me if this client is acting like a nightmare now, then it will not be fun later. So essentially you are deciding if you want to work with them! <<< YUP all in the training!

What if you are #2?

  • You have tried a bunch of courses/programs/webinars… you spent a few $1,000 here and a few $1,000 there, but it just left you feeling eh…. Or maybe part of that $1,000 got you into a “private Facebook group” which was cool for a few months, but the owners faded away and nobody really every participated or gave you the answers you needed. Been there done that! Super frustrating!
  • Or again maybe you tried Amazon, Ebay, your own blog, YouTube channel etc….. it just took too long, never got moving, and you just gave up on it. I have been there and done that too lol.. but I have also been lucky with some of the affiliate marketing and client side things over the years which has kept me going, but yea TRUST ME, I know how it is to put 6 months into a project and have it just fall FLAT!
  • Hindsight… I wish I had found the Local Marketing Vault type training 10 years ago and used these strategies because if you have any type of SEO/Internet Marketing training you know it TAKES TIME to get traction/results. With LMV it is literally RESULTS NOW VS RESULTS LATER type of marketing!
  • We can literally login to LMV, get the training, get the client, set up the funnel, set up the Facebook/Google ad and have typically have leads coming in the same day or the next! Pretty crazy!
  • Think about the power of being able to go to a potential client and tell them hey… I can set up a funnel & some ads for your business and literally have leads coming in to your inbox in the next 2-3 business days… versus yeah we can set this up for you and its going to take about 2-3 months before we start seeing results with traditional seo! Whoa mind blown right!?
  • So in a nutshell if you have tried a bunch of stuff, took months to see a tiny bit of traction, but ultimately it fell short, then the Local Marketing Vault is just what the doctor ordered! Again RESULTS NOW vs results later…. The biggest thing is the PLAN/PROCESS is laid out for you… you just need to follow it and you are going to get the best support you have ever seen hands down!

You are never going to be left hanging!


Group of 6,000+ marketers in the group to answer questions plus the actually OWNERS are on weekly calls answering every question asked! Yes Jason McKim & James Bonadies get on weekly Facebook Lives and answer “YOUR” personal questions!

What if you are #3?
  • So you are doing OK with online marketing… you know some SEO, you have some affiliate sites, maybe you have ran some paid Facebook/Google ads, heck you might even have a few clients paying you a nice monthly retainer… way to go! “I was #3 btw.”
  • Sometimes you just need/want something else to add to your arsenal that you can market. You might have dental clients, chiropractor clients, or yoga, personal training etc… where LMV has an actual pre-built tested funnel  you could be running for them as well. <<< YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?
  • Basically, let's say you were working with a yoga instructor. You could literally hop into the vault training… put the funnel/ads in motion and have the leads coming in for your Yoga client in 2-3 business days if not sooner! You could charge them $500 a month retainer plus ad spend to run this basically on auto pilot! Now go do that to 4 or 5 other clients… nice way to add some extra income. …and that is just talking about current clients you may have.
  • You are still going to learn from the training how to get new clients and sell them on the leads now vs later results, and once you get your foot in the door… guess what?? You can sell them what you already know “SEO” a few months in when you have gained their trust by providing them new leads/clients. Is it all making sense?

If you are a #3 I think that just got the wheels turning! Am I right?

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You Wanna Hear My Story? OK Here Ya Go… You Can Skip It Too!

I don't want to toot my own horn “toot toot”, but if you are reading this then you found me via Google and the reason that happened was because I've got “MAD SEO SKEELZ!

If you do SEO or know about it then you will understand & if you don't that is OK too!

I have been doing internet marketing since 2006 and I have bought a lot… a lot… A LOT… of marketing products over the years. I have been to about 6 or 7 big internet marketing conferences, and I am sure with all of it combined I have spent at least 30-40k dollars! Easily that much if not more!

I only mention this because in all these years I have seen a lot of programs come and go! The one thing I can say about Jason & James “the creators of the vault” is that they are not stopping anytime soon!

