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Hive Work Review: A Legit Disappointment [Not Recommended]

Hive Micro is also known as Hive Work. In this review, you will find out why it’s not the best use of your time and effort. This Hive Work review is written from the perspective of a Hive Worker and not a client.

Hive Work
Hive Work

Doing small jobs for low pay has been around for a long time, even before the rise of freelancing platforms. We are going to find out whether it's still making sense.

Millions and millions of people are working online and providing services as freelancers or remote workers. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has increased massively. Now, there are 1.1 billion freelancers around the world. They represent 35% of the total workforce of the world.

It also means that online work opportunities have increased. Now, online jobs with better pay rates are available online.

Do you still have to work for cents? We will find it out in this review. But first, let me tell you why I'm writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Hive Work Review?

  • My basic purpose for writing this review is to present to my readers a money-making platform in the real light and, in the end, either recommend it or don't recommend it. So that they can take benefit of it if it's a worthwhile opportunity or to stay away from it if it's not.
  • I will also answer this question that Hive Work is legit or a scam.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Hive Work in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this platform, compete for jobs or not. I just want to help you choose prudently the best place to spend your time and efforts.

Without further ado, let’s start the review.

An Overview Of The Hive Work:

  • Hive Micro, which also goes with the name Hive Work, is a platform for doing small tasks and getting paid. It's a little different from a freelancing platform like Upwork and Fiverr.
  • At the very outset, I can say that Hive Micro is not the alternative to a real job. It is also not the alternative of freelancing but compliments it.
  • The tasks are trivial, and the pay rate is low on Hive Work. There are over 1.5 million users on Hive Work, and they have earned over $2 million.
  • To compete for the jobs, you have to sign up. It’s a simple process. You have to provide your name, password, email address, and country name. You also need a PayPal account to get paid on this platform. They will send you a confirmation email, and you would confirm your email. After confirmation, they will give you access to the available tasks. For each job type, you have to pass a qualification test. After passing this test, you can compete for as many tasks in that specific category as you want.
  • You have to reach a payment threshold of $2 for getting paid. If you think that “oh, it's no big deal, I will reach this threshold in no time after completing just one job,” then you're wrong. They pay in cents for the tasks, such as 20 cents or 30 cents, and you have to complete many tasks successfully before reaching this threshold. But there's another way.
  • You can refer Hive Work to a friend or another person, and if that friend or person signs up on this platform using your referral link, you get $5.
  • After registering and completing the qualification test, you compete for the tasks, win tasks, complete them, and get paid. That's the whole process.

Types Of Jobs Available On Hive Micro:

On Hive Micro, specific types of jobs in limited categories are available. You would not find most of these jobs on freelancing platforms.

Following are the four types of jobs available on this platform:


The jobs in this category are most straightforward and, in terms of payment, the lowest. They will provide you with thousands of pictures, and you have to categorize them in the most suitable category. No specific skill is needed for it, but it is a tedious job, and sometimes you get confused about which category is most suited to a particular picture.

Bounding Boxes:

In this type of job, you have to identify the required object with bounding boxes. You might have already experienced it when you are required to prove that “you're not a robot.”

Audio Transcription:

This job is some real work. If you're a good listener and can identify the spoken words and type those words, this job is best for you. You have to listen to the audio and convert the spoken words into text. Perfect grammar is not needed, but accuracy is required for this job.

Semantic Segmentation:

This type of job is the most challenging and highest-paying job available on this platform. You have to classify each pixel of an image. If you're a beginner on this platform, you have to avoid this task because there's a high possibility of making mistakes in this job, and you can get ban as a result.

I would say that these jobs are the lowest paying jobs available on the internet. You can't expect to make thousands of dollars on Hive Work; it is not created for earning that kind of money. You have to determine whether it does provide a good value for your time or not.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Hive Work?

  • This platform does not cost you any money. Joining Hive work is free. It doesn't require buying connects like Upwork.
  • After confirmation and passing the qualification test, you can compete for as many jobs as you want. But you have to keep in mind that Hive Micro requires a high level of accuracy and precision, and you can get banned for two hours or some days for committing mistakes.
  • You need only time and effort to spend on this platform.

But before joining this website, you have to decide about the effectiveness and usefulness of Hive Work in making money.

Is Hive Work A Scam?

  • No, Hive Micro is not a scam.
  • It's a website for performing small tasks and getting paid for them.
  • They do not demand you any money to join this platform or to get jobs.

We can surely say with 100% certainty that Hive Work is not a scam. But I'm doubtful about the usefulness of this platform. Does it provide good value for your time and effort? Can you rely on this platform for a good and consistent side-income?

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How Easy Is It To Make Money On Hive Micro?

  • If you want to know Hive Work in one sentence, it is this: “small tasks and low pay.”
  • After registering on this website, you're competing with 1.5 million other members. That makes it difficult for a beginner to win a job.
  • But the thing is that even when you land a job, you would be paid in cents for completing that job.
  • The pay is so meager that you can't call it money. Even for earning 1 dollar, you have to complete many jobs successfully.

So, you can make money with a bit of effort, but that money would be unmentionable, to say the least.

Do I Recommend It?

I’ve created this platform to provide the best money-making opportunities to my readers. I don’t want them to trade their time and effort for pennies or cents.

  • I don't recommend you to join this platform. Whereas I have declared above, that it's a legit platform and not a scam, but it is not worth your time.
  • You see, you spend time on it, compete for the tasks, win a task, and then spend hours and mental and physical energy to complete the job carefully and accurately. For what? For a few cents?
  • The icing on the cake that Hive Micro has quite strict rules in accurately completing the tasks. They can ban you for hours or days for committing mistakes.
  • You don’t deserve this punishment. You deserve a better value for your effort and time. You can’t waste your life like that.

I will not recommend you to join this platform. Instead, I want you to learn some valuable skills. A skill that can impact another person's business and, in return, give you more money, more value, and peace of mind.

Tell Me More About The Skill You’re Talking About:

  • Well, I’m talking about local lead generation, where you acquire the qualified leads for local businesses.
  • I've tested many online earning methods. The one who has made me the most profit in the shortest possible time is lead generation.
  • Local businesses are always hungry for new leads, and they pay a good commission if you provide them. And they will also be thankful to you because new customers are the lifeline of a business. It can't exist for long without attracting new customers.
  • For the purpose of generating leads, I use Facebook ads. Even with the recent developments, Facebook ads are still the most effective and less costly lead-generation method.

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Local Marketing Vault:

It is your A-Z guide about lead generation. You learn everything about Facebook ads and sales funnels. How to create them, how to implement them, and how to get a profit from them.

  • It is not some lecture-based theoretical course. It is a training program, where you’re involved in every aspect of it.
  • The training is so effective; even beginners start to earn 4-5 figures monthly income after some time.
  • This program also contains pre-built sales funnels. You can implement them in your client's business for getting a high conversion rate. You can also tailor them according to your needs.
  • I like this program because you don't have to be a master marketer or tech-savvy to get traction. Even just-starters and beginners make progress in leaps and bounds.
  • The program also comes with an exclusive Facebook community of over 5500 digital marketers. The members are super-helpful, and you get the latest hacks and tips, and tricks if you follow the group.

I'm sure that Hive Work will not work for you. Stop banging your head for pennies and cents. If you really want a lucrative career, join Local Marketing Vault right now.









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