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Kunal Desai Net Worth

kunal desai net worth
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Everything you need to know about Kunal Desai net worth

Kunal Desai is an extremely successful investor and founder of Bulls on Wall Street. He has created the Bulls Boot camp and has been featured in numerous podcasts. His net worth is roughly $9 million. Let's dive into his success story and which qualities led him to where he is today.

  • Kunal Desai's date of birth is April 11, 1987, and was born in Northville, MI. He is a stock trader, trainer, and entrepreneur. Kunal Desai started trading stocks around 2002 when he was in college. His company Bulls on Wall Street teaches individuals how to trade. The courses prices can range from a few dollars to thousands depending on how in-depth you wish to learn

Kunal Desai, unfortunately, did not graduate college in time due to a trading mistake. After he eventually graduated, he had difficulty in finding a job as his resume did not have much. Also, his degree was in communication as he was in a hurry to graduate. Eventually, he originated a job as a door-to-door salesboy where he worked extremely hard. Around this time his major ‘NO' came out.

  • Kunal Desai had the motivation to become successful and right around when Twitter opened he decided to build his own business. People started following and focusing on his tweets and his followers increased. In just a small period of time his company started to earn over a million dollars a year. Ever since that day his company kept on improving.

Kunal Desai shares that the biggest lesson he learned was to work with people with similar values as you. He rose from not graduating on time to building his own company generating a million dollars per year. He serves as an inspiration for all individuals to never give up and hard work pays off

  • Kunal Desai, due to his success in the stock market was been present in many podcasts and has also been covered in the Huffington Post, BroBible, and many more publications. He has many lifestyle posts on his social media and regularly attends podcasts and media circuits. He has his own hedge fund and serves as an investor and advisor for a company he co-founded

Kunal Desai’s journey teaches us not to give up when life puts you down. Even though he graduated college late, he did not allow that to put him down. His journey is one of perseverance, motivation, and persistence. He serves as a role-model to individuals all over the world and continues to teach and inspire future traders.

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