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The Most Powerful Force

Ed Mylett NetWorth

If you’re anything like me, you sit down and tune in to Ed Mylett’s talks from time to time. This man serves pure undiluted genius and it’s gold for someone who wants to fix their habits and create new, healthier ones.

Here are the notes I was able to take from the talk. Read and enjoy!

  • “Environment [not just the place you’re in, but also the people who are around you] overrides almost everything in our lives.”
  • “The most powerful force is to be consistent and congruent with the expectations of our peer group. You’re gonna get outta life what the people around you expect of you.”
  • “You need to add people to your proximity who are discussing the future with you [otherwise they’re just reinforcing the old version of you].”
  • “We get our standards in life. We don’t always get our goals, we don’t always even get what we focus on.  We end up ultimately getting what our standards are.  Standards dictate everything in life.  And the people around us help create that standard.”
  • “With the same people, you are likely to build the same types of memories [so if the memories you’ve made thus far ain’t all that great, hey, you know what you need to do].”
  • “Do an audit on your environment. I want you to audit the people around you in your environment, and the things around you in your environment.  [Remember though], the most important thing are the people.”
  • “How do you show up in people’s lives? Are you an energy-drainer or giver?  Are you a future frame of reference or the past?  Do you help your friends set high standards or the acceptable standards they already have?  Are you someone who deeply believes in people, and they know it… or do you just kinda accept them how they already are?  [These things] will have an awful lot to do with who shows up in your

Man, Ed really makes you think, doesn’t he? I’ve just been reading and re-reading this and trying to make sense of my life! You should do it too.

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