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Even Millionaires Need Sleep

need sleep

Yes sir! You’re reading that right. Have you been skipping sleep to work round the clock? Or have you been waking up and sleeping at odd hours? I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t be doing this. Fix the habit now!

  1. If you sleep at odd times, you’ll leave less room in your day to be productive. You need to make more time NOW. And if you're always restricted to the same 24 hours a day, waking up early helps you feel like you've won a couple more hours. You’ve unlocked something more. Congrats!
  2. Keep exercising. And definitely because you’re going to follow number one, because you get up early, it's exponentially easier to get in your exercise before you begin the day. Daily exercise, in effect, will make you more relaxed, more optimistic and more imaginative.
  3. Be productive and stress less. Since you've become more successful, you're going to have less stress. The connection is undeniable. Since you've been more busy, you're looking forward to bed. If you're loving the new you, you're going to want to keep that going. For all these reasons, you're more likely to go to bed early, you're going to feel well because you're asleep and thus, making it easy for you to wake up early in the day.

So you see? If you follow a rigorous sleeping pattern, you’ll feel happier, more accomplished and will be able to fully exercise your imagination! Yay future millionaire!

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