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Linguamarina Net Worth

linguamarina net worth
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Everything you need to know about Linguamarina Net Worth

Marina Mogilko commonly known as “Linguamarina” is a YouTuber and online coach who has three Youtube channels and approximately 4 million subscribers. She is originally from Saint Petersburg but she moved to California to pursue her dreams and choose a career for herself. She has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million as of 2021. Here are some facts about Marina and how she worked hard for everything she has achieved.  

Early Life and Career

  • Marina Mogilko is originally from Saint Petersburg and was born on 13 March 1990. Later she moved to California to run her Business. Marina, commonly known as Linguamarina, has approximately 4 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel. 
  • She uploaded her first video on her channel back in 2014. She added lifestyle trips and vlogs along with investing tips that her followers could get used to. Today that channel (Maria Mogilko) has 1.28 million subscribers. 
  • Next came the channel which is titled “Linguamarina which is the most popular channel among the rest of her channels. It has approximately 3.06 subscribers as of 2021. 
  • Last but not least Marina launched another channel under her name which was titled Silicon Valley Girl. This channel was launched to talk about business and also to discuss her life in Silicon Valley. The channel has 404K subscribers as we speak. 

Youtube Success 

  • In the words of Marina “I just experimented and tried things” she says about her success on Youtube. “And I think whenever you do top 10, Youtube loves those videos.” 
  • She makes a lot of money through Ad revenues as well as different courses and topics that she covers some of which are “How to make money off youtube.”; “How to grow on youtube.” etc. She also uploads videos on Youtube that help those people who can't speak the English language.  
  • She also got a VC Backed company which is called LinguaTrips, it is an abroad booking platform for language travel, it also contains online classes in which you can learn different languages. 
  • Marina has been entrepreneurial since a very young age, she became an Avon Representative and would sell MLM giant’s makeup products to her teachers. She sold so many makeup products that she earned at least $1000 every month.
  • Years later when she was in college, she had only 300$ to her name, there the idea struck her, and Marina along with their then-boyfriend started LinguaTrip. Their first clients were her friends who they would send abroad to travel and also learn other languages. 
  • After that, a few other investors breathed life into the company but she thought that the only way she could attract more customers was through Youtube and hence she started her own Youtube channel called LinguaTrips 

How does Marina make money?

  • In her interview with Graham Stephan and his partner Jack she revealed some of her income streams. She revealed that Ad revenue from all three Youtube channels is approximately $17,000 per month. 
  • Apart from that, she has a Physical book that she sells for seven bucks and through that, she makes around $10,000 every month. 
  • After that, there are plenty of paid partnerships that accumulate to $30,000 per month. Then comes the salary that she earns from LinguaTrip but that she didn't disclose. 
  • So if we combine all her income streams she earns approximately 100 grand every month. She further revealed that she spends about 25% of her salary every month. That includes traveling first class and also staying at 5-star hotels. 

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