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An Unbiased Review Of Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Course 1

Updates 2022Does Sophie Howard's Blue Sky Amazon Course Still Work?

Making 6 to 7-figures online is not as easy as many business coaches have made it look. To be successful in your online hustle, you need a program with a blueprint that is proven to work and easy to duplicate, something like a ‘plug n play' model.

One of the most popular coaches on internet entrepreneurship today is Sophie Howard. Sophie is a 7-figure Amazon seller and highly reputable online business coach who’s designed a number of courses to guide people looking to make money online like you.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT an affiliate of Sophie Howard’s course(not trying to pitch you my link) so you can be pretty sure my review is as genuine as it can be.

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In this unbiased review, you will find out why Sophie’s coursesProduct University and Amazon (later rebranded as “Blue Sky Amazon” in November 3, 2019) are making waves on the internet.

You will also learn about some of the unique challenges of an FBA business and a viable alternative route that can start making you money as fast as possible.

Before diving right into the review of the courses, let’s talk about who Sophie Howard really is.

Without sounding mean, you would probably like this system because it gives you a “blueprint” that grows without 3 way calls or spamming your facebook friends!

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Who is Sophie Howard?

  • sophie-Blue Sky Amazon Course
    Original Source: https://i0.wp.com/s3.amazonaws.com/blueskyamazon.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/23014438/sophie-transparent.png?w=1080&ssl=1

    Sophie is a New Zealander born in the United Kingdom. She’s an experienced internet entrepreneur. Some years back, she created a platform known as Aspiring Entrepreneurs to train upcoming internet entrepreneurs. Today, she’s widely addressed as the Amazon selling Queen.

  • Sophie started her FBA business in 2014 while working part-time from home. This happened at a time when she was nursing a newborn baby. She realized it wasn’t going to be easy for her to handle both effectively. So, she hired a team of efficient virtual assistants. Within 18 months, she had succeeded in establishing a 7-figure ecommerce business on Amazon specializing mostly in tea products.

In 2016, she wrote a book titled Amazon Jetstream Income. The book features her selling experiences and promises to help you get started on Amazon. But to be honest, the book doesn’t provide enough meaningful information to help beginners. What you see is an extended sales pitch.

Sophie has been featured on a variety of podcasts since 2017. Her podcast with Augustus Kligys, the creator of Orange Klick was particularly insightful. It provided a lot of helpful advice to aspiring Amazon sellers.

About Sophie’s Courses

  • The Blue Sky Amazon Series is a set of two courses created by Sophie Howard. They make up 35 hours of video content.

Product University is divided into 6 modules while Amazon Navigator has 8 modules. The 14 modules are primarily focused on how mid-level sellers can create long-selling products. And scale using the service of VAs, sales funnels and online services like Feedback Genius. Although beginners too can benefit from the courses. But they will gain more if they already have an idea of how the Amazon FBA model works.

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Product University Course Review

Total Course Duration: 25 hours, 21 minutes and 12 seconds 

Module 1 – Foundation

Video Duration: 5 hours, 37 minutes and 50 seconds.

This model is designed to lay a solid foundation for the course. It is divided into four sessions and they cover aspects like:

  •       Introduction to the course
  •       Sophie’s resume
  •       Tips on how to develop a positive mindset for FBA success
  •       Annual plan or projection for the coming year
  •       Pros and cons of other business platforms such as retail arbitrage.

There’s also a discussion on building a sales funnel. And she shows you how she would create one. On a broad scale, this module contains valuable pieces of information. Although the thoughts and ideas appear to be haphazardly arranged.

Module 2 – Product Selection Strategy

Video Duration: 5 hours, 16 minutes & 41 seconds

  • Unlike coaches like Kevin David that teach you to select products that sell fast on Amazon. Sophie’s goal in this module is to teach her students to create products that are going to sell for a long time. Unique and highly exclusive products sell for a long time.

Module 3 – Basic of Sales Funnels

Video Duration: 5 hours, 24 minutes & 19 seconds

  • This module is divided into 4 sessions. The first session gives an overview of sales funnels and their components such as ads, lead magnets, etc. The second session provides strategies on how to set up a funnel using Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels.

The fourth session is divided into 3 subsections. The subsections focus on her new product’s funnel and chain plus a 30-minute Q & A.

Module 4 – Who will you hire to be your Virtual Assistant?

Video Duration: Time: 4 hours, 28 minutes & 20 seconds

  • This module is broken down to 3 sessions with all orbiting around how and where to hire VA’s. She starts by talking about when she started outsourcing work, the tasks she outsourced to VA’s and the challenges she faced with outsourcing.

