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Kick Yourself in the Back! Yes, Really!

kick yourself

So you want to be a millionaire. Great, me too! Except it’s not happening as fast as you’d like it to and you’re wondering why that is.

You’re reading all the books, going through the podcasts, listening to the gurus. You think you’re doing it all. You’re paying homage to the gods of success but you still feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Well I can tell you why that’s happening!

It’s because you need to take ACTION. Yes, really. All you need to do is give yourself a swift kick in the back and kickstart (literally!) whatever it is you need to be working on.

Whether it’s a business idea that you haven’t been focusing on, or a venture you’re supposed to be organizing, get to it.

Your millions won’t just drop into your bank account. You have to work to get those! So if you want to truly join the millionaires’ club, get off your couch, get moving and get rich!

That’s my two cents on it.

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