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Amazon Axes Commission Rates For Amazon Associates Program:What’s Next?


Is This The Death Of Amazon Associates Program?

In case you missed it, the e-commerce giant, Amazon on Tuesday announced that starting from April 21 that commission rates will be cut for its affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

  • This decision is coming amidst the current deadly Corona Virus pandemic ravaging the world which has put millions out of work across the globe. The commission slash is a huge blow to a lot of affiliate marketers and bloggers whose primary monetization strategy is recommending products on Amazon to their audience. This cut could see a lot of people lose up to 50% of their earnings.

For perspective, the beauty niche had the biggest commission rate, paying up to 10% per sale in the old scheme. Amazon has now slashed commission on beauty products to a measly 3%. Yea, you read that right. 3 friggin percent!

Commission rates on Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, and Pets Products got slashed from 8% to 3%.

You can learn more about what’s changed and the new commission rate for each category here.

These were the two biggest categories in terms of commission rates for Amazon Associates. What this slash means is that it is now even harder for Affiliates to make a full time income with Amazon and people who want to stick with Amazon must now put in more work and drive X4 traffic to earn anything remotely close to their previous earnings.

Although some people believe that this decision is only temporary, all indications show that the changes are permanent. While many affiliates are still reeling in shock, the smart ones are already switching to other affiliate networks that offer higher commission rates.

Are You Safe If You Are An Amazon FBA Seller?

  • Well, you might be thinking that this doesn’t affect you because you run Amazon FBA. Yea, you are probably safe for now. But you cannot tell what will happen tomorrow. Bezos might wake up and implement a policy that will hit FBA sellers and crush their income.
  • You really cannot tell what crazy decision Bezos will make next. These things are unpredictable. However, one thing is certain, if your business is built on a platform you don’t own, like Amazon, then you need a plan B so you don’t get caught unawares if things go south.

Don’t get me wrong, if Amazon is currently working for you, I’m not asking you to dump it for something new. What I’m saying is that you need to create an alternative income stream that is independent of Amazon. This is how to attain true financial independence.

What Do I Recommend As An Alternative Income Stream?

One of the easiest businesses you can do and earn 4-5 figures monthly is Lead Generation. With Lead Generation, you work directly with local businesses, helping them generate qualified leads while they pay you 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.

One of the cool things about lead generation business is that it can be fully automated, if you have the right systems in place. You simply have to connect with local businesses and let them know you can help them attract more customers. Businesses are continually looking for ways to acquire new customers so they’d be happy to pay someone that brings customers to them.

I can confidently tell you that making 5 figures monthly helping businesses generate leads is really easy. I know this because I have been doing this for a few years now. I make a full time income online generating qualified leads for local businesses.

I have an easy to duplicate and effective Funnels and Facebook Ads system that helps me to consistently acquire new leads without stress. You can learn exactly how this system works by going Here.

1 thought on “Amazon Axes Commission Rates For Amazon Associates Program:What’s Next?”

  1. Thank you for what seems to be an honest review of Amazon and Sophie Howard’s training classes. It certainly is an eye opener! Which I truly appreciate as I’m going to be 70 at the end of Sept. I consider myself to be a youthful 70….is there such a thing? I have limited funds to invest and I NEED TO MAKE AN INCOME AS WELL! I’m really thinking deeply now.

    Thanks for honestly sharing your business experience. It’s been much appreciated.

    Julie Ericksen


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