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What DJ Khaled’s “The Keys” Taught Me

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I’m a big DJ Khaled fan. The man preaches a life filled with gratitude, love and acceptance. What’s not to love about that? He talks about “they” which are other people or circumstances that don’t want you to succeed. Here’s everything I learned from the book.

“They” and “Keys”

  • In the book, “they” are all those people who don’t want you to get ahead in life. Whereas “keys” are simple guiding principles that will lead you to prosperity and success. “They” wouldn’t want you getting your hands on the keys

Success Isn’t Quick

  • Success never comes quick and the job is never ending. No matter how many days or weeks you feel down-and-out, the keys will keep you focused.

Gratitude is Important

  • Be grateful for what you have, every minute of the day. Don't grumble. Keep your mind and aura clean so that there are more positive people around you.

Love What You Do

  • It's a blessing to be free to do what you want without any pretense or filters. You look like you have the world's greatest job. And that’s what it should be!

Be the Best

  • “We the best” means exactly what it says. Always emphasize yourself. For Khaled, that means him, his fans, his crew, and everyone around him with love and positive energy.

Keep The Vibes Clean

  • Stay away from “they.” Keep your circle small, and delete all the “they.” Cut them loose when you discover a “they.” Do it clean and fast. You have no choice if you want to survive and feel real happiness, i.e. a life free from vibes of hate, doubt, envy, and trash.

Always Be Yourself

  • Just be yourself. You'll look crazy at first because you're an original, but eventually people will know exactly what to come to you for. Creating a distinct name and personality makes you place the market in a corner. How can you deal with yourself when you're not yourself? Know exactly who you are and own it.

Own Your “Special Cloth”

  • “Special cloth” means special edition. It means you’re you and no one else is. That’s why it doesn't even make sense when someone compares you to everyone else. To be unique is great and challenging and “they” will try to change you. Don't let them do that to you!

Don’t Play Yourself

  • Don't cheat on yourself ever. In other words, do nothing foolish to thwart your joy and prosperity. So learn from it when you make a mistake. Grow up. Don't do it over again. Consider the consequences so that you can sidestep the setbacks.

Stop Complaining

  • Don't whine. Complaints are merely pretexts. Individuals who give long-winded theories for why they cannot become managers do that because they can't do things. That is a real fact.

Stay Humble

  • Keep on staying humble. Thank the Lord for your blessings, and remember who helped you along the way, especially when there were “storms” (dark times). Get to know the legends in your industry. And also respect the up-and-comers.

Work Harder

  • Work much harder than anyone and everyone else. It doesn't matter how big of a deal you become. You can't be afraid to continue taking risks, you can't worry about someone saying no to you, and you can't sweat “they” when they see you fail.

There’s Always Something To Do

  • There is no “there's nothing to do” aspect. Build something to do.  When you are hot you need to keep cooking. Mind your job. Try as much as you can to promote that every day.  Make multiple bags secure. Success is infinite. The more “rooms you ‘re cookin' in,” the more you minimize risk.

Reward Yourself For Your Success

  • Crow over your own success. Why? Just do it even if no one else wishes to. So just enjoy the moment. Hold on a little. Say thank you to all those who made it possible for you. Just think of how far you came. Beautifully selling yourself is a key, because you never know who is watching.

Chase The Vision

  • Keep chasing money until you have food on the table, and then a roof above your head. Once this happens, let the money chase you. Because then you will have to be busy chasing the vision. In addition, settling for quick and easy money often results in work you are not proud of.

Keep Winning 24/7

  • Just keep winning. Win until you can’t stop. The only way you are sure to remain in a position to do the job that you enjoy is if you are successful. More success is always the answer.

Be A Superstar

  • Don’t just be an ordinary star. Be a whole powerhouse. Keep on winning! Each success represents an opportunity for greater success. Do what DJ Khaled means when he says, “And another.” Then one day, when your life is filled with so much joy that you feel like your heart is going to burst, share that joy and teach these keys to other people.

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