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Notes from Felix Dennis’ “How To Get Rich”

I picked up a copy of Felix Dennis’ book, “How To Get Rich” and found a lot of cool things in there that you could definitely use. He majorly talks about the pathway to fame and success and how a lot of it is about persistence and perseverance.

Here are all the important points that you should read, write and memorize if you want to become a millionaire!

Own your business and don’t split it

This is a big deal. It's something that Dennis has put up time and again. And he doesn't pull any punches: to be able to fight for more justice was the root of it. You're getting rich by creating giant companies, selling them, and bursting your net worth right through the roof. Whereas, when you're handing away money like sweets, everyone's getting a bit, at best. Own a 100% of your own company because that’s the only way to do it!

Learn to distribute the workload

Find, recruit, educate, and develop the best talent. And let them take care of the heavy lifting. You can't do that all on your own. I mean, if you're developing an internet company, it's tempting. But I have made that mistake so many times before. Felix is right, of course. Both of my seven-figure firms had teams of professional independent contractors employed around the clock. Hey, you need a team to produce high volumes of work, right? Right!

Spend more to make more

Actual firms are investing billions on promotions and advertisement. So those who win expand the market not a bit, but a lot. You need to be spending lots to be able to earn lots.

Research the heck out of your product

As Felix Dennis just told us, there's nothing wrong with trying to be quick with what you do (you should) but being the best at what you do needs to come first. Exceptional research makes fast development possible. When your product is an afterthought, production will never get off the table. So do your research and make sure you know what you’re going to sell.

Laugh at your wealth

People who are super wealthy, Dennis says, are only momentarily hanging on to their fortunes. No one has a permanent net worth of it. It's just stolen from other wealthy people. And when your time on Earth is over? You can say bye to all your billions. They're lent to strangers and they don’t belong to you anymore. So, mind that. The money isn’t going to be yours forever so enjoy your money making journey while you can!

Don’t quit or be afraid

Competition, poor chances, guilt, humiliation, hard work, long hours, loss, even success. It's just weird. Yet you don't have a say. You've got to face it head-on.

Don’t let negativity seep in

Just stay positive. Negative thoughts are not going to get you anywhere, especially if you want to make money. You have to attract the things you want, otherwise you’ll never get where you want to be!

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