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Eben Pagan Net Worth

eben pagan net worth
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Everything you need to know about Eben Pagan net worth

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur and business visionary who has a story worth telling. As of 2020, Eben Pagan's current net worth is about $20 million. Read on to know more about what life had at hand for him. 

  • Eben Pagan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 5th December 1971. He started out as a real estate agent and mortgage broker. But over a decade ago, after seeing a friend doing amazing work in online marketing with info products. He wasted no time modeling this trend. The eBook Double Your Dating was its first major hit. It launched a profitable company for Pagan, which ultimately earned him millions of dollars. 

After eight disappointing years as a mortgage broker and agent, he discovered marketing and found that he had good communications abilities and excelled at “communicating value.” Gradually, he began a consultancy firm, helping real estate and mortgage firms improve their marketing and sales divisions.

  • He plunged into the early internet craze in 2001 and wrote an e-book, “Double Your Dating,” under the pseudonym David DeAngelo, and his e-book did very well. From here, his game was on! Pagan refined his marketing and distribution processes over the next few years. That tiny little eBook skyrocketed into a multi-million dollar web company with 75 virtual workers spread all over the world.

Man Transformation, Advanced Dating, and Meeting Women Online include some of his services. The work from Pagan was highly rewarded in the world by men. Together with his partner, Annie Lalla, he becomes a member of The Syndicate” industry community that uses digital marketing to promote self-help goods online.

  • Pagan's key aspect in marketing is creating a unique trust between him as a brand and his viewers. His communication surpasses anyone in this market. He gains the trust of his viewers by saying terms like “I might not be able to answer all the questions” and “one should not blindly believe me…” the way he says these terms instantly make him a good figure in front of the viewers. 

He talks to his potential customers, his viewers, about getting his paid courses and teaching them some valuable lessons. His marketing strategies and his online presence create an unlimited opportunity for success. 

  • Pagan is also recognized as the author of many informational items, including Self-Made Wealth, Making Money As A Modern Day Guru and Print Masterclass. He developed a huge following in Dating and in Internet Marketing through his charming attitude and flawless rhetoric and teaching understanding.

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