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Easy Onsite SEO Tips To Help With Ranking

Happy Friday everyone! This is a newer client I have been doing some work for…

You can learn more in the video below, but basically here it goes in a nutshell….

If you have a website or a client site that has services or products, but you do not have individual pages for those services/products then you are really confusing Google and other search engines.

Think about it for a second. Let's say you have 10 services you offer and they are all listed on the home page of the site with maybe a few lines of text… they all link to a contact or booking form.

Google has to figure out what that home page is about and if you give it all these options with minimal content then Google is just gonna be like eh… we won't rank you very well for all these terms! Or something like that 😉

So essentially for every service/product you have you will want to have an individual page set up with:

  • At least 600-800 words of content if the service/product requires it or more…
  • Proper Title/Meta descriptions
  • Interlink to other pages that go along with service/product
  • If you can create a YouTube video around service/product then do it and link to the product on the YouTube video and embed the video on the service/product page as well
  • If you have a Google My Business page then create a post linking out to the new service/product page
  • Be sure to post on all your other Social Media channels as well!
  • Once your new page is created go to Google Search Console and do a URL inspection to get it indexed quicker… “although usually having the link on your YouTube video gets it indexed pretty quickly!”

That is pretty much it! Now if you write your own content then this is all essentially FREE minus your time.

You can go buy some link services, press releases, or whatever else floats your boat once all this is set up and rocking and rolling!

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