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Ultimate Home Profits Review: 397$ Monthly Passive Income A Reality Or A Scam?

ultimate home profits review

Can you really make 397$ a month by working for only 60 minutes a day with Ultimate Home Profits? Check out this review to know if it's truly legit or just another internet scam.


This review is my honest & professional opinion about Ultimate Home Profits. I am in no way associated with them or any of their sister companies. I have no personal gain or loss if you decide to invest with Ultimate Home Profits.

Let's jump to the review.

An Overview Of Ultimate Home Profits

Ultimate Home Profits is a type of passive income training course that promises you a monthly income of 397$ by spending just 60 minutes every day. It asks you to invest almost a 100$ at first and then tries to upsell you some courses and features for 166.97$. The owners appear to be Emily Hudson, Michelle Robinson, and Cami White all of whom are fake profiles

  • Ultimate Home Profits appears to be another one of those get-rich-quick schemes but with a twist. They are saying that you’re gonna get rich sitting at your home, working only an hour every day. This sales pitch in itself raises a very big red flag about the authenticity of Ultimate Home Profits. 

My Verdict: I would strongly advise everyone to stay away from Ultimate Home Profits. If you don’t, then it's the equivalent of throwing your money in the garbage bin. 

To find out why I strongly oppose giving money to Ultimate Home Profits, read my review below. 

What Is Ultimate Home Profits

As with most get-rich-quick and passive income websites, they have terrible website. I think they know they’ll attract customers and unsuspecting victims so they don’t even bother making a good website. A 6-year-old could design a better website than them. 

  • The first rule of the internet is that the website matters a lot. A good website obviously means that effort, time, and money has been spent therefore it might be authentic and legit. Just by looking at Ultimate Home Profits’ website I was convinced that this is going to be another one of those scams, where they take your money and disappear. 

The website tells you that by just spending some bucks, you’ll be gaining 379$ a month, that too by working for only 60 minutes every day. Sounds too good to be true. I’ve never heard of anyone making money that easily.

  • I decided to do a little search on Google and guess what. I found other websites that are an exact copy of this one. They’ve got different names, but the content and the main layout is almost exactly the same. Whoever is behind Ultimate Home Profits basically flooded the internet with similar websites as bait to lure in people and steal their money. 

Some of these websites are: 

  • Home Cash Code
  • Cash From Home
  • Home Jobs Now
  • Paydays At Home
  • Internet Careers Online

Even though we’ve established that ‘Ultimate Home Profits’ is not going to work and they’re only after your hard-earned cash, I was still a bit curious to see how this worked. So I dug deeper and talked to people who had taken the course. 

How Does It Work?

As with most of these schemes, they ask you to pay upfront and then give you some training material that should help you for generating passive income.

  • Ultimate Home Profits is no different. They ask you to pay the membership fee of almost a hundred dollars and then you get access to a member’s dashboard. It’s a fairly simple website where a lot of different types of training programs are made available. Each program has either videos or reading material for you to see. I will discuss these programs in detail below. 

Overall, I found that the content given by Ultimate Home Profits is extremely basic, has poor quality, and is pretty much outdated. You can find the same content online and to a most extent for free. So why should one pay 100$ for something like this? 

What Are The Training Programs Offered by Ultimate Home Profits? 

So the training programs offered by Ultimate Home Profits are:

  • Web Traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing (Read as Link Posting)
  • eBay
  • Dropshipping
  • The Master List

I’ve inspected all these training programs, and I am very disappointed in the material that has been provided. At the end of each training program, you’d be left with more questions than answers. To top it off, they don’t add any real value or skills to you, so basically you’re just reading up on random content without any end goal. 

In case you’re still curious about the training programs, I’ve given a basic overview of them below. 

Training Program 1: Web Traffic

In here you’ll find just 12 videos and by the end of it, you’ll hope to become a master of generating and redirecting web traffic. I should let you know in advance that you should keep very low expectations with this and any other program offered by Ultimate Home Profits. 

  • So the 12 videos are very general, and all they talk about is strategies. There is no step-by-step guide on how to accomplish anything. They talk about developing a subscriber list using Aweber Autoresponder, and how to generate traffic to your website via various means. 

In conclusion: Web Traffic training program isn’t going to help you at all. 

Training Program 2: Affiliate Marketing

I simply fail to understand why everyone considers affiliate marketing as equal to spamming links on the internet. This is exactly the same case here. 

  • This course gives a basic introduction to affiliate marketing, keyword research, link posting, click-baiting, and generating affiliate links. 

They talk about generating Clickbank affiliate links and using an opt-in form to a free website for collecting subscribers. 

  • It’s not enough to get you anywhere close to affiliate marketing, just random information here and there. It will not help you at all. Even if you think you know affiliate marketing, this program won’t add anything to your knowledge. 

Training Program 3: eBay

You’ve probably heard a lot about eBay but what you didn’t know is that you can actually make money off eBay. Just not with this program. 