I am not sure where you are in your internet marketing journey, but let me rewind a few years back… actually about 8 years back!

King Of The World – I Own The Internet!


king-of-the-worldYou see back then SEO was a different game and there were a lot of ways to play it! I don't want to go into detail, but at one point I was pulling in about 20-25K a month extra on top of my main 9-5 job! It was amazing! Of course it all came crashing down over about a 6-12 month period.

I only bring this up because I know a lot of other people out there were in the same boat as me! Now don't get me wrong, I was still able to make things happen, create some new revenue, but never to that extent!

I felt like I was always “chasing the dream” that I once had! That is OK too, but you see I was chasing the “old ways” of doing it!

…and I will be honest, instead of looking for some new ways and skills I just kept buying up courses, tools, and other shiny objects that I thought would get me back to where I was!

Step In The Local Marketing Vault

local-marketing-vault-downloadThis is where I heard about the vault… well I think I actually saw an ad on Facebook and it intrigued me for sure! I liked the approach, but of course in the back of my head I wondered, “what makes this different then the 20 other FB ads I saw today?

So I signed up for a call and as they say the rest is history….

Now if you look at this [SALES BLITZ CONTEST] you can see who the winner was right? YUP Me!!

In the vault they like to run contests during the month… who can get the most new clients, or the most new income. I am now doing 20K a month from vault related work!

Using the tactics and the basically “copy & paste” funnels I was able to pull in 7 new clients and $4,029! That is nuts right!

…and forget about me for a second look at all the other people in the vault that were pulling in new clients! You have some people pulling in $3,000 clients, $1,000 clients alone!

There is nothing better to see than someone in the vault getting their first win and posting about it! Hey I just signed my first $500 client, my first $1,000 client, heck even seeing someone get a new client signed up for reputation management for $199 is a huge breakthrough!

To me this shows you the true power of the Local Market Vault and the group that James & Jason have built around it!

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What Is The Local Marketing Vault?

First Though: A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words?


Makes sense right? Do you see the difference? Would you rather tell a client… hey we are going to do this this and this and wait about 3 months to see some significant results or hey we are going to set up your new landing page and start sending you leads in about 48-72 hours?

Sending leads in 2-3 days sounds much better to me and to potential clients!

There is still room for SEO… don't get me wrong, but this way gets our foot in the door way faster!

This is where the vault truly shines!

I know you are probably saying… Chris yea send paid traffic to a landing page… that is a no brainer!

Yes that is partly easy, but do know who to send and what to send them to is the hard part.

Do you know how to set up google ads and/or a Facebook campaign from scratch and actually target the right people?

This is where the “Done For You Campaigns” in the vault make it all worth it!

There are about 31 made for you funnels that cover building the funnels and how to set up the google ads or facebook ads… step by step!

They are always adding more… I think they have added about 12 more since I first joined and I know a few new niches are in the pipe!

There is even a “Mortgage Mastery” section to go after Loan Officers with!

I will tell you this! When I follow the Vault instructions like Jason says… I get instant results… When I start to try and just create my own stuff I don't have half as good results!

What about funnels outside the vault campaigns?

That is not to say you cannot go outside the vault campaigns at all! I do it! People in the group do it! In fact in the LMV marketplace you can actually buy one off funnels that have been created and proven by other vault members! Or you can partner with them!

Now I am learning, but all the stuff that got me to win that contest I talked about above was just following the vault instructions!

All I am saying is James & Jason have put in the time and research and got past all the hard work! Just do what they say in the vault.

You can see in this image below here all you get in the members dashboard! Time to lock yourself inside for a few days and get to work!

This is a full screen shot of the LMV dashboard so click on it & zoom in!

Look At This Dashboard!

