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Why You Should Listen to Colby Covington

If you haven’t heard of Colby Covington yet, you need to brush up on your research. Colby “Chaos” Covington is competing for the UFC welterweight title tonight against Kamaru Usman. He is going to make a half-million guaranteed and this is whether he wins or loses. Not too bad, is it? If he does lose, chances are he will enter his next fight with even more determination and bravado. Isn’t that amazing?

Throw in all his sponsorships, endorsements, and whatever he gets paid to promote social media goods, and he's instantly a multi-millionaire. And what’s more, he’s still in his early 30’s. Rumor is, the WWE is looking to hire him now, so not too shabby, huh?

Consider this, he used to make just a slight fraction of what he makes now. Worse, the UFC had decided to let him go, because of how bland he had become.

So how did he flip this around? He simply became the ‘bad’ guy. He stopped listening to his boss and started to speak his mind with no shame all the time. He wasn’t fake, just super unfiltered! And it worked for him.

So…what’s the takeaway here? If you want to succeed, you’ll have to make some enemies along the way. No successful millionaire gets to where he is without making SOME people mad! Once you start taking off those filters you have on, you will start speaking your actual truth. And this is when opportunities will start to pop up out of nowhere!

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