  • This training program gives you 3 PDFs to read up on, about generating money through eBay. There is too much to read, and no instruction on how to actually do it. 

Training Program 4: Dropshipping

As a result of cheap labor in many Asian markets, linking buyers to goods and services has been one of the main sources of passive income for many people. 

  • This training gives you 2 PDFs to read, however, there is no instruction manual on how to actually dropship. There are no videos and no guides to help you get started. 

Training Program 5: The Master List

Clickbank gives you a list of the top 10 money-making online products but Clickbank doesn’t have a solid reputation in the market. To be able to use ClickBank effectively, you need to do your research first. You also need to know how to differentiate between a profitable and a non-profitable market. 

  • The Master List gives you a lot of affiliate marketplaces that can help you earn passive income, but without training and research, it is pretty much useless. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Basic membership to access the training programs asks for an upfront investment of almost a 100$ from you. In addition, you should know about their upsells: 

  • 147$ VIP Membership
  • 19.97$ Coaching Call

I have absolutely no idea what a VIP membership will do, considering the content they provide normally isn’t up to mark. 

  • Ultimate Home Profits has another major red flag. They’ve failed to mention their contact numbers and email addresses, for anyone to contact them. Once you give them your money, it's as good as gone. You can’t even contact them for refunds. 

How Easy Is It To Make Money With This System?

Based on everything I’ve talked about above, I’m sure you all are going to agree with me on this. It is almost impossible to make money with this system. The reason being Ultimate Home Profits gives you outdated content, which isn’t even enough btw and then expects you to make 397$ a month. 

  • If the training material and content were good enough, I’d have considered Ultimate Home Profits to be legitimate but unfortunately, it isn’t. 

Is It A Scam?

‘Ultimate Home Profits is a SCAM

Stay away from Ultimate Home Profits unless you don’t value your money. To those of you who are still considering Ultimate Home Profits, let me just list down the red flags here

  • A poor quality website with shady content
  • Several replica websites having different names but the same webpage content
  • Fake profiles of owners, and they don’t even exist in real life
  • Exaggerated claims of making 397$ by working for an hour every day. I’m not even sure how they came up with the 397$ figure. 
  • Training content is not up to the mark
  • No step by step guides or instructions to actually implement what is being taught
  • No way for you to contact them for refunds
  • Success stories are absent
  • Famous news articles talk about making money from home and not about Ultimate Home Profits specifically

The list can go on, and if you like I can give you plenty of reasons. The fact of the matter is you should not be wasting your money on a scam like this. 

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Recommendation?

I would seriously not recommend anyone to go for Ultimate Home Profits. They are a big scam and no matter how much money you give them they won’t do you any good. 

  • I’ve mentioned some major red flags above and I hope they are enough to convince you to put your money elsewhere. The best passive income sources don’t really ask you to invest upfront a meager amount and offer exorbitant returns. 

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with scams and I simply want to tell you that whenever you hear about an amazing opportunity to make money, don’t act in haste. Sit down and research it first. Learn from other people’s experiences so that you don’t repeat their mistakes. 

  • If you’re truly interested in making a 4-5 figure passive income, then read on below about my experience with local lead generation and Local Marketing Vault.

How Do I Make Money With Local Lead Generation?

I am going to talk about my own personal experience with local lead generation for local businesses in my area. I highly recommend this and PPC for generating passive income as it is highly legit and you can make a 4-5 figure monthly income. 

  • I have over 15 years of experience with digital marketing and running campaigns for businesses. I have tried and tested various methods to make money and by far local lead generation tops everything else. 
  • Local lead generation basically involves using sales funnels and PPC ads to drive customers and web traffic to local businesses websites. In this way, you are helping your local business community to grow, and in return making a decent income. 
  • Local businesses are always on the lookout for new customers, and what better place to get new customers than the internet. If you provide them with new customers, you can earn a healthy commission
  • You can start local lead generation as a side gig, and once you fully understand how it works you can shift it to become your full time career
  • Personally, for me, I’ve been using Facebook Ads for local lead generation and it has been working really well for me, 

Anyone can make and run a Facebook ad, but to run a successful ad needs adequate training and knowledge about PPC. PPC is a Pay Per Click advertising model in which the advertiser is charged a fee only when the user clicks on an ad. Thus it helps to keep campaign costs low. I have learned all of my skills from a PPC learning course by Local Marketing Vault

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault offers advanced training on PPC and local lead generation. These are some of the reasons that compelled me to register with Local Marketing Vault:

  • They provide pre-built sales funnels that can be modified later on
  • They provide a major Facebook community that helps you out and critiques your strategies
  • They offer training based on the latest industry trends and have a hands-on approach to learning
  • Their training material is up to date and is quite effective for beginners

If you’re interested in earning a handsome income via local lead generation, then do check out Local Marketing Vault right now. 

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