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Randall Pich Net Worth

randall pich net worth 2021
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Everything you need to know about Randall Pich Net Worth

Randall Pich is an American entrepreneur, personal trainer, bodybuilder, and social media personality who has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of March 2021.  He is the founder and former owner of the apparel company Live Fit. 

Here are some more interesting facts about Randall Pich;

Early Life and Education

  • Randall Pich was born in Long Beach, California on the 7th of February, 1988. Both of his parents were refugees from Cambodia. Pich graduated from Wilson High School in 2007. During his time in high school, Pich had a great passion for graphic designing and art. After graduating, Pich attended Cal State Long Beach which was a public university in the Long Beach area. 

While he was attending Cal State, Pich became a personal trainer at a personal fitness gym called Bally Total Fitness in California. During this time he also started designing t-shirts and opened a t-shirt store with a close friend. His t-shirt store became very popular and the demand for his shirts grew faster than he had originally anticipated. That is why in 2010 when he had only 6 credit hours left to complete his degree in business and finance Pich dropped out of Cal State to start his own company. 

Creating LVFT

  • After dropping out of Cal State, Pich started his own company by the name Live Fit. Apparel LLC or LVFT in May 2010. He initially started this company to design clothes just for his client but with the help of social media, his t-shirt brand became popular among his regular followers, and because of this today his company has clients worldwide and his clothes are worn in places like Malaysia, Australia, Sweden, and America. 

In addition to LVFT, Pich is also the founder of Cloud X which is a luxury eyewear company that designs custom glasses and shades on order. Furthermore, he is also the founder of Top Threads which is another clothing company.

Success on YouTube

In addition to his clothing brands, Pich also started a YouTube channel on March 16th,2013. As of March 2021, the channel has 68k subscribers and almost 5 million overall views. The most popular video on his channel has more than 800k views.

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