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Stunna 4 Vegas Net Worth

stunna 4 vegas net worth
image courtesy – xxlmag.com

Khalick Antonio Caldwell, also known as Stunna 4 Vegas, is a rapper and has a net worth of 1.3 million dollars. Want to know how he got all that money? Keep on reading to learn about his success story!

  • Stunna 4 Vegas was on January 1, 1996. He was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina. In his childhood, he was always interested in playing some sports and getting into trouble.

He started rapper when he was 18 years old, and after four years of rapping he finally did a feature on DaBaby’s song ‘Animal’. This song was a huge success, which is why he got signed to DaBaby’s label known as Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

  • After joining this record label, Stunna 4 Vegas completed a course in business to get to know all about it before getting into recording music and videos. 

He believes that his music career won’t ever collapse because he is highly motivated to provide for his family, he got mentored by DaBaby and he has got an amazing manager.

  • According to him, the biggest misconception of the public about him is that he is also one of those ‘too tough rappers’, while in reality, he doesn’t care about all those things at all. All he cares about is earning money, that’s it. 

So, where did Stunna 4 Vegas get his stage name? For as long as Stunna can remember, he has been called ‘Stunna’ and the name ‘Vegas’ came based on the way he spends his life as it resembles Sin City.

  • He is a person who lives his life by taking chances and risks. In short, he has been living a reckless life, which is why he goes by the name Stunna 4 Vegas. 

Even though Stunna is a millionaire now, but Mcdonald’s is still his move favorite place to eat. He is trying to spend his money smartly now since he blew 100,000 dollars in the initial days of his career. 

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