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The Easiest Way To Start A Lead Generation Business In 2020

If you are worried about how to navigate the journey of finding the right business idea that can help you to create a sustainable and long-term income, then you’re not alone. I was in a similar situation, or perhaps worse, some years back but here am I today doing a business that doesn’t only pay my bills but allows me to work for less hours while earning consistent income monthly online.

In this article, I will show you the easiest way to start a lead generation business and earn 4 figures monthly. This is what I’ve been able to achieve personally and I’m more than excited to show you exactly how you can start a lead generation business today and get results almost immediately.

First things first, I will explain what lead generation is, and why it is the newest gold rush where you can make a lot of money if you know your onions. Therefore, make sure you read this article to the end to learn how you can set up your own profitable online lead generation agency starting from today.

What is Lead Generation?

  • start a lead generation businessAs the world’s population continues to expand so are the number of local companies and businesses providing wide ranging products and services to the people.
  • In the United alone, there are more than 35.2 million businesses, the largest percentage of which are small businesses.

These companies need customers to survive and remain in business. The customer’s journey begins as a lead.

A lead is someone who has shown an interest in a particular product or service.

Lead generation is the art and science of sending leads to your client (mostly local business) who then pays you in return for your service after the business is closed. This is a lucrative business that is super easy to start if you know your way.

  • What any business owner is interested in is what you can offer to boost their sales and place them a step or more ahead of their competition. By sending leads to them, you’re helping the business to make more sales while you take your cut.

Imagine landing a client who pays you $2000 or more monthly retainer fee for driving leads to their landing page. The beautiful thing about this business is, you can have multiple clients paying thousands of dollars for your service. Everything boils down to your ability to get results.

While there are different ways to generate leads out there, the methods that have worked best for me and thousands of other marketers that I built business relationships with are Google and Facebook advertising. More on these methods later.

What Do you Need to Succeed in Lead Gen Biz?

  • Like in any business undertaking, understanding what works in the business is key to achieving success. To build a thriving lead gen biz, you need to:

Acquire the skills

  • Learning and honing your skills in the art of lead generation is very key. How do you get results for your clients? Mind you, you are going to be dealing with business owners most of whom will not entertain excuses on why you couldn’t get results. Therefore, it is essential that you know your onions before reaching out to potential clients.

However, learning the skills on your own can take some time to gain mastery. One way to learn faster and better is by finding a mentor who understands how the business works and is ready to train you on how to replicate the strategy that works for them.

Carve a niche for yourself

  • At the beginning of setting up your business, it might be a little challenging carving a niche for yourself. But with time, after discovering where your strength and weakness lie, you may choose to specialize in a particular niche or industry.

Scale your business

  • Ideally, no business owner wants their first client to be their last. No business scales with such a limiting mindset. To achieve great results, you want to scale your business by reaching out to more potential clients. You can easily close these guys with your results working with other clients.

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How I Get Results for my Clients

  • happy resultsLike I said earlier, there’s a number of ways to generate leads like SEO. But I found running Google and Facebook ads more effective than the other methods out there. This method has helped me build a thriving business that pays me 4-5 figures per month.
  • But I must confess that running Facebook ads or launching a PPC (pay per click) campaign that produces results isn’t a walk in the park. Targeting the wrong demographics or using a weak CTA (call to action) could be a fly in the ointment.

Understanding what works is crucial to building success in this business. Fortunately, you don’t have to agonize over figuring things out on your own. And that’s the biggest secret I’m going to reveal to you very soon.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t aware of all this about three years ago. I was playing the long game – taking months to get results for clients with traditional SEO. The results took longer to come in and I ended up losing my top-paying clients.

Thanks to Jason McKim & James Bonadies for showing me this life-changing opportunity that has set me back on track and enabled me to build my 6 figure online lead generation business by using a template which they already created.

Jason and James literally showed me exactly how to escape the common pitfalls people encounter in running Google and Facebook ads that convert. And I have been able to achieve tremendous success by following their simple, easy-to-replicate strategy which I learned in the program called the Local Marketing Vault.

2020 has been particularly super amazing for me so far on the business front. In February alone, I was able to make $6,850 additional income which I got via the Local Marketing Vault partnership. Interestingly, $3,350 of that is on a monthly retainer now. What this means is I have successfully added $40,200 to my annual income if all goes well.

I understand you might have probably read tons of articles and or bought a number of courses that promised to teach you how to make money online which either failed to deliver on their promises or only worked for a short length of time. Again, you are not alone.

I’d been there several times. And I sincerely understand how hurtful it could be to have your hand burned after investing time and resources in a course that fell ridiculously below expectation.

What I am about to share with you will get your foot in the door and open many doors of incredibly amazing high ticket business ideas for you both in the short and long run. However, you have to make a decision now to welcome every piece of information and nugget with a fresh sense of possibility.

