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7 Proven Ways to Promote a Business Online With Fast Results

Advertising on the web allows targeting a mass audience through many online tools and channels with the objective of increasing your sales. This is a form of paid advertisement and you have to pay for each click or impression that makes it to your website or ad.

Advertising on the internet has several benefits for small businesses including increasing sales, raising brand awareness, or getting more clients for your services. But not every method gives you immediate results.

Here are 8 proven ways to promote your business online with almost immediate results. In the end, I will mention my favorite way of PPC (Pay Per Click) method.

Advertise Using YouTube

  • Video content is an excellent way to promote your business. Thankfully, YouTube and many other video sites like Vimeo and even Facebook can let you create a video campaign and promote it to your audience.

YouTube is effective because it allows you to run a campaign in Adwords to increase its visibility, hence better results.

Twitter Ads

  • Twitter allows you to create campaigns that you can promote through a tweet containing a targeted link. This is PPC and you can also set up conversion tracking to see how your ads and campaigns are performing.

Advertise on Directories

  • Web directories are a popular form of advertising a business online. Most of these directories are free and some may charge you a very low fee to increase your exposure with featured listings. 

Some big directories include DMOZ and Yell. You can search for many more directories that are related to your industry to target the audience you want for a higher click-through rate.

Remarketing Campaigns

  • People who have already visited your site can be retargeted if they didn’t buy your product or service. There are many remarketing platforms to choose for but I recommend Google Adwords and Analytics to get this job done with good results.

Display Ads

  • You can also run banner ads on Google Display Network to increase the awareness of your products or services. The display network is comprised of millions of sites that work under the Adsense program. 

You can choose the site you like to advertise and that way you can laser target your audience. 

Run a Shopping Campaign

  • If you run an eCommerce business, create a shopping feed, and submit it to Google Merchant Center which allows you to advertise your products with Google Adwords. 

It is a very effective way to promote your products and business because the platform targets buyers and shoppers who are in search for products through Google shopping vertical. 

Initiate An Adwords Search Campaign

  • Google Adwords is the best and most effective way to run Pay Per Click advertisement. It is an effective medium for driving high traffic volumes to your site, allowing you to significantly increase your sales or leads.

However, it is easier said than done because it is a vast platform that requires skill and knowledge to work with. If you can learn to effectively target your ads to the right audience using Google Adwords, you’ll see results unlike any other platform has to offer.

Struggling to Start?

  • If you’re a local business struggling with online marketing and have no idea where to begin your campaigns from, you’ve landed on the right page. Every method mentioned above is a form of PPC and running a PPC campaign requires a lot of knowledge and skill. 

Unfortunately, none of the tools mentioned above have detailed coursework to help you create an effective advertisement and learn targeting methods.

  • If you have tried and tested PPC before without success, then I recommend checking my Local Marketing Vault (LMV) Review. LMV is the ultimate coursework that will teach you to become a marketing expert using PPC advertisements. 

The coursework is created by some of the best minds in the internet marketing industry and I guarantee that once you get the hang of what’s included in the course, leads and sales will come to you without effort. Give it a read and try it out today. 

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