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Greg Gottfried’s Passive Income & Affiliate Marketing Courses Review: A Total Scam Or Not??

You’re wondering whether it is worth spending your hard earned cash on a few of Greg Gottfried’s Affiliate

making passive income
Passive Income

Marketing & Passive Income courses on Udemy. Are Greg Gottfried’s courses as amazing as everyone claims?

 Will they equip you with a secret set of skills and knowledge to make loads of money easily?

I’ve given an in depth, honest review about Greg Gottfried here. Read on below and know my expert opinion about Greg Gottfried’s courses.

I am not associated in any way with Greg Gottfried, or with any of his programs. I am someone who simply wishes to talk about my unbiased, professional opinion about someone who is selling Udemy courses about making money. It is entirely up to you as to how you view Greg’s courses and whether you decide to save your money or use it.

Let's start the review…

An Overview of Greg Gottfried

  • Greg Gottfried, an online marketer, sells courses on Udemy that promise to help you learn the basics of business.
  • His courses cover a lot of the hot topics, including Affiliate Marketing
  • More than 40k students have taken his courses, which definitely adds to his credibility
  • He doesn’t ask for funding or investment from you
  • He talks about real platforms, that work
  • He teaches some basics, especially related to marketing
  • Greg’s courses are too short, sometimes important details are missed out
  • Most of the information given by Greg is available online for free
  • Greg’s main income source is selling courses, instead of using his self-taught techniques.

Who is Greg Gottfried?

Greg Gottfried is an entrepreneur and an online marketer who makes a lot of videos about digital marketing on YouTube. He also designs and posts internet marketing courses, some of which are free for everyone. Udemy has most of his courses and a lot of people are actually showing interest.

Greg has a YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers, and he uploads a new video almost every week. He actively browses the internet forums especially Reddit and replies to user comments and queries.
Greg’s Courses On Udemy
Greg’s chosen Udemy as the website where he develops and uploads courses. I don’t know why he isn’t registered with any other platform, but I can imagine it must be because of the platform fee and commissions.

Anyways, I looked around Udemy and discovered that he has over 25 courses and to date more than 40k registered students. I however wasn’t able to confirm how many of the 40k students actually completed his courses.

In this review, I’ll take a brief look at 3 of his famous courses.

Course #1: Passive Income: Affiliate Marketing ($10.99)

I was honestly hoping that this course would be more than an hour long. 1 hour doesn’t quite do justice with affiliate marketing, especially when one thinks about its amazing income-generating potential. Unless you have a really good idea about affiliate marketing, I wouldn’t recommend you to take this course.

So for 11$ and 60 minutes of your time, you get 3 major sections in this course. The course starts with teaching you about the basics of affiliate marketing and introduces marketing-related lingo. The second section talks a bit about building free traffic. The last section surprisingly doesn’t teach you anything. It has a coupon code for other courses, so it feels rather disappointing.

Course #2: Passive Income: Top Easiest Free Websites ($13.99)

This is by far the most famous course, and almost everyone found out about Greg via this course. I saw over 6k students in this course.

It is not a lengthy course, and like the previous one consists of 3 sections. In the first section, Greg talks a lot about himself and why he thinks you should take his advice. In the second section, he talks about free money making websites, such as Amazon Merch, Teespring, and Udemy. In the last section, he talks about an app called Typorama that lets you design clothing for free.

By now I have to say I am really skeptical about Greg Gottfried and his ability as a great course instructor.

Course #3: How To Sell On Teespring Without Paid Ads (Free)

Quite surprisingly, this is the course that I really liked a lot. Greg teaches you all about selling on Teespring. This course has 9 sections and each section slowly builds your skillset from an absolute novice to an expert seller.

However, after reading reviews on various internet forums, I have to say that a lot of the advice given by Greg doesn’t really apply to real-world scenarios. But it is better than nothing, and I believe the rest is up to the people to think of strategies to differentiate themselves and their offerings from thousands of other sellers online.

How Much Do The Courses Cost?

Unlike the majority of the courses available online, Greg’s courses aren’t expensive. They’re actually very cheap, which is one major reason for his popularity. They’re available on Udemy, which is an internationally recognized MOOC platform.

Greg’s courses cost between 11$ to 20$ and each course is subdivided into several sections. Each section is supposed to teach you something new, but staying within the theme of the course.
As I went through Greg’s courses, I noticed a few things. First, they are really concise and to the point. It almost feels as if he is fast-forwarding through the entire lecture.

Secondly, A lot of important details are skipped. Perhaps he expects his audience to already know such stuff. Therefore, it is my understanding that this course is not fit for newbies.

If you have absolutely zero knowledge, no prior experience about running & working in a business, and have no idea how a digital business works, then do me a favor and steer clear from this course. It doesn’t make sense to me, when I see someone spending money at this course and then spending more money taking more courses to understand what this first course was all about.

Udemy is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for these courses, but there are some terms and conditions. To be eligible for the refund, you need to apply within 30 days, and not have completed more than a few percent of the course.

Is Greg Gottfried A Scam?

Based on my overall assessment, I definitely think that Greg Gottfried is not a scam. However, he should better advertise his courses as ideal for people who aren’t newbies in this subject matter.

His courses deliver what they promise. He has organized his courses properly, each course delivers something specific and unique. He has them featured on Udemy which is a trusted MOOC platform.

He isn't asking for any investment from you, which is a big thing in today's economy. He regularly posts videos on his Youtube channel, to give you all an idea about how his thought process works, and how well he is able to deliver his ideas to his audience a.k.a you people.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How easy is it to make money with this system?

