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Nine University Review: Is This Amazon FBA Course Really Worth It?

If you are considering investing in the Nine University course by Kale and Taylor and would like to know if you can truly make money with it, then this Nine University review is what you want to read before taking any further action.

Just know up front the course costs $1997 and you will need anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 to get started with buying the products you want to sell and paying for advertising….

With that said…

What Is The Nine University Amazon FBA Course About?     

  • nine-university-reviewsNine University is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to make money by selling on Amazon using a marketplace known as Honey Badger Boost. The course comes in handy with a proprietary product research tool called Boost Nine.
  • Before I dive right deep into the Nine University, it might interest you to know a few things about the brains behind the course. Who are they?

Meet The Creators Of The Course

  • Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott created their Nine University Amazon FBA course in 2018. The duo had earlier met in Pittsburgh where they became business partners. They launched their first successful Amazon FBA business in 2017.
  • They were motivated after a year of boom selling on Amazon to launch a course that promises to explain the nitty-gritty of what it takes to succeed while selling on Amazon.
  • K&T as they’re often referred to started a YouTube channel in order to market their course. As of 04/20/2020, their YouTube channel has 24.1k subscribers with a total of 223 videos. It’s a pretty informative channel with tens of promotional content on how you can make passive income with Amazon FBA.

The focus of their course is to teach their students how to do proper product research before selecting products to sell. In fact, they built their own research tool called Boost Nine. They also teach you how to run PPC campaigns (paid ads) to drive traffic to your products.

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Kale and Taylor also offer one-on-one coaching to select students.

That said, let’s take a close look into Nine University.

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Nine University is a 7-week training course that walks you through the process of making profits selling on Amazon. It’s designed to help you spot diamonds in the rough by leveraging their product research tool to find winning products to sell them on Amazon.

The course contains 160 videos plus a Support group.

The course covers topics ranging from basic to advanced aspects of the FBA business.


Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in the course:

  •   How to set up your seller account and navigate the seller central
  •   How to find winning products. (Personally, I think this is the best part of the course.)
  •   Sourcing products from China and white labeling them. This part teaches you how to add extra value to your product and make it stand out among competitors’. This part is very important. Let’s face it, you’ve got to do some packaging to draw the right eyeballs to your products.
  •   How to properly optimize your listing.
  •   How to run PPC (pay per click) campaigns on your products to get them reviews. In case you don’t know. Running effective PPC ads may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, you should be ready to put some of your $$$ into this. Paid advertising is how you scale your business.
  •   How to communicate with buyers after they buy. Mastering a simple but effective act of communication can make a huge difference in your business. This part teaches you how to relate with customers even after they’ve bought from you.

Boost Nine Review

  • You remember that I mentioned a product research tool Kale and Taylor built to help you find the right product to sell?

Yea, Boost Nine. Good! This is how it works:

This software is a plugin that works as an add-on on your browser. It provides you an easy way to evaluate if a market/product is profitable or not when venturing into selling on Amazon through FBA.

It also allows you to calculate your potential ROI, see related products and identify good keywords that help you optimize your listing.

The software creates a box with meters that look like speedometers. It shows you the status of the market you’re searching for, demand and competition score, including the average selling price of the product.

The View Related Markets section of the tool works just like Amazon's related product search. For example, if you search for “Adidas shoes”, that button will pull up related products matching them against their market statuses to the right side. It puts a green star next to ones that have solid market prospects.

However, I think this is not the best FBA product research software you can find on the market.

There are more insanely powerful tools for FBA sellers than Boost Nine. Some of these tools provide more comprehensive data than the two meters you get on Boost Nine. They also come with much wider features.

Examples of such tools include:

How Much Does Nine University Cost?

  • The price of the Nine University course comes in at $1997. I understand affordability is one factor to consider when deciding to buy a product or pay for a service. But before you commit yourself to any course, you might want to consider a few things like:
  • Is the price worth the value I’m going to get from the course?

How much more cost am I going to incur to get started with the actual business?

Amazon FBA business requires a huge upfront investment. Remember you’re going to spend money on inventory as you’d be dealing with a physical product business.

