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Lil Wayne

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Rapper and businessman Lil Wayne has a net worth of around $133 million! Here are some fun facts about them in case you wanted to know!

  • He was only eight years old when he wrote his first rap song!
  • His real name isn’t Lil Wayne. It’s Dwayne Jr. but he changed it to Wayne as an insult to his dad
  • He used to perform in plays when he was in school and was also an honors student
  • He tried to kill himself when he was 12. He shot himself in the chest and narrowly missed his heart
  • He dropped out of school to pursue music!
  • He got chosen by Cash Money Records because he would call and leave freestyle rap songs on their answering machine
  • Nirvana is one of his greatest influences in music
  • ..lil guy also has a tattoo. Yikes!
  • Apparently, he reads the Bible on the regular
  • He’s been known to suffer from epilepsy and has regular seizures. He has almost died a couple of times because of this

So there you go: some fun Lil Wayne facts to keep you entertained!

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