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Tyla Yaweh Net Worth

tyla yaweh net worth
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Everything you need to know about Tyla Yaweh Net Worth

Tyler Jamal Brown who is known as Tyla Yaweh is an American songwriter and rapper from Orlando, Florida. He was discovered by Post Malone in Los Angeles and has now opened for shows and concerts.  He has an estimated net worth of $400 grand as of 2021.

 Early Life and Career

  • Tyler Jamal Brown was born on 25th May 1995 in Orlando, Florida. As a teenager, he worked as a drug dealer until his mother found out and she kicked him out of the house for his criminal behavior. He has been on his own ever since he was 14 years old. 
  • Growing up in Orlando, Florida he was a fan of Florida rap natives. His sister was also in a girl band which influenced him to make music of his own. 
  • Eventually, he decided that he wanted to move out of Florida and move to Los Angeles at the age of 19 in order to pursue music. After taking this decision he was homeless for quite some time. 
  • He came up with the name Tyla Yaweh as a derivation of his name Tyler and Yaweh means the breath of fresh air that created life. He wanted to be a rockstar hence Tyla Yaweh. 
  • After being recognized by Post Malone in 2017 he signed a record label with London Entertainment. His single Drugs and Pain was released in December 2017. 
  • Although his music was taking off in the home city he was in the streets seeing his friends getting locked up. 
  • After several singles racked plenty of fame and streams online he dropped his first debut album Heart Full of Rage in February 2019. 

Fame from Music 

After he got recognized and started to become popular after dropping his first album. He started performing at festivals like SXSW, Rolling Loud, and Made in America. In early 2020 he opened for Swae Lee and Posty on a Runaway Tour. 

  • Post Malone has become one of his closest friends over the time span of a few years. Apart from being friends, he's also his music mentor. 
  • When they are not smoking cigarettes or playing beer pong, Tyla listens and soaks up anything that Post Malone has to say. He is his mentor and guide. 
  • But Post Malone doesn't take it easy on him before their concert at the Forum in Los Angeles in 2019, Post Malone challenged him to a game of beer pong. Stars like Billy Idol, Diplo, and Rich the Kid gathered around to see the game. It was back and forth but Post Malone prevailed. Tyla transferred the money to Post Malone via a cash app immediately after he drained the last shot. 
  • In May of 2019, Tyla was Performing in Brisbane where he tweeted that he missed his girlfriend. It is still unclear who he is dating or was at that time. 
  • His plan is simple: he just wants to travel the world and make money, become a household name. He wanted to keep dropping music videos and become the best fashion icon in the world. He wants to love all people. 

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