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Start A Business With 2000 Dollars: 7 Best Business Ideas For Massive Profit

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Updated for 2022

One common excuse many aspiring entrepreneurs make for not launching their business yet is lack of sufficient startup capital. But if you’re waiting to start a business until you have a large capital investment, then chances are that you might end up waiting longer and even have your entrepreneurial zeal weakened along the line. The truth is, not all businesses require you to start with megabucks. There’s an impressive precedent for success among businesses that started on shoestring budgets.

In this post, I will show you 7 profitable businesses you can start with 2000 dollars.

You can start a business with 2000 dollars and scale it into a successful enterprise that produces considerable return monthly. This post is designed to ease your journey of finding a proven business idea that you can invest in. Most businesses do not require a steep learning curve and you can launch your business tomorrow.

What Profitable Businesses Can You Start with $2000?

Here’s the list of my favorite, profitable and easy-to-start businesses that you can launch immediately:

1. Lead generation

  • If you want to start a business with 2000 dollars, then venturing into lead generation is one of the business ideas you should consider. It’s a profitable business that you can launch with a relatively small investment and without stress.

Why lead generation?

  • Businesses are always looking for ways to acquire new customers and improve their bottom line. To achieve this, most of them hire independent lead generation experts to drive quality leads so they can easily convert to sales. This service sells like hotcakes.

You can make considerable income with lead generation without having to work around the clock. It’s easy to get massive results for your clients if you know your onions. I was able to build my 6-figure online business where I earn 4-5 figures monthly by helping businesses to grow their customer base.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online lead gen business here.

There are many ways to generate leads. One way is to use free or organic traffic also known as SEO. Another way is to use paid advertising options such as Facebook advertising. I’ve tried the two methods. But the easier method that helps me to get the most results for my clients is Facebook ads. I run successful Facebook ads to generate quality leads and I get paid handsomely for it.

However, I have to let you know that it’s not easy to run successful Facebook ads. Facebook advertising is complex. This is why many people get frustrated and even conclude that it doesn’t work. In reality, Facebook advertising works really well. One program that helped me to escape the rat race and master fail-proof strategies to run successful Facebook ads and generate qualified leads is the Local Marketing Vault.

2.   Dropshipping

  • Dropshipping is another business you can start with 2000 dollars. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment business model where you don’t keep products that you sell. Instead, you purchase the items from a third party and have the goods shipped directly to the customers. As a result, you don’t have to handle any product directly.
  • Put simply, you start an ecommerce business where customers can place orders for a product on your site. You then automatically or manually forward the order to a dropship supplier. The supplier packages the item and delivers directly to the customers on your behalf.
  • You can start your online store with little upfront investment since you don’t necessarily required to maintain your inventory or own a warehouse. However, the profit margin for this business is quite low compared with wholesaling or manufacturing your products yourself which requires huge startup capital.

Also, you’re going to be completely liable in case something goes wrong along the supply chain. This is so because customers order and make payment on your website. Therefore you’re going to be held responsible if the supplier delivers lower quality products or fails to meet up with supply.

Aside from these drawbacks, you can reliably make legit income from dropshipping.

3.   Affiliate marketing   

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses that allow you to earn passive income and you can start in no time. This business requires you to help companies to promote their products or services on your website, social media or email list. In return, you earn a commission each time someone buys from them using your link.

It, however, requires time to build this business from the ground up. You must have been able to earn trust to make people buy through you.

4.   Consulting Business

  • You can start a consulting business if you’ve got a specialized skill or knowledge you can offer to individuals and businesses. This business can turn out to be a huge success if you know how to brand your business. The beautiful side to this business is that you can run it both off and online.

If you find the cost of renting a physical office a little steep, then you can consider starting from your home. As your business attracts more clients, you can develop your business to any level you like. However, it’s pertinent to stress that success in this business requires proven and demonstrable expertise that people are willing to pay for.

5.   Apartment Preparation Service

  • Before a new tenant moves into an apartment, landlords normally contract out maintenance work such as home cleaning and filling of nail holes to apartment preparation services. You can start this business with a moderate investment. And the earning potential is quite high if you’re very serious with it.

Just like any business, your success rate is dependent on how well you can convince your potential clients of your experience and expertise. You can send targeted emails to land customers introducing your business and how you can transform their property. Your first client is important. They can easily refer more potential clients to you if you’re able to convince them.

6.   Professional Photography

  • Whether you’re about to quit your job and searching for a sustainable stream of income – or  you’re simply looking to make extra money from the side, photography is a good business idea you can start with small capital.

There are many ways you can make money as a photographer. For example, you can develop yourself and become a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers make decent income from their craft. If you know your onions, you can land high-ticket clients. You can start a blog where you promote your work on it.

Another way to make money as a photographer is by taking beautiful photos and selling them on platforms such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and Getty Images. You’re paid a particular percentage each time people download paid images from the site.

7.   Mobile DJ

  • Music is loved and enjoyed by almost everyone and people pay professional DJs to light up their birthday parties and other occasions. If you’ve got the skill or are willing to learn it, then you can make good money as a mobile DJ. Fortunately, you can start this business without breaking a bank. Plus it’s also fun because music is life.

Programs like Traktor, Ableton, Scratch and others can help you develop your skill to become successful as a DJ. They provide you with the right resources you need to professionally mix songs and play good music at a party. You only have to invest in buying a quality mixer and other necessary tools needed to succeed in your craft.

What is the most profitable business you can start now?

When starting a business, you shouldn’t consider only the startup capital but how sustainable it is. All the businesses options in the list above can help you make money, but lead generation is highly profitable and easy to start.

Lead generation is a business model that’s come to stay. You get paid as long as businesses exist and are looking to expand their customer base. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and companies pay reasonably well to attract new customers while keeping the existing ones.

I have been able to build a flourishing business which enables me to make 4-5 figures consistently every month. I earn by helping local businesses to generate leads using Facebook ads. I came across this amazing business idea through a program called the Local Marketing Vault.

What’s The Local Marketing Vault?

  • The Local Marketing Vault is an easy to duplicate funnels and Facebook ads program that shows you how to build a profitable business by helping local companies to generate qualified leads. This program offers a fail-proof marketing strategy that lets you make 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.

LMV provides you with tested, proven and easy-to-implement strategies to easily generate leads. It comes in handy with high-converting pre-built funnels that allows you to fast-track your journey of running successful ads on Facebook.

You should check out LMV if you’re really serious about making easy and consistent passive income online. To read what people who’ve succeeded with the Local Marketing Vault are saying. Check the Best Local Marketing Vault Review >>>

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