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The Secret To A Successful Digital Detox – 5 Tips

Detox ConceptThink about this: how much suffering do you see in a single day? Even if it’s not in real life, you definitely encounter stories that make you sad online, either through the news or on social media.

Not only does being on digital cause you grief, but you probably find yourself unable to relax or get anything done. The only way you will get anything done is if you disconnect.

Disconnecting is important especially if you tend to compare your whole life to other people that you see on digital. Because if you keep comparing yourself, you’ll develop low self esteem. Everyone else seems happier, prettier, richer and just farther along in life than you. You need to tune out these voices and try to take a digital detox break!

Here’s how you detox!

The Detox

Open a notebook and start writing. Or just pick up a book to immerse yourself into. Shut down your computer. Turn the TV off and remember to live in the moment.

And then have a conversation with someone else. Or just go outside. Enjoy being one with nature. Write. Write. Nap. Nap. Please think. Think away from all forms of digital addiction.

When you start your digital detox, you get to do whatever you want. You want to do it anyway.

There’s no right time to start the detox. Perhaps it is only after you wake up for the first hour.  Maybe it's a week-long. Maybe it’s only for a Sunday? Look, I am no professional. And I am not here to preach. This message is just as much a reminder to me as it is a recommendation to you.

Overall…my 2 cents? Here it is: To make money using technology, not suffering. Get in, get out. Remember to take frequent detox breaks.

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