  • Q & A Every Single Wed @ 8:30PM Eastern.. not to mention how many other couches come on live during the week and Jason's Monday afternoon new members live
  • 10k Club! Hit 10K in a month and get a sweet plaque. Yup I have one.. and a sweet Tshirt.
  • Tech Concierge – Get 1 on 1 support
  • LMV Approved Parters – Partner up with approved people getting results
  • The LMV Store – Buy software, event recordings, gear etc…
  • Fundwise – If you need some capital, they have you covered
  • You can see ALL the training modules which open up into even more details
  • And of of course the Support button at the button!

All I can say is you are covered! You just need to take action!

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Is it a Scam?


  • What do you think? I get it, I get it. I pretty much search the same thing when looking into a new group or program and trust me I have bought my share of scams! LOL!
  • The local marketing vault is not a scam at all! Just look at the image of the Facebook group! 5,848 MEMBERS that all paid to get into this group! Not a scam my friend… not a scam!
  • Heck here are a ton of LMV Testimonials!
  • Speaking of 6,000+ members that all PAID to get into LMV I am sure you want to know how much it costs, right?



So How Much Does The Local Marketing Vault Cost?

LMV COST UPDATE 2021: The Current Cost Of The Local Marketing Vault Varies

UPDATE: 3/31/2021:

The cost of Local Marketing Vault has changed a little over the years since I joined, mainly because they’ve added in multiple new packages each with their own price point.

This is a huge change in every new students favor because now there are options based on budget and how fast you would like to achieve success! When I joined there was only one price, but I’ve made my investment back more than 20x over so I’d have paid double or triple what I paid before lol.

The packages are really based on the speed in which you want to achieve success.All of them include over the top support and a complete A-Z and starting, running, and growing a successful local marketing business.

The packages work like this:

Foundation Package:

  • This is for people who just want to go at their own pace and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. This is going to get you from 0 to your first several paying clients following a simple process that has been used by nearly 6,000 students to date. They even throw in several replays of their past live events, a bonus prospecting strategy that immediately gets businesses to trust you and want to do business with you even when you’re brand new! They also actually give you a list of business leads that could use your help!

Core Package:

  • This is the next level that includes everything in the first package, but adds in multiple a ton more support and training! You’ll get 1on1 calls to help you get a plan of attack and make sure you have complete clarity on what to do to start making money. You also get access to extra coaching and training that can help you start making more money faster.

VIP Package:

  • This is all the bells and whistles for people that want to achieve success as fast as possible! This is everything in the first two packages but with more 1on1 calls, an extra prospecting training on how to use LinkedIn to easily get clients, and the LMV team will even help you setup your business for you so you can just focus on making money! I WISH this was around when I joined lol!

So that is how things are setup now, and I’ll tell you I like this much better than what it used to be. Now you get full control on picking the package that makes sense for your budget and how fast you want to achieve success!

  • Cost can vary depending on a few things…
  • As case studies increase, student testimonials, etc… like any course the price will increase.
  • All I can tell you is how I paid which was via credit card and monthly payments. If I had paid in full I could have saved some money, but I was nervous and went with the monthly route. Hindsight I would have just paid in full… same money sitting on my credit card either way LOL!!
  • The reason the price ranges is for a few reasons
    • Special promotions that might be going on
    • Scholarships are sometimes offered
    • How you want to pay… monthly, full, first born child…that sort of stuff 😉


Let Me Get Transparent With You Here:

LMV COST UPDATE 2022: The Current Cost Of The Local Marketing Vault Varies

When I joined I paid $3500 to get into the program and that was in 2017. The course probably has at least 5 times the information it had when I joined so of course the cost would go up, but I do not know exact costs. I do know they offer some packages that can range from $4,000 – $7,500 which gets you access to certain levels of the course. Now again don’t quote me on this or go into a call saying.. ehhhhh Chris said it costs this much. I AM NOT A COACH! I don’t work for them, so I have no idea what specials they are running or what they are doing. Just know those are the numbers you need to be comfortable with. Now if the course was $10,000 would I have joined? I really don’t know to be honest, but I know now even if it was 10k it would have been worth it now. >>> In February 2022 alone I can calculate $6,850 of NEW… YES NEW income I took in via Local Marketing Vault partnerships!