There is nothing better than showing a client you mean business by getting immediate results for them. What sets LMV apart from others is the fact that you learn the effective way to get results now.

How Does The Local Marketing Vault Work?

Local-marketing-vaultLMV is a program that shows you how to navigate the process of creating ads that generate results for your clients instantly. The ultimate goal is to drive qualified leads to a landing page specifically designed for your client using Facebook ads or/and Google ads. The greatest advantage of this approach is clients get results quicker which makes it easy for them to trust your expertise.

One of the most effective ways to start a lead generation business on Facebook is simply sending people (leads) directly to the landing page for lead-generating offers.

  • You might be thinking…but sending paid traffic to a landing page is a no brainer. Well, that I agree setting up a campaign on Facebook is partly easy. After all, you can easily watch a handful of YouTube videos to learn the process.
  • But the question is, how many of the experts learned their tricks free of charge? Probably zero! No digital marketer shares their biggest secret free of charge. Besides, you can’t take most of the wannabe Facebook ads “pros” for their words.

Setting up Google ads and/or Facebook campaigns from scratch and targeting the right people requires expertise and only few people actually understand how it works. But how about having a template handy that shows you the process without you needing to rack your brains or spend days figuring things out on your own?

How about adapting the strategy that’s already working and saving yourself the stress of wasting ads budget on a trial and error approach? I chose this option about three years ago and the journey has been really amazing so far. I wish I had known about this program 10 years ago. It would have helped me escape the rat race I was in pushing my online hustle without a definite clue or guide.

The Local Marketing Vault is where you get to use the “Done For You Campaigns” across different niches. There are about 31 pre-made funnels in the vault that cover building marketing funnels and how to set up Google and Facebook ads, step by step. Interestingly, they are always adding more to the existing funnels to cater for emerging niches.

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Why Is LMV The Easiest Way to Start A Lead Gen Biz?

  • If you understand the game properly, getting leads using Facebook and/or Google ads is the fastest route to scale your lead generation business as it enables you to get traffic right away. There is danger in keeping your clients waiting for weeks or months before you get results. They can easily replace you if you are not getting results for them.
  • Using simple tactics and the “copy & paste” funnels in Vault, I was able to pull in 7 new clients and $4,029. Impressive, right!? But let’s forget about me for a second and look at the other guys in the Vault that were pulling in $3,000 clients or $1,000 in single clients.

Another outstanding benefit of being in a part of the Vault, apart from the training and access to pre-made funnels, is the opportunity to meet and work with people of like minds. The Local Marketing Vault Facebook group has over 5,000 active and supportive people who you can learn from.

In case you are not that confident about your tech skills, no worries. LMV has a sub group on their dashboard known as Preferred Partner List. This feature connects you with an expert that you can partner with on a project.

This goes without saying that you can also create additional funnels by yourself. It is super easy to set up funnels. All you need are ClickFunnels account, Zapier, Wufoo forms and probably a call tracking software, depending on what works for a particular client.

Why Facebook and/or Google Ads?

  • The two platforms have insanely vast amounts of data that you can easily leverage to target people based on the niche and the market target of your client. Facebook for example, is the biggest social network worldwide with over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarters of 2020. This tells you how often people interface with their Facebook apps.

Both platforms allow you to set the demographics you want to target. That said, it is possible to target only people living in a particular district or town. This enables you to maximize your ad spend and get the most result from your marketing efforts.

My Sweetbitter Experience with SEO

  • I ventured into internet marketing in 2006 having honed my skills and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). I was combining my digital marketing side hustle with my regular 9-5 job. For one, I’d always wanted more freedom and flexibility in how I worked. I wanted to create a scalable business that would generate both immediate and long-term proceeds.

Although ranking on the first page of search engines like Google was never an easy feat, I was able to achieve some remarkable results both in terms of the web performance and monetary gains. At one point, I was raking in about $20-25k a month in addition to the income I earned from my regular 9-5 job.

I just heard you screamed, “Oh, that’s not a bad man!

Of course it wasn’t bad at all. But it didn’t take long before everything crashed down only after about a 6-12 month period. The client stopped paying when it was taking forever to get results.

Do I mean SEO is not effective?

Far from it. SEO works, but it takes time and you may end up losing clients if they are not getting results.

Besides, there is no definite guide or blueprint that guarantees continuous results with SEO. This is partly due to the periodic changes and updates on Google ranking factors. Moving alongside the flow isn’t something everyone can actually cope with. But it is much easier and faster to get instant results if you understand how to run successful PPC ads.


I have tried both SEO and paid advertising and the method that gives me the more results is generating leads using paid advertising. I have been able to create a scalable and sustainable business where I earn 4-5 figures per month. And I’m definitely stepping up my game to make more in the coming days.

Need more information about how you can start a profitable lead gen business with the Local Marketing Vault? You can read what people who’ve succeeded with the program are saying HERE.

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