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Website ATM Review: Cash Machine Or Scam?

Have you ever heard of the get-rich-quick schemes? Well, now you will watch it with your own eyes after reading this website ATM review.

The website ATM is a program where, after signing up, you build a new website with a push-button and immediately start making money through that website.

Do you want to make $500 daily with the push of just a button? And who wouldn't? Just sitting on your couch watching Netflix and during the break, you go on this website, push a button, build a new website in seconds and voila! $500 in your pocket. It’s that easy-peasy. That’s the claim of this website ATM.

Do you smell something fishy? Are you doubtful of easy money? Sound too good to be true? Are they trying to make a fool out of you? Have you already tried these types of things and did not get a single dollar?

This website ATM review is created to put their claims to the test and answer all of your questions and suspicions.

I bet, after reading my review you would not need to read further about this topic, and you will save yourself a lot of time, possible future loss of money, and self-esteem.

So, stay tuned!

Why Am I Writing This Website ATM Review?

Website atm review

As a digital marketer and affiliate marketer, I know it takes time and a lot of effort to establish and successfully run an online business. Online earning is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I want to help people; I want people not commit those mistakes which I have made in my career because of the lack of proper guidance.

There are a lot of scammers waiting to rip you off. And I want you to make calculated and fully-informed decisions to create a good life for yourself and save yourself from getting scammed.

I did in-depth research about website ATMs to put forward a comprehensive and honest review for my readers so that they can make a ton of money if it's legit or stay away if it's a scam.

Website ATM’s Claims – An Overview:

  • The website ATM is created by Nick Harvey, who’s an ex-accountant. It’s a push-button website builder.
  • You have to pay a $47 signup fee, and after signup, you can create new websites with the push of a button. Those sites will rank in Google quickly, and you will daily make $500 while sitting on the couch. ummm yeah????

But the truth is that after paying $47 and sharing your contact information, very generic information about affiliate marketing is shared with you, which is of no use. Also, you're immediately bombarded with the upsell offers, and you think that because of having less information you are not making money so you buy the upsells in the hope of getting some results. In this way, you enter a rabbit hole of buying offers after offers without yielding any proceeds.

How Website ATM Lures You?

  • They usually use the method of cold emails or advertisements to reach you. Making tall claims of having daily money which is very enticing. They also use the method of fake news articles to bring you to their sales page.
  • On their sales page, you have to share your name, email ID, and contact information to proceed further. Even if you do not buy anything, they use your contact information for sending marketing offers or sell your information to other marketers.
  • But if you buy the subscription, useless and generic type of information about making money and affiliate marketing is shared with you. It's hard to make a dollar using this information.
  • Now you’re in their circle. Pushy tactics are used on you to buy the upsells.

What do You learn With Subscribing Website ATM?

Affiliate Marketing:

  • Website ATM is basically targeted to make money by building websites with the push of a button. So, it is not designed to impart learning. However, after subscribing the generic type of information about affiliate marketing is shared with you, because the whole system is supposedly built on affiliate marketing.

How Much It Costs You?

  • You can get access to this cash machine in just $47. However, you quickly realize that it's the basic level and you will not be able to make money, so you think that you need to buy the pricey programs to go on higher levels.
  • After getting your contact information, they instantly hit you with the upsell offers.

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Now We Will Test Their Claims – One By One:

I’m going to lay down my honest opinion regarding the claims of Website ATM one by one.

1. Can You Build A Website With A Push-Button?

  • Actually, you build a website pretty quickly using their method of pushing some buttons. So, this claim of the website ATM is valid.
  • However, that website will instantly rank in Google, and you will immediately start to get a ton of traffic is a blatant lie. And you will not be able to make money immediately.
  • In fact, the first two/three months of a new website is regarded as sandbox time because Google does not rank new websites for two/three months.
  • Even then, how Google will rank a new site with thin and copy/paste content?

My Verdict: Their claim of building new websites easily is valid but ranking those sites in Google quickly and squeezing instant money out of them is false.

2. Claim About Affiliate Marketing:

  • Their claim about affiliate marketing that it works is true. My career is the living, breathing example of that.
  • In affiliate marketing, you sell the products of other people or companies and make a commission of that such as Amazon Affiliate Marketing. For that purpose, you have to build a website, put informational and engaging content on that, get traffic and then you will be able to make money out of your website by selling affiliate products. It does not happen instantly, and it takes time and effort to get positive results.
  • I know this because I have years of successful hands-on experience in affiliate marketing and lead generation and if you want to learn about making money online, then click here

My Verdict: Their claim about affiliate marketing is true, but there is no shortcut, and you can't start to make $500 from the first day of building website.