$3,350 of that is on monthly retainer now… so if all goes well I effectively added $40,200 to my yearly income! WHOA!

OK… you happy now? There are some cost numbers for ya! 😉

This was the most expensive program I have ever joined and I don’t regret it one bit!

Are there other similar courses out there? I know there are! I cannot vouch for them because once I joined the vault that was it for me!

I know cost is an issue and you might have been burned before… all I can say is get on a call and talk with a coach and find out or again CALL ME 973-981-4208.

#THISSTUFFWORKS I want to see you there doing it too!!

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Who Are James Bonadies & Jason McKim From The Local Marketing Vault?

  • That is a good question and to be honest from what I have learned about them it could take a long time to write it all out!
  • In short… I got to actually meet them a few weeks ago at the conference. I went out to dinner with them, had some drinks and as you would expect they are super awesome guys!
  • Not only that, they are all about helping people succeed! Seriously!
  • They know their stuff! Jason is a magician when it comes to all things Facebook, Google adwords, and building funnels! When you jump on a weekly live Q&A call you will see why!
  • James is the same way! He has been doing internet marketing for a long time and it shows.
  • They best thing about them is the support you get! You will get tons of support, in fact Jason will usually answer peoples questions via facebook in a video and he has answered my personal PM’s with in depth video explanations! << Who does that?!?

In short when they talk WE LISTEN! The campaigns they have put together in the vault are priceless! Sign up, follow them, collect money from clients! Simple as that!

CONS Of The Local Marketing Vault:

Well I know you are thinking… Chris you have said all good things about the vault… there has to be some bad! …and you are right!

Life isn't all rainbows and butterflies and there are def some CONS and I will list them below.

  • It's EXPENSIVE $$$ – Let's face it… this is not a cheap program. Is it worth it? If you put in the time I believe it is, but the cost can be a big issue for many that are already struggling.
  • It is a lot of information to take in! You can easily get overwhelmed and yea… I have seen people burn out.  That is why it is essential to follow the checklist and follow the process… and of course ASK FOR HELP!
  • Bad guys can enter the group! When I say bad guys, I mean there have been people who have actually joined to try and come in to sell you on other services! Pretty shady, but hey it happens. They are dealt with and never seen again! It is a tight knit group for sure!
  • There are hidden expenses! What??? Really Chris? Well not hidden, but after you pay to get into the group, there are still some services you will need to pay for which I mentioned above… Clickfunnels, Woofoo Forms, Zapier, and maybe call tracking if needed. Once you get a client which essentially should pay for this, you are looking at about $150-200 a month for those services. If you need to spend more that is because you have more clients which is a good problem to have.
  • You could get dealt some HARSH LOVE! Not sure if this is a con, but if you are looking to come in and complain about the program and not getting results, you will get a wake up call real quick. Jason is going to make you put your cards on the table and show exactly what you have been doing.. show your checklist, let us see what you have been doing. Chances are you have not been following the process and just jumping ahead. OK maybe that wasn't a CON….

I think that is it for CONS!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Local Marketing Vault:

  1. QUESTION: Hi Chris. After sourcing targeted leads through PPC/FB, we need to sell this information to clients. What type of training is provided with regard to selling to small business owners?Are we expected to drive around our local area to meet with business owners in person? If a new client ends up being $1,000/month, how much is generally spent on PPC/FB ads? Thanks, Nick
    ANSWER: Hey Nick! Well the first part of training in the vault is all CLIENT GETTING… they teach you multiple ways on how to get clients via online, offline, etc… Typically you will come up with an ad spend amount with a client and a retainer… so you really have to work out the numbers with a client which is in the training as well. I just landed a client in the real estate niche…. $500 a month ad spend with $1250 a month retainer! Hope this helps!

