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What’s Really Holding You Back?

Limited and restricted

When you think about all the things you want to achieve but haven’t been able to, what’s the reason that comes to your mind? Why do you think you haven’t been able to get through to your success? I’ll tell you what it is. The reason is YOU! Sounds odd? Let me explain! The only … Read more

The Best Way to Make More Money

Are you stuck at the same low income? Want to make more money? Well, to do that, you need to change your way of thinking. It’s all in your head. If you don’t think that you are able to make more money, then you just simply won’t. Make yourself believe that you can make more … Read more

It’s good to Have A Few Enemies

Yes, it feels nice to have people who like you in your life, but it is also important to have a few people who don’t. Why is that important? Having enemies in your life is what is going to drive you towards success. If you have no enemies, then what is the point of anything? … Read more

How To Infuse Yourself With Self Confidence

self confidence

The secret to a good life is self-confidence. There are many ways to build self-confidence and I’ll go into them in this article. The Secret To Self Confidence The real secret to self-confidence lies in your ability to do small tasks with a positive attitude. Do the things you say you’re going to do. Start … Read more

Why You Need To Just Move!


Staying still is an issue. And please understand, I don’t mean this in an abstract way. If you stay still all the time, you will eventually start to gain weight and lose motivation. And this is not the approach that millionaires take to anything. So here’s what I’m saying: the more you move, the better … Read more

The Most Powerful Force

Ed Mylett NetWorth

If you’re anything like me, you sit down and tune in to Ed Mylett’s talks from time to time. This man serves pure undiluted genius and it’s gold for someone who wants to fix their habits and create new, healthier ones. Here are the notes I was able to take from the talk. Read and … Read more

Get Off Your Couch and Move!

get moving get motivated

Why am I asking you to move? Well, I just have one answer for you: if you don’t move, you’re going to sit all day and get FAT. I know what you’re thinking: what’s wrong with being fat? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the principle of the thing. If you don’t move and continue to … Read more

Passive Income for Active Folks!


“What can I do today that will make money and keep making money even after I have stopped doing so? ” I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions lately. It’s been on my mind quite a bit. The concept of passive income fascinates me endlessly because it sounds like the best thing ever! How … Read more

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