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Also, the cost of running your PPC campaigns is another factor you may have to consider when thinking of becoming a seller on Amazon.

Nine University: Is It Legit Or Just Another Scam?   

  • From all indications, it appears Nine University is a legit course. Although one might have some reasons to doubt the competence of Kale and Taylor to train, given that they only had one year of success with Amazon FBA before they started their program.

Nevertheless, their growing YouTube channel subscriber list, and the fact that some people claim to have made money with the course could mean they’re probably doing something right.

Can this program truly help you make money? Yes, you can make money from selling on Amazon. However, Amazon FBA isn’t the easiest way to earn online.

4-14-2020 Update – Amazon cutting affiliate commissions….

For one, most of the seeming Hot markets are already dominated by long-standing giants with tens of hundreds of reviews. So, competing with these top sellers may be quite challenging especially if you don’t have enough money to throw around for paid advertising.

One thing I like about Kale and Taylor is their sincerity. They tell you it’s hard. They tell you beforehand that it takes patience and perseverance to succeed with their program.

They admit their strategy may not guarantee success at the first try.

Despite using a product research tool, choosing the right market can still be a big challenge. This is because there’s always the unknown that the software can’t foresee.

You might lose money on products that don’t sell. Or on PPC campaigns that fail. In other words, success isn’t guaranteed with the Nine University course.

Do I Recommend This Course?

  • No, I don’t recommend the Nine University course. To be honest with you, Kale and Taylor are huge risk takers who have defied all odds to scale their Amazon FBA business and record a huge success within a year. However, the duo do not provide a fail-proof strategy that can help their students to achieve similar results. Instead, success is based on a trial and error approach. It’s difficult to succeed with such a program.

Nonetheless, the final call is still yours to make.

  • But before you make your final decision, here are a few important conditions you have to meet to get a chance at succeeding with Amazon FBA business:

First, you need money to get the inventory. The amount of money you need depends on the size of inventory you’re starting with. Nevertheless, you need around $5k to start.

Second, you have to spend on advertising.

You should have around $15k to position your business in the right form and shape.

Most of the best-selling niches in 2020 are saturated with experienced sellers that have at least 250-300 reviews. These are people you’ll be competing with.

Do I mean it’s impossible to make a leap in your niche? Of course, no. Overtaking is allowed.

However, you need to pump in a lot of money to run PPC campaigns that will bring you sales.

The cost of running PPC campaigns on Google Adwords can be a little steep, especially in competitive niches. Without the right budget for PPC, it will be hard to break into the best selling niches.

Third, you must target a market that guarantees 200% ROI.

Why’s 200% ROI important?

Making huge profits enables you to expand your business and also pay for more aggressive PPC campaigns.

When you consider what you’re paying to get the Nine University course and the cost of getting your Amazon FBA business running, you’d find out your upfront investment is significantly steep.

In addition, Kale and Taylor don’t offer any guarantee or provide an exact formula on how to succeed with Amazon FBA. This makes it a little risky business to dabble into.

Is there an easier and more guaranteed way to make consistent income online?  

Yes, there’s one that I know of.

It is a program that is helping me live the life of my dreams. It allows me to spend quality time with my kids at home. And this is because it is a system that can be automated. Local Marketing Vault can help you build a 4-5 figure monthly income, working a few hours daily.

What is Local Marketing Vault?

  • old-way-new-way-lmvLocal Marketing Vault is a program that teaches you how to conveniently generate qualified leads for local businesses using funnels and Facebook Ads. With the Local Marketing Vault strategies, you can easily make 4-5 figures monthly by helping businesses to get leads.

You can imagine the number of companies in your state. All these businesses have one goal in common. They want to get more customers so that they can make more profits. This is where the service of lead generation experts comes in.

  • Businesses are always ready to pay for your service as a lead generation expert (which LMV can help you become). They will continue to pay you for as long as you keep getting them leads.

LMV makes lead generation much easier. The program equips you with the right tools, and training to consistently generate qualified leads. The program also comes in handy with pre-made funnels that allow you to run successful Facebook Ads that convert.

You should check LMV out if you’re really serious about making consistent income online with minimal effort. You can read what people who’ve succeeded with the program are saying HERE.

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