3. Do You Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing?

  • Nick said in his video that you need a website to make money, especially through affiliate marketing, and I'm going to agree with that.
  • It's tough to make money in affiliate marketing without a website.
  • But it's not easy to earn money online even with a website but without the proper knowledge, guidance and a lot of effort. Not every person with a website is making money on the internet.

My Verdict: you indeed need a website.

4. Will You Make Money Instantly?

  • Here comes the point when the bubble bursts. The website ATM claims that you will earn $500 every daily, starting from the day you build the website.scam
  • It’s a big lie. Why? Because the website can’t rank in one day and you can’t get the traffic in one day to earn $500 from affiliates.
  • It takes months, in some cases years, to appear on the first page of Google for your target keywords after spending so much effort and money. Even then, many websites don't make $500 daily.
  • But according to Nick Harvey, you can build not just one but many websites by pushing a button in $47 each and then; as a result, can earn thousands of dollars daily while doing nothing.

My Verdict: I strongly say that it’s a great lie and don’t buy a shred of this claim.

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5. But People Are Making Money. Isn’t it?

  • No, it's not. People are making no money out of this system.
  • They show testimonials of people minting money using website ATM. But these testimonials are absolutely fake. These people are hired to give fake testimonials. Their names are fake, their addresses are fake, and their claims of making money are bogus.
  • You can search for their stock photos on the internet.
  • The fake testimonials show the dishonesty of Nick Harvey and this whole affiliate system. There only purpose is to deceive people and extract as much out of them as possible.

My Verdict: No real person is making money through website ATM. Testimonials are fake and false.

6. Limit Of 300 ATM Machines:

  • I found this claim very amusing. If he discovered such a great affiliate system of making money, why is he limiting it to just 300 ATM machines?
  • Just to use the ‘scarcity’ principle of Influence by Robert Cialdini to create urgency. So that people would think that the kind soul has limited stock, so buy as quickly as possible.

My Verdict: This claim of the limited stock of 300 ATM machines is an absolute lie.

7. No Headache Of Writing Content:

  • So the claim is that you don’t have to write a single word on your website as content and it will be done by automatically.
  • Google ranks websites according to their content. Can you believe that content is written through AI (not believable in this case), bots or copy-paste will rank your website instantly?
  • That’s another claim in the list of ridiculous claims of website ATM.

My Verdict: It's a false and a ridiculous claim.

8. The Figure Of $500:

  • According to their claim, the $500 per day limit is fixed for the ATM websites to keep out of the radar of the authorities. Because if you made more money, the authorities would smell that there is something cooking.
  • But you can build more than one website and can earn thousands of dollars daily. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous beyond the reason that you will start to make thousands of dollars from the very first day of building websites?

My Verdict: This claim is absurd and a lame effort to earn some credibility.

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Website ATM: Is It Legit OR Another Scam:

  • You see, many times it happens that when I review a program or website or course that it does not come as outright 100% scam. There may be some valid claims, and others a bit stretch.
  • But this website ATM affiliate system is an exception. Yes! It’s a blatant, naked scam.
  • The creator of this system is a dishonest person because he tried to lure people in with fake testimonials and results.
  • You would not make any money with this system, and you wouldn't learn anything about affiliate marketing except a bitter experience of losing money and making you a fool.

I wouldn’t hesitate even for a moment to announce the result that it's a complete scam. You will not learn anything, and you will not earn any money.

Do I Recommend This Affiliate Program?

  • A BIG no! This website ATM affiliate system is a fraud and a scam. Trust me; I've seen so many legit, semi-legit and scammy affiliate programs that I can smell them.
  • This whole exercise is done for you to make you believe that you wouldn't earn any money out of this system, do yourself a favor and stay away from this scam.

But Can You Actually Make Money Online?

  • Yes, you can. And I’m the living, breathing example of it. I made my career in lead generation, and I know exactly what to do and what not to do.
  • But what is the lead generation? Simple, when you help local businesses to reach to the target audience to acquire new customers, it’s called lead generation.
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Local Marketing Vault:

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  • This program will teach you how to earn 4-5 figures monthly income in retainer fees.
  • In this program, there are ready-made funnel templates which you can customize according to the requirements of your client's business. And you don't need to be a pro techy or an experienced digital marketer to use them. You can use the practical strategies taught in this program even if you're a beginner.
  • No matter your client is in eCommerce or health or beauty niche, you can have a proven pre-built funnel in this program.

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