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Comprehensive Notes From Ray Edwards’ book, “How To Write Copy That Sells”

copy-that-sells-ray-edwardsCopywriting, an extension of ads, is the most important and basic entrepreneurial talent you can acquire. You can't make as much money as copywriting any other skill. And a lot of advertising gurus know this very well. The rule is: it’s copywriting that makes you rich. This has been outlined fully in Ray Edwards book, which I will be going into today.

The PASTOR framework

One of the most important concepts in the book is this framework. Let’s take a deeper look at it below.

  • Person, Pain: Identify to whom you speak, the question you solve and the pain they feel
  • Amplify: Consider what will happen if the issue in question remains unsolved
  • Story and Solution: Talk about someone who has solved the issue you’re having at an earlier point. Hear the story and identify the solution
  • Transformation, Testimony: set out the specifics of your ask and use testimonials to support your argument.
  • Offer: explain just what you are selling, but concentrate more on making the sale than the eventual outcome
  • Respond: ask them to shop/buy with clear directions on what they should do next

The Sales Letter

The book then dives deep into what constructs the perfect sale letter, and gives a lot of information about structure, tone and more. This is a good passage to sift through if you want to understand the in-depth structure of a meticulous and persuasive sales letter.

The Perfect Headline

Here’s what the perfect headline encompasses, according to Edwards:

  • Talks about a singular big idea
  • Shows the audience the prospects
  • Gives readers a reason to read on
  • Establishes integrity for the product

What Customers Hate

customers hateHere he goes deeper into what makes prospective and current buyers hate the whole process of shopping even more than losing money down the road. These are the points he address:

  • Customers hate having to undergo unnecessary hassle to get a refund for a purchase
  • They also hate stressing over what they have to buy so you must make their decisions easy
  • They hate feeling foolish, so make sure what you’re selling actually does what’s advertised
  • They also hate having to regret their buying decisions so make sure they’re not in this space

Closing Copy

Edwards’ gives important tools to address your important closing copy. He stresses on the fact that sometimes, you will need to hold your buyers’ hands and guide them to make the purchase decision. He mentions that buyers can often come at a crossroads in terms of purchasing and when this happens, you can help them out by leading them one way or another.

So there you have it! Edwards has put down a comprehensive and easily accomplished plan of how to write compelling copy and make sure you sell the products that you’re trying to push.

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