  2. QUESTION:Do I have to pay for facebook ads besides the initial fee to join james and jason,Thanks
    ANSWER:Yes you need to pay for facebook ads and google, but typical this is cost that is passed onto the client. So you would do something like a $500 ad spend and $500-$1000 retainer depending on the client etc… make sense?

  3. QUESTION:Regarding ClickFunnels. So each client site for my clients will be created using a separate click funnel site? Is that 1 click funnel account or do I have to buy a new click funnel account for each client ?
    ANSWER: Basically you run them all via your own click funnels account. Sometimes a client might want their own, but they would pay for that then.

  4. Question: Do you have your own website to do this,all together with all the costs to do this business with everthing involved about how much would it be.
    Answer: No you do not need your own website, but if you are looking to start your own agency it would be good to set up down the road. They teach this in the training. Honestly ongoing costs when you sign up are about $150 and that is for using Clickfunnels, Wuforms, and zapier.

  5. Question: What do you find is the hardest stumbling block to getting new “clients” and has the new marketing rules that Facebook has recently rolled out made it harder and more expensive to advertise? Thanks for the info – thinking of looking into the vault but not sure.
    Answer: The biggest stumbling block can be showing them previous results depending on your niche. A lot of times you can use the vault results to show what “the group” has been doing. I will often mention my team because honestly end of day it as team of people. This has worked well for me, and to be honest I have not seen any issues with the new algo Facebook has rolled out. That is really why in the vault they teach to start with a trial this way you can really figure out what the results are going to be and gain the clients trust that you can show results. Make sense?

  6. Question:  Does this system involve cold calling or hard selling. I am not a sales person, more of an entrepreneur.
    Answer: Those are some of the ways to get clients, but there are more taught in the training. If you don’t want to sell like that you do not have to. They have you covered!

  7. Question: How long does it really take before you can start making some money? thanks
    Answer: That is one of those questions that all depends. I mean honestly.. with what I know now if you came to me and said you have a dentist that needs help I could literally have them getting leads in 1-2 days and you could get paid! …but once you sign up you are going to want to just block out a few days or a few hours a day and get right into the videos and “TRUST THE PROCESS”It really is all laid out for you, you just need to watch the videos and listen to what Jason and James say. It really is that easy! Of course I am always here for you and the people in the FB group.. which is awesome by the way! Hope that helps!

  8. Question: I am looking for a career change. I have physical challenges that cause me chronic pain and cannot hold a job and I am limited hours at a computer. I have been searching hard to try and find something that will be a good fit for my situation. I was wondering how much is there to actually learn and how many hours do I have to devote to get everything up and running? How many hours a day to monitor each ad campaign? Ie. Does it require 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours a day to get it up and going and then to maintain?Thank you!
    Answer: Honestly if you can block out a few hours a day to training to get going you should be go to go. To monitor campaigns honestly takes very little time… I will normally take a peak at my campaigns a few times a day for a minute or two.. so honestly maybe an hour a week on a campaign. If leads slow down or something seems off you might need to troubleshoot, but that doesn’t happen often. Hope that helps.

  9. Question: Hey so how much do the leads cost you on average? like if a persona injury attorney is paying you $3000 a month to source leads, usually in a crowded market those leads cost $10, $20…even $50 or more per. are they paying $3000/mo to you guys to source them leads PLUS their per lead cost / ad cost / PPC cost?
    Answer:  I have never ran these campaigns personally, but in the training says FB leads are anywhere from $35-85 a lead and Adwords $50-100 a lead with a conversion rate of 8%-20%
    You would really need to come up with an ad spend with them and a retainer to run it. That is why we like to do trials in the beginning to get a feel for cost per lead in that specific area and how the client is actually handling them. That gives a better idea on how to move forward with ad spend and retainer… hope that makes sense.

