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What Does The Future of PPC Look Like?

here is how the future of ppc will look like

Here is how the future of PPC will look like according to marketing experts

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising displays advertisements and content based on certain parameters in an attempt to maximize its relevance with the user. The advertiser is charged only when the user clicks on the ad. PPC has a long history and is still evolving. Read more below about how the future of PPC will look like and how your business can benefit from PPC. 

Voice Activated Searches 

  • With the improvement of speech and voice recognition algorithms, voice-activated devices are becoming the new normal. Companies are investing heavily in making their voice-activated platforms available to a wide range of users so that their devices and platforms are able to successfully understand commands, even if they are being spoken with an accent. 

Voice-activated searches are reaching the levels of text to search, not only on Google but across all platforms. Even a simple task such as searching for a movie on Netflix is now being done by voice search. PPC is evolving and will soon be including voice-based search content. 

Smart Devices & Audio Content

  • Smart devices enable users to search by simply speaking, and thus helping them save time from typing down their entire query. Smart devices are no longer limited to smartphones. Now smart TVs, smart tablets, smart home-connected devices are also very popular among homeowners.  

Smart home-connected devices not only automate your home but also offer search results and content suggestions as audio content. Different marketing agencies have begun testing advertisements and content suggestions that can be played back during a voice search. Voice search is one amazing trend to look out for, as it is definitely the future of PPC. 

Social Media Marketing

  • The number of users on different social media platforms triples each year globally. Long gone are the days when social media used to be a place only to connect people with each other. 

By allowing marketing and businesses to operate on social media platforms, they have effectively opened a new avenue for PPC and digital marketing. These companies can analyze consumer behavior online and then provide targeted advertisements. 

New Platforms & Influencer Marketing

  • One of the fastest-growing social media platforms for advertising is Tik Tok. Despite its legal troubles in many countries, Tik Tok has essentially helped many major brands successfully launch their new products and services. Similarly, LinkedIn, which is a business networking platform, has also seen a rise in PPC advertisements. 

Influencers have a highly loyal fan base and running a PPC advertisement through them ensures a very high CTR. Most major companies have started investing and exploring new ways to utilize these social media platforms to boost their PPC campaigns. If you want to future-proof yourself as a PPC expert, then it is highly recommended to take a professional PPC learning course

Audience Targeting Based On Analytics

  • In the past, a sure-shot way of getting a customer was by using keywords. Users would search using specific keywords, and thus an advertisement would be displayed on their screens. 

These days, by tracking consumer activity online (and offline in some cases), businesses are better able to understand their customer’s behavior and preferences. This helps them to utilize audience targeting to display ads relevant to their needs.

  • This strategy helps to widen the audience for PPC advertising and helps a higher CTR, better website traffic, and advertisement visibility. Using analytics, a business can target a potential customer even if they don’t specifically search using a keyword.  

If you are interested in becoming a PPC expert and would like to know more about PPC strategies then we at The Daily SEM highly recommend taking the Local Marketing Vault’s course on PPC. It is developed by keeping todays & tomorrows PPC’s trends in mind and offers a hands-on approach. This helps you work and learn at the same time. 

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