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Top 4 PPC Success Stories-Part I

ppc success stories

Here are some of the most interesting PPC success stories to inspire you

A Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign charges the advertiser only when the ad is clicked by a user. PPC campaigns are being used by every small and large business around the world, in an attempt to boost their visibility and profits. In the first installment, take a look at two PPC success stories by businesses located in the UK. Read about them below. 

Toni’s Pizzeria

Toni’s Pizzeria was opened in 2013 at Glasgow by Antoni Dobrenko. It started as a small pizza takeaway business and has now become a multi-award-winning business. It currently has branches in Giffnock and the West End, while Toni’s expansion plans include opening up 3 more branches in the near future.

  • Toni’s Pizzeria used to get abundant orders from various food delivery services, but rarely from its own website. The management also acknowledged that they knew very little about their customers and their preferences. They wanted to reach more potential customers by knowing what they are expecting, as well as to improve customer visits to their own website. For this purpose, a PPC campaign was designed and implemented. 

The management knew that building a connection is very important, so they aimed at collecting data from customers, processing it, and using it to improve their services. As a result of the PPC campaign, direct orders from the business’s own website increased by about 70% of total revenue in just 3 years. The business’s search engine visibility and ranking were improved, which allowed more site visits by potential customers. By keeping profiles of customers and their preferences, the pizzeria was able to suggest orders to the customers. 

  • This helped increase the order rate to 4 orders for each phone call. By 2019, Toni’s Pizzeria estimated a 1387% return on ad spends using PPC. Toni’s Pizzeria created local campaigns that targeted people during the restaurant’s working hours. Ad visibility was managed to keep in mind the time of the day as well as if the customer was located within their service delivery range. This helped to maximize ad spend efficiency and kept overall campaign costs low. Antoni Dobrenko’s only regret was to not use PPC for his business sooner. 

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Schuh is a leading footwear retailer that was founded in 1981 in Livingston Scotland. It has more than 100 stores across the UK and employs over 4000 people. Schuh never had a problem with sales, that is until the trend of online shopping picked up the pace. They began losing customers, and retail sales were dropping dangerously low. The management needed to find a quick solution to this problem. 

  • An initial solution proposed to the company was to partner with several delivery and e-commerce platforms in order to drive sales, but the management wasn’t convinced of it as a feasible strategy. They decided to invest in PPC and digital marketing tools. They aimed at having customers order their shoes directly from them, instead of from other websites.

A key strategy for having a successful PPC campaign is to know your audience demographics, preferences, and habits. Schuh found out that the majority of their customers are using a smartphone to browse their store and place orders.

  • Schuh designed and implemented a PPC ad campaign that displayed a picture of the footwear that the customer wanted to buy, the distance to the closest store, stock availability, store contact details, and opening times. They aimed to streamline the buying experience for the customers and hoping they’d show up at the store for the purchase. They also introduced click-and-collect services to minimize delivery charges for the customers who did not want to visit a retail outlet. Schuh’s strategy helped to increase store visits by 27% within the first year, as well as a 16 times increase in return on ad spending. By utilizing Google’s local solutions, they gained 596k additional customers which helped to boost profits.  

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