  10. Question: What if you do not live in the United States? Will this work? I live in Canada. Thanks
    Answer: Do you have local businesses in Canada that need new customers? Of course you do… so this will work in Canada in fact I have met a handful of people at the last LMV event in New Orleans from Canada and they are doing well with the course. You can essentially run this anywhere that has businesses that need leads and you can run Facebook and Google ads. Some things might be different, meaning certain businesses might use different terminology in other countries, but you would just have to change some content around. All in all I know the vault has members from all over the world!

  11. Question: Can't I just learn some basic facebook and google ads and do this myself? I mean I boost my posts all the time and get some decent traction with Facebook. I just don't understand the course I guess.
    Answer: I totally get what you are saying. I don't want to leave the longest answer here, but long story short… when I signed up and I logged back into my Facebook Business manager and Google Ads account I could see my lifetime budgets combined for both was like $8,500 ish… I was like WHAT! In the last 3-4 years I had spent $8,500 on those platforms and could not believe it! There was also no ROI there either lol… what it was, was me just tossing $100-200 here and there every few weeks/months and not having a clue. Essentially I was boosting posts and setting up ads with horrible call to actions, no solid landing page, and nothing to sell. I was throwing stuff at the wall to see what stuck and I wasted $8,500 doing it! So in a nutshell Jason & James have wasted the $8,500 “or in there cases hundreds of thousands” and created the ads, the landing pages, and the offers that work which essentially save you the $8,500 of testing on your own. I hope this makes sense…..

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My Video Review of the Local Marketing Vault – 1 Hour Long

33 thoughts on “Local Marketing Vault Review”

  1. I have been looking at this business for a few years now. I really like what I see. I spent close to 30 years in the ad business. I know traditional advertising is no longer an effective place to put your advertising dollars. I feel I could do well in this business. The other training program I first looked at was The Profit League.

    My biggest challenge is the investment cost….. like many. I understand that after speaking/booking a call with them, and if you don’t sign up there and then, then the price will go up. Is this the case?

    • Hey Cindy! I really don’t know if that is the case because almost 3 years ago when I had my call I whipped my credit card out and took the leap LOL! I know that if someone wants to get into LMV and is having some money issues they will work with you, but I don’t know the exact details of that process. I do know that the program has probably 5X’s more content in it now since I first joined so that does make the price go up.

      If you are still on the fence and want to chat, just give me a ring 973-981-4208.. text me first 😉

      • Hello Chris… 1.11.20 I joined LMV I am 77 years old and this dog is trying a new trick. I have owned three business and so I am not totally dumb on what is needed for a business to survive. My WHY is no retirement stashed away. My third business is cleaning homes and I would like to change to a much easier as far as energy go. I was a sales rep in my younger days so I would rather talk face to face, I am not a phone person. I would like some input from you since you have some time under your belt. Would you consider talking with me? If so, give me some times to pick from and I can confirm your date and time. My website is still in construction.

  2. Whoa thank you so much for the video. I did sit through the whole thing. Really makes sense about how it works! I have no idea about making money online and this seems like the best and I guess most guided way. I will be setting up a call. Thanks Chris!

    • Hey Judy! Welcome to the club. I removed your number from the comment…. so you can just reach out to me here https://thedailysem.com/contact-me/

      Hmmm maybe we can get you generating leads for the house cleaning service! That might be a good start! I am around this weekend.. feel free to give me a call 973-981-4208 or use the contact form!

    • Hey Jack! Thanks man that means a lot! lol did you leave a comment in the video where I asked? C’mon did you really watch it all.. hahah all good.. cya on the inside!

      • That is a great question! I honestly don’t know…. I do know there were about maybe 200 people in San Diego at the LMV live event last week.. so I know at least that many that are doing well enough to fly out, pay for a ticket, and stay in the hotel.

  3. Hey Chris awesome content here on LMV, can you say how much your are making a month roughly from this ball park figure doesn’t exact ? Also is this a business able to be scaled ?

