I’m going to talk about Jeunesse today, which is possible one of the most spread out skincare MLM’s on the market. The whole company became hot stuff after they launched a miraculous skin cream that consumers loved so much, they started buying it like crazy.

They have science to back this up! Their products actually seem to make a difference, which is astounding for skincare in general. Asides from the skin cream, they also have an Instantly Ageless product which is supposed to reduce puffiness around the eyes and also finish off wrinkles.

I’ve read that experts have left glowing recommendations for Jeunesse, with some predicting that the entire anti-aging cosmetics market will be worth about $192 billion by 2019. Jeunesse is not unique in its promises to reverse aging, but it is one of the MLM’s that is doing better in terms of product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Doctors have personally been endorsing the company all ways. Dr. Doris reviewed the Instantly Ageless product and said, “It causes instant, but temporary tightening and smoothing of the under eye area that can last anywhere from two to eight hours.”

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But you’re not here to see if you can reduce your aging signs and symptoms. You want to know if you ca earn some money by signing up with Jeunesse. Let’s look at what Jeunesse offers their consumers and go into their main selling points to answer your questions.

There are three main ‘breakthroughs’ that Jeunesse products seem to sell. These are:

  1. Stem cell research
  2. DNA repair technology
  3. Antioxidants

I’ll go into each of these in more detail and explain what they’re all about. Stem cell research has long been known for reversing the aging process. The idea here is that new healthy cells are introduced to your skin and they replace old, aging ones. This is supposed to help your skin stay elastic and supple for a longer time, ensuring you won’t have wrinkles till much later.

Dr. Nathan Newman is a world-renowned expert dermatologist who is well known for his special facelifts. These lifts are done using stem cell technology. The cells are taken from the patient’s fat cells and then he injects them into areas of the face that require a lift.

Jeunesse-review0logoHe has worked closely with Jeunesse to create a topical treatment that can actually have the same effect but will be an at home application. It’s supposed to be super easy and convenient. It’s called Luminesce.

Even though there are no solid proofs showing if the cream works, other experts have said it’s very likely that it will. The fact that stem cells definitely help reverse the aging process is true: the cells serve to create new collagen and blood vessels and this in turn leads to younger skin. At this time however, stem cell research is still in its early phases and much more has to be found out about it.

The second breakthrough is DNA repair technology. All of Jeunesse’s anti aging products rely heavily on DNA repair. This is because scientists have a theory that over time, DNA gets damaged, leading to older thicker looking skin.

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Even though humans do regenerate new skin, it just doesn’t come out as young as before. And this is a sign of damaged DNA, which becomes more apparent as humans age. In technical terms, DNA becomes damaged when the ‘end caps’ on genes start to become overused. Jeunesse’s technology works to restore and repair these end caps which is how DNA becomes healthy.

In theory, this could work. However, there still needs to be more research on the subject. Jeunesse introducted an enzyme called Telomerase which can effectively repair damaged DNA end caps. However , this has not been significantly tested which is why consumers believe Jeunesse’s stem cell products are much more effective than their DNA repair.

Jeunesse also offers antioxidant products. While they have a variety of these in their portfolio, there is one called Reserve that stands out and is a best seller. The antioxidant contained in this is called Resveratrol and this is taken out of red grapes.

Even the National Institute of Health admits that this products can fight aging because it boosts longer life for skin cells. Cells are provoked to produce more energy, leading them to stay younger for a longer time.

However, it is unclear whether a topical treatment would be effective in this case since resveratrol doesn’t really stay in the body long enough to produce enough difference. It passes quickly through the bloodstream and doesn’t make any magic happen.

While Jeunesse’s main selling point seems to be their stem cell products, consumers are happy with them. However, if you’ve signed up to make money from their company as a marketer, I can tell you some better ways to earn well for yourself.

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