The short answer is NO.

It is extremely difficult to make money with this system. If it were easy, then Greg himself wouldn’t be selling courses on Udemy. He’d be making a lot of money just by implementing what he is teaching.

It is possible to make money, but it will require investment, years of hard work, patience, and hope that your strategies take off at the right time. There are too many variables involved and there is too much risk.

If you have a stable source of income, you can take a look at these methods, and then in a few months some amount of money is going to start rolling into your bank account. The amount of time you need to commit for this to work can be spent on other things.

Do I Recommend It?

I liked Greg’s courses, but I will not recommend them to anyone. The methods and strategies that he is talking about require a lot of time and commitment, as well as a lot of knowledge and prior experience.

If you want to take his courses for the sake of checking out the content, then I think 15$ on average doesn’t do any harm. But if you are looking for courses that help you make money then it is better to save your money for something better.

Is there any other legit and more predictable way of making money?

Today’s digital age is run by information that is easily and readily accessible online. Every time you search for a recipe on Google, you get instant suggestions as you are typing your query. When you access the search results you get to see a lot of ads about restaurants that are serving the exact same dish near your location. You might see an ad about a cookbook that features your recipe. You were only searching for a recipe but by the end of it all, you now know about restaurants and cookbooks.

These types of ads that appear on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc., and are highly relevant to what you’re searching for, are the new ways of making money. It is all related to PPC which is Pay Per Click advertising. I have been working with PPC and lead generation for quite some time now and I can proudly boast my 4-5 figure monthly income.

If you’ve never heard about PPC and lead generation, I think it is time that you grab a cup of coffee and sit down because what I am about to tell you will blow your mind.

Lead generation basically means getting customers to click on the ads (that I described above) and then having them complete an action. The click on the ad will redirect the customer to the business’s website. Perhaps if it is the cookbook’s website, then for them the action would be to either sign-up for the newsletter or to purchase their cookbook. If it is the restaurant, then they’d want you to sign-up for updates, like their social media accounts or simply book a reservation.

All these leads are basically new potential customers for the business. In today’s competitive market, getting a new customer is extremely difficult. Businesses are spending more than 30% of their total revenue in an attempt to increase their customer base. More customers mean more profits for the business.

I am a PPC expert, who not only runs ads on various platforms, I implement strategies that make sure the maximum number of leads are generated. I don’t have to wait for customers to come, I just have to implement a good strategy and by the end of the month I have my 4-5 figure income waiting for me.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, then I highly recommend taking a PPC and lead generation course offered by Local Marketing Vault.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

What Is The Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault is an up-to-date PPC and lead generation & conversion course that aims to not only equip you with knowledge but also practical experience.

Their students have come from a variety of backgrounds and Local Marketing Vault has done a great job in educating them about marketing. The Local Marketing Vault community, of which I am a part too, is full of amazing people who comment and suggest strategies to each other. If you’re genuinely interested, everyone will offer a helping hand.

Local Marketing Vault operates a private Facebook group, full of people who’ve taken the course and they talk about their success stories. You can learn a lot from them, I know I did too!

I was pretty skeptical about Local Marketing Vault at first, but now I am making a lot of money, and I owe it all to Local Marketing Vault. They don’t offer a get-rich-quick program. Such programs rarely work and are mostly scams. Local Marketing Vault instead offers you all the tools and knowledge, as well as practical experience to run your own PPC campaigns. Thus, the Local Marketing Vault community actually helps you make money, rather than most other course instructors who forget about you after the course is completed.

In conclusion, I have to say that no matter what course you decide to take, it will always take time until you start making money. However, you can decide if you want to earn peanuts, or if you want to earn big. If you want a course, where the instructor and the community make you feel like you are a part of something big, and continue to support you even after the course has finished, then I don’t think Greg Gottfried’s courses are the right choice for you.

1 thought on “Greg Gottfried’s Passive Income & Affiliate Marketing Courses Review: A Total Scam Or Not??”

  1. This is like a snake eating it’s own tail. I can’t confirm that Gottfried is bad for newbies (which describes me). I’ve seen an article that says that the cost of Local Marketing Vault is $5000. Another who was recommending LMV said $3994. Another said the cost is based on a number of factors and doesn’t even give a ball park figure.
    I certainly can’t afford even $400 a month on a payment plan. And what is most disturbing is that this article suggests that if Gottfried’s method were legit he’d be making money purely on his POD and affiliate marketing activities and wouldn’t need the udemy courses. In other worlds if you’re already making a ton of money, why do you need to make more? I will point out that I can ask the same question about LMV though the situation is worse. Why do you need to charge people between 4 and 5 thousand dollars if you are already megarich. It makes no sense. This article basically continues the awful confusion experienced by newbies. If I was in the position of any of these people I would make a point of offering courses that are complete and free. I would have enough money to hire people to help me with it or I would find other generous ethical people experienced in making money online, to help me to help others. As quick and abbreviated as Gottfried’s courses are they are affordable and at least give you a way forward to do the experimentation that I’m sure he had to do sign in itself.
    The only way to prove you ability to teach this stuff is to find a good number of people, offer the courses and help for free and then prove that these people exist once they reach success (as opposed to showing possibly fake bank statement a many do). I find all of this very suspect. I’ll ask you to justify charging 4 to 5000 and why it’s necessary to charge that much. If they don’t need to charge that much to keep their financial position then this just greed. You are literally losing thousands of customers by charging so much. Business model much? You might find that if you charged a reasonable amount that you would make more money in the long run by attracting far more customers.


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