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The ONE Big Thing Millionaires Never Do

having-patienceIn my experience making millions and talking to other millionaires, I’ve found out that there’s one big thing that they absolutely do not do.

And what’s the one thing they don’t do? Take shortcuts and act impatient.

That’s right!

Think about this for perspective:

  • Beyonce took around 8 months to rehearse for a performance that lasted a couple of hours
  • Kevin Hart takes about two years to make a one-hour special
  • One episode of The Simpsons takes 6 months to film. Six months!

So think about that. Just because something you want to do is taking longer than you thought doesn’t mean it’s not going to pan out. It just means you’re putting in that hard work, blood, sweat and tears to make it go big!

Unless you pour all of yourself into your dream, you won’t be able to achieve what you want. So don’t cut corners, don’t take shortcuts and be the millionaire you know you deserve to be.

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