She provides tips on how her students can hire VAs that add value to their online business. Most important, she provides valuable insight on where you can hire competent VA’s.

Module 5 – Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon

Video Duration:  5 hours, 16 minutes & 41 seconds

  • In this module, Sophie shares her experience of how she got started on Amazon. She intimates her students on the pros and cons of doing business on the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

She then walks them through the process of creating an Amazon seller account. After that, she gives advice on which business license to set up to protect their personal assets.

​This module captures the fundamentals of FBA and how you can get started whether you're a mid-level seller or a complete beginner. 

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Module 6 – Forgotten Product Sourcing Places

Video Duration: 42 minutes & 8 seconds

Here, Sophie reveals 8 different ways to uncover unique product sources. Among the sources she identifies are Amazon Catalogue Technique, Amazon Scroll and Search Technique, Browsing the Local Classifieds, Visiting Markets and Bazaars, etc.

Agreed, Sophie did a great job uncovering different strategies to get unique product ideas but this doesn’t make her course entirely extraordinary. Kevin David also talks about this in Module 1 of his course titled “FBA Ninja.”

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

In closing, Sophie shares how she has been able to create uncommon product ideas by combining business with pleasure when she goes on vacation.

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Amazon Navigator Course Review

Course Duration: 9 hours, 42 minutes and 16 seconds

Module 1 – Welcome

Video Duration: 32 minutes & 46 seconds

  • Making money from Amazon is not a walk in the park. New FBA sellers face lots of ups and downs, at least within the first 3-5 months of starting out. So, Sophie dedicates the first module of this course to encourage her students on the importance of developing a positive mindset. This, in her view, will go a long way in determining their success.

In addition, she speaks on the importance of setting goals. Sophie conveys a simple, yet actionable 3 steps to reaching your goal.

 Module 2 – What you don’t know About Branding

Video Duration: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes and 7 Seconds

  • This is the particular part that puts Sophie’s Blue Sky Amazon courses ahead of other FBA courses in circulation. Sophie clearly reveals her hard-to-beat branding strategy that has helped her to establish and sustain her multiple 7-figure online businesses. This strategy of hers makes it almost impossible for other sellers to copy and compete with the products she sells on Amazon.

So, you will learn what branding is, and how they can strategically position your product in the marketplace. Replicating Sophie’s winning branding strategy will sure make a difference in your selling business if well-implemented.

Module 3 – Finding Products that Sell for the Long-Term

Video Duration: 21 Minutes and 2 Seconds

  • One of the success secrets of Sophie Howard is her ability to discover products that sell for a long time. This is what you should emulate if you want to succeed in your FBA business.

In this module, Sophie provides in-depth insights on where she finds suppliers that are out of the public eye for unique and long-term products. She opens up on a number of countries she has developed strong business relationships with over time. They include Indonesia, Bali, India, United States, Thailand, among others.

Module 4 – Are your listings Pristine?

Video Duration: 1 Hour, 36 Minutes & 25 Seconds

In this module, Sophie walks her audience through the process of creating an appealing listing that draws the attention of prospective customers. She touches on areas covering title construction, product description writing, and so on.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  •       How to conduct keyword research
  •       How to create attractive titles for your products
  •       Techniques on how to create awesome offers
  •       The power of writing of your product

She emphasizes the need to create a product message that resonates with the millennials as they constitute a bulk of the world’s population.

Module 5 – Don’t Get Samples, Order the Entire Shipment

Video Duration: 19 Minutes & 19 Seconds

  • This is one of the shortest modules in the Amazon Navigator course. This module focuses on shipping, samples, and labeling. Sophie offers simple, practical and actionable advice on how you can make the shipping process very easy.

She identifies the biggest challenges with shipping and then provides ways to sidestep them. You will learn the three main ways you can ship your product to Amazon warehouse with less hassle. You will find out all these and more about shipping in this module.

Module 6 – Promoting the Sh*t out of your Product

Video Duration: 28 Minutes & 2 Seconds

  • Promotion is an integral part of any business, whether on or offline. In this module, Sophie covers five ways you can push your product to the market. She gives a hint on 7 key performance indicators you should track daily.

She also provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to set up your coupon codes. For example, Sophie advises that you should be careful to create a limited number of coupon codes. And also make sure the codes are not posted on the listing itself.

Module 7 – Maintaining Your Account

Video Duration: 40 Minutes & 12 Seconds

  • This module is focused on educating you to stay in control of your business. As a business owner, you want to set some key performance metrics you can monitor on a regular basis. In doing this, numbers are very important. For example, you want to know the profit margins of each of your products, understand the product that’s selling better, and so on.

