Toughen Up To Become a Millionaire

Have you ever wondered why our society is not making the money it needs to? It is because as a society we have become weak. We don’t care about anything. The present generation has no manners at all. We have lost all our work ethics. Everyone is getting lazier day by day, and putting on … Read more

Don’t Avoid The Dream

Which sort of job do you think you’re constantly procrastinating so you don’t have to do it? Yeah, you’re talking about it, and all of a sudden, you’ve got this insane impulse to go get a haircut. Or order stuff from the Amazon. Or do all the dirty dishes in the sink. Or watch any … Read more

Are You Perfect? Nope, You’re A Millionaire!

Here’s what most would-be millionaires don’t realize: that people really don’t aspire to a mutually agreed upon paradigm of perfection. Instead, they’re drawn to shared interests, mutual concerns, and the zest for what they’re doing. Humans enjoy communicating with humans. So why cover your realness all the way through ads and advertising? It makes your … Read more

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