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Mark Manson Net Worth

mark manson net worth
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Everything you need to know about Mark Manson Net Worth

Mark Manson is an author, blogger, and internet entrepreneur. He is a very famous author and as of 2019 he has written three books and they were the New York Times bestsellers one of them being The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. His books sold over 13 million copies across the globe. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2021. Here are some facts about Mark.  

 Early Life and Career

  • Mark was born in Austin, Texas, and was raised there. Later he moved to Boston, Massachusetts for his higher education and graduated from the University of Boston in 2007 with a finance degree. He never put that degree to use and instead went on to pursue something else that he wanted. 
  • He started his own blog after graduating that helped men pick girls honestly. After some time off from blogging, he wrote a book called Models that proved to be fruitful for him.
  • He was making money but not enough and was far from becoming a millionaire at this point. Still, that didn't stop him from going farther.  
  • He knew that he had a skill at hand and writing was his gift so he decided to stop giving out dating advice and launched MarkManson.net on which he has been blogging ever since. 
  • There are millions of readers on this website who check in every day to read more about what he has to say about personal development, culture, life, love, success, and much more. 
  • Hungry readers always fish for interesting content and Mark has always proved to be a good writer attracting thousands and millions of people to his website on a daily basis. 

Life as an Author

Mark's website offers subscriptions to people on audiobooks, online courses, a video library, members-only articles, commentary on past work, and exclusive interviews and meetups. 

  • His first book Models was published sometime in 2011. This book was later reissued in Australia in 2017. 
  • His second book The Subtle Art of Not giving a fuck was published in 2016. This book was one of the New York Times bestsellers. People around the globe bought this book and learned some very important and valuable lessons from it. Up Till date this book has been in the top 10 for more than 175 weeks and has sold more than 12 million copies. 
  • In this book, he has tried to put forward the concept that humans are flawed and not perfect and there are so many times when things go wrong. He has advised people to know and learn about their limitations and accept them. To embrace who you really are. 
  • Mark's third book Everything is fucked was published in 2019. It also topped at Number one in the New York Times Best Sellers. 
  • Because of his passion for writing and the great skill that he had at hand he was offered to write the autobiography with Will Smith about Will’s life in October 2018. 
  • He has never shied away from writing and released an audiobook in December 2020 titled Love is not Enough. This audiobook was released on Audible. 
  • For those people who are having a hard time running their businesses, Mark is the man to study and read about. He has given and devised lots of ways for young teenagers who try to make money on the internet by writing.


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