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Everette Taylor Net Worth

everette taylor net worth
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Everything you need to know about Everette Taylor Net Worth

Everette Taylor is an African American entrepreneur and public speaker. A decade ago he was homeless and dropped out of high school but he worked tirelessly and last year he founded a social media marketing company called PopSocial which in its first year has been reported to generate $2 million. He has an estimated net worth of $45 million as of 2021. Hailing from a very poor family let's look into the details of his achievements. 

 Early Life and Career

  • Everette Taylor was born on 23rd June 1989 in Richmond, VA. 
  • He belonged to a very poor family and growing up he would sit on the floor to watch Tv in case any bullets came through the walls. 
  • Having food at the table at night was a luxury because they weren’t able to afford more than one meal. 
  • When he was just 7 years old he saw a guy getting murdered right in front of his eyes. 
  • In an environment like that, all was normal and it was no surprise that by 7th or 8th grade he was on the streets selling drugs. 
  • His mother knew that he was up to something when he started showing up in new clothes and new shoes. His mother insisted him to get a real job and so he did. 
  • Little did he know that marketing would change the entire trajectory of his life. But for that, he would have to survive a period of homelessness. 

Tech company success

Being homeless taught him how to hustle, he knew that he had to work hard for what he wanted and in that case, he would scrape snow off people's cars, wash their windows, or anything that would save him some money to sleep at a dumpy hotel at night. With the passage of time, he saved enough to take an SAT and apply to one single college which luckily he got accepted into. 

After his sophomore year, he applied for a job in many tech companies hoping to land a job that would pay him well but no one wanted to hire him probably because he was black. 

  • He didn’t pay attention to the rejection and decided to start his own company. To raise the capital he decided to start throwing parties. This plan worked as he saved up enough money to hire a few guys that he met at college and would code his vision. 
  • This plan worked out and 2 years later he sold his company for a grand chunk of change. 
  • He’s not a millionaire but still, he has got the money and experience that he gained from his business. 
  • Over time he rolled all of this money into ET enterprises that were profitable and it would provide for him and his family with money left to save, invest, take bigger risks and generate wealth.
  •  He made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. One of the highest-paid public speakers. Consultation of projects soon followed up. The once homeless Everette is now taking $4 million every year. While owning all of these businesses he can still sell off any of them for a larger chunk of cash any day. 

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