Sophie dedicates this module to teach the dry tasks that every successful Amazon seller must perform to scale. For example, she talks about how you can generate Business Reports out of Seller Central, optimize customer management, handle worldwide money among others.

Module 8 – Scaling Beyond Amazon and Hiring VA’s

Video Duration: 1 Hour, 9 Minutes & 17 Seconds

  • In this last module, you will learn about how you can outsource the hardest parts of your work so that you can have time to grow your business. Specifically, Sophie encourages her students to employ the service of virtual assistants to make their Amazon selling experience as less hassling as possible. Also, she encourages expanding their business beyond Amazon.

IS The FBA Business Model Right For You?

Considering Sophie Howard’s reputation, it will sound really crazy for anyone to discredit or advise you against taking her course. First, she’s success personified having created multiple 7-figure businesses on Amazon in the last 6 years.  Also, her courses are far from being scam. But before you commit to any Amazon FBA course, here a few things you might have to consider:

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FBA business requires large upfront cost

How much do you think it will cost you to get started with Amazon FBA business?

To get started well on Amazon, you will need around $15-20k, that’s if you’re starting on a modest scale. Also, you have to pay for an FBA course. Sophie’s Sky Blue courses, for example, cost almost $3,500 when you pay once or four monthly payments of $995. This is by no means a small cost.

Also, you have to test a number of products before finding your winning product. This requires you to put up listings for different products at the same time. And then sift bestseller products from the ones with little demand.

This process involves a lot of time and money. So, you might have to think carefully and ask yourself if you really want to jump into Bezos’ ocean of uncertainty.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

FBA Business is complex

  • Amazon FBA comes with a lot of unique challenges. For example, you will be dealing with a myriad of professionals ranging from manufacturers to shippers, freight forwarders, regulating companies, governments, etc. This process is too complex for people that are only looking to earn passive income from the internet with little investment and limited time.

It doesn’t generate quick cash flow

  • Cash flow is another big challenge with the Amazon FBA business model. Many sellers (especially private label brand sellers) hire manufacturers in China to produce inventories for them.
  • Some of these factories charge around 25% of the total production cost upfront while you pay the balance when they’re done with production.

Production may take 1-2 months depending on the nature of the product (s) and quantity. After that, shipping (which involves custom clearance) can take 2 weeks or more before getting to Amazon warehouse. Looking at the process involved, it may take months before you start getting paid for the inventory you buy.

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Price war reduces profitability

  • The default response of many sellers who are facing stiff competition on Amazon is to lower their prices. When this happens, other sellers will be also forced to beat down their prices as well.
  • This could lead to cutting production cost which ultimately results in the sales of lower quality products, negative reviews from customers, and drop in sales.

Other challenges with Amazon FBA business include excessive competition, changing sales tax laws, category restrictions, irregular communication from Amazon, and so on.

What Is An Easier And Better Option?

  • Out of several programs I’d invested in, the Local Marketing Vault is the best so far (no bias). In fact, I wish I’d known about this program 10 years earlier but all the same, I’m excited I finally came across the opportunity. It has helped me to create a business that generates a steady stream of passive income for me.

Why is this a better model?

Business owners are continually looking to expand their customer-base. This puts the service of lead generation experts on high demand. LMV provides you with tested and proven strategies to effectively generate high quality leads for your clients.

LMV is your gateway to access simple pre-made funnels that enable you to easily generate leads. It’s a lot less hassle, and it helps build a constant in-flow of income. Your clients stick with you for as long as they keep getting leads.

Beside the tools and training you receive from the program, you also have access to over 5000 smart marketers in the group to partner with that are already running successful lead-gen businesses.

Another interesting thing about LMV is that it doesn't have a huge upfront investment cost like Amazon FBA. You really don’t have to break the bank to get started.

If you’re really serious about making passive income online, then you should give LMV a try.  Click here to learn more about Local Marketing Vault and how you can start making money with the system. You will also find a lot of success stories from members of the LMV community. Learn more here.

39 thoughts on “An Unbiased Review Of Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Course 1”

  1. Sophie Howard and the Knowledge Source is a SCAM!! They just keep taking out of your account hundreds of dollars with NO invoice!! SCAM!!!

    • Ouch what do you mean? They def cannot do that, so you would really need to get in touch with their support or have your bank stop payments. If your agreement was to pay that much a month then you signed up for it though. Not to sound rude, but I see a lot of people sign up for programs on payment plans, then they get mad when the money gets taken out… lol.. I don’t get it. Not saying that is you, but don’t let them do this again if you didn’t authorize it.