      • Nice that’s awesome just saw you getting your reward on stage good stuff, so it took you a few years to get to 20k a month correct, did you start part time or full time? Thanks.

        • Yeah ups and downs for sure! Was doing basically party time because still had a 9-5. Things are still good even with COVID! Def few ups and downs, but people need us now more than ever!

  4. Hey Chris,

    I watched your video and I’m pretty interested in this program. I’m in another group called Job Killing (JK), which you might already be familiar with. Just curious how different this program is compared to JK? I know how to build websites, I know how to run Facebook/Google Ads, but the problem I’m having is getting the results in order to up sell to clients. I’ve joined a few programs like this before, so just want to make sure landing clients is really addressed here.

    Curious to know your thoughts.

    • Hey William, so yeah JK is cool…. both programs have good training. I would say the group and support in LMV is way better, but regardless of that the big thing is LMV is “RESULTS NOW” vs JK being “RESULTS LATER”. Since JK focuses on building out small local niche sites to rank and rent which is going to take you 3 months or more to get traction going where as LMV can literally have you set up with a landing page getting you leads DAY 1, once you get yourself situated. The RESULTS NOW model allows you to show clients results sooner rather than later… which makes them very happy… then one you show them you are the hero you can up sell them on other services similar to JK etc… Hope this makes sense. LMK see ya on the inside!

      • Thanks mate :). It all sounds pretty good. I have a few sites up and running from JK, but no clients yet. Actually I already know how to use Clickfunnels and run Facebook Ads as well.

        I think what I’m curious about with this program is finding the clients. Are you running Facebook Campaigns and then finding a client later? Thank you 🙂

        • Yeah this is all in the training… so many ways to find clients. I like to reach out to my warm market. Everybody knows somebody who could use more sales in their business. I have never run an FB ad to get a client actually lol, but you def can!

  5. Hi Chris. I discovered LMV after researching similar programs and finding those others had poor reviews. I am 21 and a complete beginner, however I am dedicated and know this buisness will require a new skillset that I am willing to learn. I have a couple questions before deciding if I should sign up…
    How much money will I need to get started to get my first client, is the blueprint really as simple/straightforward as its claimed to be, and about how much time does it take to get started?
    I am highly considering taking part in the LMV. Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hey Rachel! In the training there are a handful of ways to get going, some require you using a few tools/assets etc…. some foot in the door strategies will have you spending about $70 for an account, but you would charge a client anywhere from $199-299 to use it so you will make money… there are other ways as well and the main thing that LMV has which is the pre-made funnels etc… will end up being about eh… $150 a month with clickfunnels, zapier, wuforms, and maybe call tracking, but like JASON preaches to everyone in the group… there is no reason to spend that money until you have a client! So learn how to get the clients, then worry about that, but hey if you are spending money that means you have a client, so that is a good problem right? 😉 Feel free to hit me up here again or find me on Facebook. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Chris

    Thanks for the review, really good breakdown and helpful to anyone looking to reserach before purchasing.

    I definitely fall in between #2 and #3 and like you I’ve spent countless dollars/pounds on courses, some which I’ve taken immense value from and others which have left me with more questions than answers.

    Can i ask you a quick question about the tools needed in this course?

    Do I need a new domain for each niche?

    I use OptimizePress3 for some of my WP sites – can this be used instead of clickfunnels? (i appreciate this slows the process down)

    Are the client getting methods suitable for when you’re currently working 9-5?

    Thanks in advance for your help and time, Chris

  7. Thanks Chris, read all your copy and watched your video…answered a lot of questions. Really appreciate your time and effort. Can someone that works full time as an insurance agent utilize this program?

    • Hey Clint! Thanks! Yeah I mean I was a full time employee until June 2020! If you can keep your full time job while doing this, then I say do it until you have paid off debts and built a big enough cushion. I think the big thing is being diligent in how you are using your time to make this happen… know what I mean?

