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So, What Does Millionaire Mean?

So you are a millionaire

Here’s all the things that millionaire means, so you have a handy checklist!

Millionaire is:

  • When you launch a lot of business in one go even though you’re not getting any returns from the get-go
  • When you use all your savings and max out all your credit cards to get your line of credit approved
  • When you lose sleep over your business and investments
  • When you forget to eat for days at a time
  • When you forget to step outside in fresh air because you’re busy working
  • When you have a hundred problems a day that you’re trying to solve at all times
  • When you have to admit you suck at things or don’t know many things
  • When you have to learn and re-learn various facts and strategies to find the one that works
  • When you’re addicted to your phone and laptop in case you miss an important update
  • When you’re never able to live in the moment because you’re too busy crunching numbers
  • When you want to quit but you have to keep going because the dream is worth it
  • When you’re not making sales even though you keep trying to sell

Basically, being a millionaire means you have to keep on going and going until you make that first sale. Because once you do that, you will find that all the late nights, missed meals and mental strain was worth it. That one sweet hit of adrenaline when you finally become successful is what will keep you going.

So don’t give up on your dreams because they won’t quit, unless you do! You have to keep on rinsing and repeating until you become a millionaire and that’s the truth!

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