    • I did get my invoice right away and I did not get scammed, I am actually working with a coach already and learning a lot

    • This is definitely a scam- I concur with the previous person that commented. The author/reviewer should reconsider the rating given. The course has very dated content, it is most unprofessionally produced. She couldn’t even find a proper video camera to produce the content? She has simply collated some of her laptop recorded webinars and called it course content.
      But clearly very happy to charge top dollar. I am reasonably certain that many of the amazon courses are scams, and this one in particular.
      This woman should be dobed in to the ACCC or some other relevant authority. Poor unsuspecting people are forking our top dollar for this scam

    • It is indeed a scam
      I am also, soooo disappointed with this course, coming from a very humble background and trying to make something out of ourselves when I started seeing Sophie’s adverts on YouTube, how she in her own words says she’ll give us products to start with and guide us, knowing it was a new thing i went and shared the whole revelation with my fiancee and convinced him that we really needed to invest he was skeptical a bit then is started giving him links and all the info I got from Sophie’s emails that I’d signed up for then he was convinced and we used the £4000 that we had saved up for our wedding, moved the wedding forwards thinking we’d have more money and be set for life, all to our dismay we started paying half the amount and said we’d pay up in the following week since he was a bit doubtful, the way Sophie’s people harassed us wanting the other half and the way the coaches never bothered or followed up on us and our progress was appalling to say the least, at first one coach dismissed all the products he’d researched despite the fact that Sophie in her adverts said we’d be given a list of products to help us start up with, he sucked it up and researched but the coach was so dismissive, then he went on to request for a new coach since the first one was hardly interested in us, then went on to the second who didn’t seem well versed in the business he ended up letting us choose a product that wasn’t allowed to be sold since it had some restrictions yet we’d wasted more money on ordering samples from 2 different suppliers from May he’s never even come back to check on our progress i don’t know if that kind of treatment is worth paying £4000 for, now my fiancee is really hurt he’s ego, his pride is battered and I feel even worse cause am the one who convinced him to do it in the first place, I tried to get Sophie’s contact details so we can discuss the way forward or better yet get a refund even half the amount at least because we were left with nothing and yet didn’t get our money’s worth it just occurred to me that this may be the only way to get her or someone close to her to help us , I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their money on it honestly.

      • Hi Alan z,
        I’m going to assume you have purchased this program and lost money ???
        Please share how the program scammed you, as I am interested in beginning a FBA program.

      • I paid for the Sophie Howard course and found it so not worth $3000. On one video she was like “so let’s look at Helium 10”. Turns out Helium 10 has a course that’s 10 times better and it comes with a monthly subscription (about $100 per month) to Helium 10 which is a suite of usable tools for selling on Amazon. $3000 to garbage. Wish I knew of Helium 10 before giving money to SH. Oh and the coach I had was a joke. Talked to her twice. Waste of time.

    • Hi Patty. I’m looking at joining and would like to know how you’re doing with the course and and success/ failures…

  2. I paid to get the book and the masterclass about a week ago and I am still waiting to receive my ebook. I want to see what I paid for before going forward.

  3. These guys are scammers of the worst kind, the course content is not worth the money you will spend.
    Please reconsider your rating writer.

  4. Anyone who buys stuff for $1 and sells it for $21 is a thief. Yeah, you can say she’s smart, but I say she’s just a thieving ripoff CLINT!

  5. Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky is an over priced course without much value. You can get better information from YouTube for free.

  6. I purchased this course. It has the right idea, but my discounted amount was $3,600 to learn everything I had to cross reference on You Tube. Feels like a pyramid scheme. You get 3 coaching calls. Most coaches seem put out dealing with questions. I got one coach that amazing as far as answering questions, going over products and teaching. The FB page has minimal interactions. Content is disorganized, hard to follow and not true to Amazon selling. I’ve never seen Sophie post on it.
    I paid $99 FBA Mastermind for another course after this and got more information, it was organized and the person Pat Harris is responsive and is realistic and honest about the details and costs selling on Amazon. It definitely is not a get rich platform. You have to put out a lot of time, blood, sweat and probably some tears. I’m 9 months, l into the process, 1 month into launch and over 12k in with no return. Some people over 40k with none. It obviously works for some but not a get rich quick gig.
    Part of this is the high costs Amazon charges to sale on their platform and really picking a good product, not competitive, that is speciality made or different than others.
    $39.99 seller fee monthly
    On a product that sales for $39.99, FBA fee is $15.00 (based off weight/cost) cost of product $18.00.
    Storage fee monthly based off how much they’re storing.
    Most of the time you do not get organic sales, so advertising is minimum of $10-20 per day to get your product in front of buyers.