  8. Nice write up … leads to some questions.

    So, we know that there’s a big disclaimer about results being “atypical” or “not guaranteed”, etc. That’s because there’s too many factors involved, including personality, personal effort, local markets, etc.

    1. How many people have signed up for the LMV vs. how many have made it to the 10K club? Before the answer of “we don’t know” … well, LMV has already positioned themselves as being excellent masters of metrics. I’m sure they know the answer to this … say, as a percent. Just ball park would be fine. Is it 1% or is it less than that. Or, another way, would be of the 5,800 or so in the Facebook group, how many ( # or % ) of them have made the 10K club?

    2. Reading other reviews, folks have indicated that LMV has a “money suck” aspect to it that you keep having to buy the next the thing, or support dies off. And, that it has to happen “timely” or quick to keep things moving. I mention this because unlike the “risk taker”, quick action personality of the video interview … some folks do like to vet things before deciding to move on. That whole “impending doom” or FOMO thing to generate the upsell isn’t something I’d like to be pitted against. I mention this because if it’s NOT like that, I’d like to hear it from someone a bit more about what the whole “level up” experience is or isn’t like … you know, for someone who might need to take it slow while raising capital, etc. … or are folks going to be pressured into getting the money from credit cards, or friends / family “if they are serious about moving forward”.

    3. I see where there’s the 72 refund policy … assumed to be the requirement from the FTC. Is there any opportunity to find out the actual “level up” tiers costs involved before the passage of the 72 hours?

    As a business person, vetting questions are part of the process. These aren’t meant to be negative, just real … I don’t like surprises. What other “surprises” am I going to run into after I come on board?



    • Hey Kent great questions! I will try my best or honestly just call me to discuss 973-981-4208 or anyone else reading this for that matter… actually text me first!

      1. 10K club members I am not exactly sure to be honest, but has to be over 100 I would think from all the people and shout outs I have seen, but essentially who cares. I know these are business questions, but the fact people are succeeding at 10k a month or 1k a month should matter too… I mean for the avg person who is still working a 9-5 how nice would an extra 1k a month be? Right? So I always tell people start with small goals to get too… don’t think about quitting your job in 30 days and driving a lambo… possible? yes… likely? no!

      2. I have been in the group since the start and I have never bought anything else than the program. Actually I use a few services they offer, but other than that no. The thing is the owners know their strengths and weaknesses… They don’t offer Linkedin training, but a guy in the group was do amazing and had a solid system, so they helped clean it up and offer it to the group at a cost. A lot of people in the group ask for things that are not in the LMV training so if the owners see a need they figure out how to fill out. As far as support dying this is the most support program I have ever been in. Jason is prob on a Facebook live 3 days a week and other coaches as well.

      3. 72 hours… no idea! I mean if you join this group and can’t see the value when you are in then you aren’t trying lol. There is so much offered! People just expect a turnkey solution which doesnt exist in the “big picture”, but I will say that LMV is the closest thing to turnkey you can have. For example if you knew how to run FB ads and had clients.. you could literally have one of the LMV campaigns up and running in an hours time.. that is pretty turnkey!

      4. You would have to post in the group and ask I guess…. as far as market saturation that is def possible in some areas, but I mean the world is your oyster! There are so many businesses looking for help out there it is insane! I don’t even prospect anymore.. people in the group bring me work and I get messaged everyday! So the work is out there!

      Hope this helps a bit. Give me a ring if you are really interested and I can help ya get started!

  9. So grateful for this post and the other one you created. I was lucky enough to stumble upon LMV and not that I was on the fence, but your posts allowed me to do my due diligence and feel even more pumped and blessed that I found y’all! Definitely signing up super soon. Thank you Chris!

  10. Hey Chris, thanks for the info! There is a lot to take in, but it does all make sense. I guess my biggest question since a lot of the comments on this page are older is, does the Local Marketing Vault still work today in 2023? I would think it does, but since I didn’t see any newer comments I was just curious. Also can I book a call with you? Thanks!


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