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Top 5 Google Ad Trends To Watch Out for in 2021

google ad trends to watch out for in 2021

2021's Google Ad Trends to watch out for new businesses

Google is currently the global market leader in searches. It accounts for almost 91% of searches worldwide. Every second more than 60,000 queries are searched. In order to drive organic traffic to your website, Google is the platform you need to select for your PPC and Ad campaigns. 

Google frequently innovates and launches new features for users. It is in your best interest to be in touch with the latest Google Ad trends. Only then you can launch a successful Google Ads campaign. Read about the top 5 Google Ad trends for 2021 below: 

Discovery Ads

  • Google launched Discover in 2018. When a user is not searching, Discover appears as a newsfeed. It is personalized with content based on the user’s search patterns. This feed is accessible when a user opens Google mobile app or visits Google.com on his mobile phone. Content is displayed as cards and covers a wide range of topics that are relevant for the user. 

Discovery Ads appear in the Discover newsfeed. They feature an image carousel along with a brief description and a link. These ads are optimized for the mobile experience. Google uses machine learning to determine which Discovery Ad can be placed at what card in the Discover newsfeed. 

Smart Bidding

  • Google has introduced smart bidding with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Smart bidding helps users bid more efficiently for their PPC campaign. 

A user inputs his goals and budget requirements. Google then analyzes this information and provides bid options and strategies that can help the user meet their target more efficiently. 

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Gallery Ads

  • In 2019, Gallery Ads was introduced by Google. Gallery Ads are optimized for mobile, which means that they will show up when a user is searching for something on their mobile. 

Gallery Ads are placed at the top of the search results. They include an image carousel that can be swiped. They also include a static headline, URL, and a brief description. Advertisers are charged either when the user clicks on this ad or when they swipe the images. 

Google Lens Integration

  • Google Lens is an augmented reality application, launched a few years ago by Google. It comes as a standard feature in Google’s mobile app. Most Android handsets that have Google Photos come pre-equipped with this feature.

Google Lens is a visual search engine. It uses your phone’s rear camera to search for objects and landmarks. If an image is scanned using Google Lens it can provide additional information about the objects in that image. For example, an image containing food will bring back information such as nutrition charts, recipes, and sellers near you.

  • Advertisers can bring their static advertisements to life using augmented reality and Google Lens. Google is improving this feature as we speak.   

Voice Search

  • Google is exploring advertising possibilities in voice search. Voice-activated smart devices such as smart TVs, phones, speakers, and other appliances are becoming a standard item in most households. It is estimated that by 2030, more than 60% of US households will own a smart speaker like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. 

When voice search is used to search for something, ads can be made available to the user. Google is working on this and it will be made available soon. 

The world of advertising and marketing is changing fast. It is imperative that you keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. This knowledge will help you manage and run successful ad campaigns across different platforms. If you want to learn about PPC and Google Ads, we highly recommend taking an online course at Local Marketing Vault. They keep their course content up to date. Their team of specialists and qualified professionals will help you learn, design, and deliver the best PPC and Google Ads campaign. 

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