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Even Millionaires Need Sleep

need sleep

Yes sir! You’re reading that right. Have you been skipping sleep to work round the clock? Or have you been waking up and sleeping at odd hours? I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t be doing this. Fix the habit now! If you sleep at odd times, you’ll leave less room in your day to be … Read more

Why You Should Listen to Colby Covington


If you haven’t heard of Colby Covington yet, you need to brush up on your research. Colby “Chaos” Covington is competing for the UFC welterweight title tonight against Kamaru Usman. He is going to make a half-million guaranteed and this is whether he wins or loses. Not too bad, is it? If he does lose, … Read more

Never Ever Settle!


Never share a drink with someone you don’t want to sell to! This means you should sell to absolutely everyone! But how can you get into this mindset? It’s simple: set high standards and costs! Don’t be a flaky person and don’t be scared of anything. I didn’t know or do this earlier in my … Read more

What’s Settling Got To Do With It?

don't settle

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you thinking about settling? If so, throw that thought right out the window and keep reading. Do you think millionaires ever settle? No they do NOT! They just keep hustling and grinding and going forth with their business ideas. Because they believe in themselves and they know what they have … Read more

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