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Dropship Lifestyle Review (2020) – Anton Kraly: Guru Or Scammer?

dropshipping lifestyle

Millions of people dream of finding financial independence by running their own business. Many are deterred by the risk level involved, which includes a significant financial investment, not to mention the time and energy that are needed. These factors are why the dropship lifestyle sounds so appealing to so many.

Since dropshipping means you don't actually carry inventory, it's possible to set up a profitable online store with minimal investment and a shoestring staff. This strategy has been profitable for a number of people.

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The popularity of this approach has spawned dropship experts, who for a fee, will instruct you via online courses and Youtube videos on how to enter this business for yourself. Anton Kraly is arguably one of the best known of these gurus. That's why I chose to take a deep dive into his methods. I wanted to know if the hype around Kraly was real or a scam. After undertaking my personal investigation, I came down somewhere in the middle.

Kraly offers some helpful tips, but other parts of his program are overblown and not worth the money.

Anton Kraly Background

  • anton-kralyKraly is no newcomer, having been involved in dropshipping since 2007 and having leveraged that experience into a successful career as an industry leader. In fact, he has approximately 45,000 Youtube followers who are eager to benefit from his business insight.
    He shares this insight through his Dropship Lifestyle program, which promises to give you the key to e-commerce prosperity. The program itself is carefully constructed and reflects a considerable effort on Kraly's part, which certainly makes it seem legitimate. He didn't just churn this project out in a matter of hours. Of course, time invested doesn't mean the program is worth your participation. So let's look at the elements of this program a little more closely.

The Aura of Legitimacy

  • Kraly does dangle the e-commerce dream in front of his followers, indicating that people who follow his program can have it all: the successful business dream. And he is convincing. He comes across as charismatic and knowledgeable as he explains his carefully-crafted program. Kraly is patient with his followers, carefully answering their questions. The dropship lifestyle comes across as legitimate and attainable.
  • The problem is, of course, that dropshipping is not a new concept and these online stores are now incredibly common. That means the competition is intense and significantly lowers your chances of success. The formula he presents has been successful in the past: Source products and resell them. The profits for some have certainly been healthy, which is why dropshipping still creates such interest.

However, making a store work now is more challenging since the field is so crowded. For instance, finding a dependable supplier is often difficult, and choosing your “niche” takes time and intense research. Even when you do choose, chances are that numerous other people have already put your idea into practice.

Cost of the Program

  • When you choose a marketing program, you always need to consider if the cost is worth the expected benefits. If the concepts are just general knowledge, then you can pick those up on your own.
  • The Dropship Lifestyle Program official website lets you take one webinar for free. You should certainly take advantage of this offer so that you can get a taste of that program's content.

If you decide to proceed, you can choose between two courses: the Premium Course or the Ultimate Course. The Premium Course can be purchased for a one time fee of $2,997, while the Ultimate Course costs a hefty $4997. At these prices, you should expect a quality product.

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Others have noted that the difference between the programs lies more with how involved you want to be rather than the course content. That's why the Ultimate Course includes one free retreat as well as a year of private coaching.

The Good, the Bad and the Kinda Ugly

  • The best indicator of a program's worth is often found in critiques from current and former clients. Those who invested in the program did find a number of things to praise. For instance, they agreed that Anton Kraly has the resume necessary to back up his theories. After all, he has 17 years in the industry, so he has plenty of practical knowledge to share. He is a legitimate expert with plenty of “street cred.” Other things that fit into the “good” category include:
  • The program stays up-to-date because Kraly insists on a yearly review and update of the courses. As a result, they never seem dated.

Kraly is a good speaker who holds his listeners' interest. He breaks down the course content into easy-to-understand bites and then patiently answers his students' questions. In fact, his teaching skill is the strongest part of the Dropship Lifestyle program.

The Bad and Kinda Ugly

  • dropshipping funDropshipping stores have a high failure rate, something that the course may not emphasize enough. Kraly is selling a dream, and so he glosses over the unpleasant realities that you may face. Other negatives include:
  • Timeline. His promise that you can get your business up and running in 21 days is a bit of a pipe dream. Few clients can really make that timeline work. Things would have to go perfectly, and even then, three weeks seems unrealistic.
  • Poor Reviews. Kraly has more than his share of detractors. You don't have to search for long to find savage reviews of his programs. And while all products of this type have some negative reviews, he has more than his share.

Short Program. You may find that the program seems too short for the money you pay. Also, some of the content is padded to stretch out the sessions.

Technical Difficulties. Many clients complained about technical difficulties and poor online support. Some of these complaints may not be valid, but again, there are too many to ignore.

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The Conclusion

  • After doing my own investigation and taking into account other opinions, I have a mixed verdict. Some aspects of this program are worthwhile and give you actionable tips to start your own dropship lifestyle. You will find it helpful.

The real question is whether you will find it helpful enough considering the thousands of dollars you paid for it. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to instruction, but for me, Kraly's efforts are not worth the investment. You simply don't get enough for your money.

Let me emphasize, though, that other people have been pleased with the courses and feel they led to a successful business venture. If you are considering purchasing a course, do try his free webinar first. It will help steer you in the right direction.

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