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Justin Tse Net Worth

justin tse net worth 2021
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Everything you need to know about Justin Tse Net Worth

Justin Tse is an online influencer and social media entrepreneur born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, which is located on the far left side of Canada. Justin Tse has a net worth of $2 million as of December 2020. Here are some more interesting details about one of the most successful entrepreneurs 

Early Life and Career

  • Justin Tse was born in Victoria, British Columbia on May 8th,1997, which is located on the far left side of Canada, one can imagine his parents heading to Timmies every morning to grab breakfast. 
  • Justin started making YouTube videos around age 12 and ever since he has been unstoppable in creating content
  • Today he has 633K subscribers on YouTube who tune into his channel for his take on tech, fashion, and lifestyle. 

Justin is obsessed with travel, tech, sports, visual media, building his business, and chatting with other ambitious entrepreneurs. He is thankful that he gets to make a living doing what he loves every day. 

How does Justin Tse make money?

  • Justin co-owns Dangerfield, a retail store in downtown Victoria which sells high-quality menswear such as hoodies, overcoats, shorts, jackets along with other accessories like leather credit card holders, scarfs, backpacks, and wallets. 
  • Justin also co-owns i-Setup which is an Instagram feed and it has risen to fame becoming the largest hub on the internet for minimalist workplace inspiration. They post pictures of cool-looking workplaces and equipment monetizing it with affiliate links and brand deals. 
  • More recently he launched his own Feature podcast, he hosts different other Youtubers, influencers, industry experts, small business owners, and artists where he talks to them about content, money, technology, travel, style, and more. 

If we combine all of the three revenue streams, Justin Tse is earning multiple seven-digit revenues, per year. 

 What Justin has to say about his business success 

  • Reflecting on his success Justin has to say “It has been an incredible journey that would need a novel to document, yet I am confident (and hopeful) that we are still on the first page.”
  • “I am sitting in a basement office that I created and funded myself with all the latest technology products. This decade has been filled with experiences such as being able to check out the hottest gadget first, teaming up with the brands that I love, being flown to LA to witness the private jet unveiling, and back home to [be] interviewed by the largest Canadian networks CBC, CTV and Global Network.   

He further added that as a millennial he feels that he has already witnessed so much progression in such a short time but the excitement comes with knowing that we have barely scratched the surface of technological breakthrough.

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