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5 Important Lead Generation Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

lead generation trends of 2021

Some of the hottest lead generation trends of 2021 are listed below – check them out!

Lead generation is crucial for the success of any business or marketing campaign. A person or a company that is potentially interested in your product and service offering is called a lead. If they show interest and have knowledge about your business, they are referred to as acquired or warm leads. However, if they have no prior information about your business, they are called cold or sourced leads.

Take a look at the 5 important lead generation trends for 2021. Read about them below  

Influencer Marketing

  • Influencers are people with a massive fan following, and collaborating with them allows your business to increase its leads exponentially. Previously influencers were limited to movie stars, musicians, fashion designers, and models. However, with the advent of social media, many people have risen to the status of an influencer. 

An influencer’s fans are extremely loyal. They trust whatever their influencer tells them to do. By collaborating your business with an influencer, you can increase your business’s visibility, outreach, generate new leads, and potentially improve ROI

Video Content Marketing

  • Recent marketing research showed that more than 70% of people prefer watching a video than reading text or articles online. Videos allow more information to be communicated to the customer in less amount of time. Videos can also help disseminate specific and targeted information for your potential customers, giving them knowledge and information about your business.

The three major platforms for video content marketing include Youtube, social media, and emails. Latest integration tools have made it possible to include videos within the content of the email. Videos can also be shared easily with other people. So if a potential lead likes your business, they are highly likely to share your video content with their friends and family. Thus, you can have natural leads growth

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Email Marketing

  • As opposed to the general mindset, emails are still very popular. A recent survey confirmed that more than 72% of users preferred getting and reading emails. 

There are several platforms that allow you to send mass marketing emails, newsletters, video integrated emails, and personalized messages to your clients. This helps to build trust and brand reputation. Emails are a sure-shot way of generating leads for your business.

Infographics & Interactive Content

  • By placing interactive content on your business’s landing page, you can attract more customers to your website and turn them into customers. The main goal of interactive content is to keep your customers engaged and to try to get more data out of them to understand their preferences better. 

Some common forms of interactive content include surveys, polls, and quizzes. Some brands use infographics not only on their landing pages but also on their social media to attract more customers. Youtube videos and in-video advertisements are being used by almost every business in an attempt to get the maximum leads. 

Voice Search Marketing

  • A lot of different companies are offering smart speakers, whereas voice recognition algorithms in cell phones and appliances have seen major improvements. All of this translates into an increase in the use of voice search by customers. It is estimated that over 66 million households in the US and over 120 million households globally now own a smart speaker.

As voice searches are booming, many businesses have started investing resources to improve their businesses compatibility and visibility in voice searches. This is one of the latest trends for increasing lead generation. 

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