  7. I just realized they have been deducting $37.00 from my account every 2 weeks when I only signed up for the free trial for the same amount. I don’t know or not sure if I provided my bank account info. Crap! I just retired and am looking to start my own online business but don’t want to fall in this trap again. I wish I could go under somebody’s wing first and then see if it is what I am looking for first or maybe pay a small amount as I am on limited income. Can anyone help out there? Don’t even try to take advantage of me just because I said all of the above please!

      • I got my ebook (Amazon jetstream income) but it had very similar content to her Amazon Income video. I also got the bonus ebook on 101 big money Amazon products but it was just a link to different categories in Amazon and the 100 top sellers for each category. This is to give you ideas on what is selling well.

      • Hi C.J I’m looking at joining the course and have noticed the start up price rise so quickly… From $3000 last yr to now over $4900 this year.. I would like to discuss with you your success and if you are still supportive of the business. Cheers

  8. Thank you for your review. This review confirmed my gut reaction to the over-hyped marketing plugs I’ve received from IMA when I peeked into one of their webinars. IMA may have worked for some, but it will not be my choice.

  9. Wow some folks are really feeling bad about Sophie Howard. I have to say that I took a deep breath before I committed to $4,000 for a course, but I’m glad I did it. I have learned so much about Amazon and the internet selling community in general. I am still in the process of getting an effective account up and running but I know I would not have a clue had I not taken the Blue Sky course. I would caution anyone investing however, not to go to the next step (another $10K) to get the exclusive training – I think they need to work out the finer details before that’s worth the price. But, I do trust Sophie and her team – they are not perfect professionals, but they are caring and really want to help people succeed in the Amazon business. I believe if you do what they tell you, you’ll get results. Nothing is guaranteed, but they are there to assist.

  10. I tried the Blue Sky Academy platform. And after 4 days I decided not to move forward with the program and requested a full refund of my 4000 dollars. And I couldn’t get my refund as promised by Sophie Howard. And after that they turned around and asked me to pay another 10,000 plus 100 a month for AX10 program to get special attention in building a Amazon Drop Shipping business. I just want my money back and to move forward in another platform outside of Blue Sky Academy. I to this day have not recieved help and my refund. I need my money back ASAP. Sophie contact me directly about how I get my refund.

  11. Helpful review but how do you come up with this statement?? “To get started well on Amazon, you will need around $15-20k”…. PLUS the FBA course with Sophie. I don’t see how you could come up with that. People invest like $300 on product and get started…

  12. I think the people complaining here thought Blue Sky would be a get rich quick scheme. It’s not. It requires studying, strategy and time to grow your business. If I go to law school and can’t pass the bar exam, that doesn’t mean going to school was a “scam”. It means I didn’t go to class or if I did, I didn’t pay attention or study properly. Perhaps law school wasn’t for me. Amazon is not for everyone.

    I signed up for Blue Sky about 10 months ago and launched my first product in November. Things are going very well for me. FYI, my initial investment on my product was about $800 and Sophie teaches students to launch with a small quantity to keep your financial risks down. I don’t know why someone would lose 20K launching their first product if they follow the course. I personally know someone who joined around the same time I joined who has grossed 65k since launching this past autumn. I know I’ll get there soon too!

    There are many approaches to selling on amazon and of course you can use Helium 10’s lessons or watch youtube videos, but those methods are different than Sophie’s. My opinion is nothing replaces the one-on-one coaching the course offers. Nothing. Free youtube videos that anyone can watch vs personalized coaching with a successful seller…hmmm

    Are there guarantees? Nope! But I’m willing to bet bad reviewers didn’t follow the program. I’m personally very happy I joined BlueSky and plan on replacing my regular income within a year or so.

    Lastly, I’d like to point out that at no time does Sophie or any of the coaches ever say they will “find products” for students to sell. The course teaches you HOW to find your own products.

  13. It does seem quite naive to pay someone $3000 to teach you how to get rich. She actually demonstrates it by her invoice right there.

  14. Of COURSE it’s a scam. I listened to the whole 2-ish-hour introduction (marketing pitch) video, and it was full of gross exaggerations and outright lies. The time required to be spent on things, the ease of coming up with ideas, the costs of out-sourcing, the likelihood of high-selling items, and statements along the lines of “nobody else knows about it”, the list goes on.
    Con-artist, scammer, rip-off artist, do you really want to nit-pick over the description?

    She bases her New-Zealand-focused operation out of Australia, so that she avoids legal liability for her failure to comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act, etc.

    Anybody who thinks there’s anything ethical about how she goes about her business is gullible, naive, or stupid.


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