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Affiliate Institute Review: A Rebranded Scam or A Legit Affiliate Marketing Program?

Are you thinking of joining the Affiliate Institute but want more information about the program before going ahead with your plan? If this sounds like you, then you want to read my Affiliate Institute review to the end.

While you probably have been told to stay upbeat about opportunities and life generally, it’s also extremely important to consider the validity of every information or to be sure you're heading the right way.

Why Am I Writing This Review?

affiliate-ideas-One, I love helping people to make well-informed decisions about online business opportunities through my regularly updated, and unbiased course/program reviews.

As a digital entrepreneur myself, I know how overwhelming and challenging it can be to start and grow your business. Worse even, there are several wannabe “pros” and “gurus” out there who try to lure newbies (and even experienced people) into their programs without letting their would-be students know what the course is really about until they make payment.

The dishonesty among many course creators and online marketers have misled a lot people into paying thousands of dollars for programs that failed to yield positive outcomes or delivered subpar results.

Regarding the Affiliate Institute, I’d taken my time to do a comprehensive research about the program to know what it’s about, the brains behind the course and tons of hidden facts that you need to know before enrolling for the program.

An Overview Of The Affiliate Institute

  • Affiliate Institute is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you how to make money by promoting other people’s products. But the program is way more than that. AI promotes an MLM offer to their members. The program is the brainchild of Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman.
  • After being a member in the program for a while, you will be persuaded to buy Enagic or Kangen water machines. These products cost thousands of dollars. As at the time of writing this review, Enagic water filters cost around $2,380.00 – $3,980.00. So what you do is buy the product and persuade other people to do the same to earn a commission upon the purchase.

You can also get paid by selling the course. Affiliate Institute offers their students a 30% recurring commission for bringing in other people to join the program. They encourage new students to sell AI to others while they learn.

What’s More About Affiliate Institute?

  • The Affiliate Institute was previously known as Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ).

If you are like most people, you might want to know why they had to change their brand name.

According to the company, their name change was necessitated by the need to restructure their system in order to comply with the government accreditation process. This gives the company the legitimacy to issue a certificate to you upon completing the course. You may be able to use the certificate as part of an eligibility criteria for government grants.

In addition, the name change was used for rebranding purposes. AI now claims to be an education platform where students enroll to learn about affiliate marketing.

What Can You Learn From The Program?


  • While AI is essentially a blend of affiliate marketing and MLM, the course has got other things to offer their students. For example, there’s a copywriting course where you will be walked through the process of creating engaging and persuasive content. This course is crucial to the existence of the program as you have to be convincing enough to sell the pricey products like Enagic water filters to others.

Build Funnel

  • funnel-scripts-reviewYou will also learn how to build funnels for marketing purposes. The course teaches you how to generate traffic through paid advertising on social media like Facebook, and Instagram. Although social media is an important online marketing tool to attract prospects and customers alike, the course only offers a beginner level training on social media marketing.

Email Marketing

  • Students learn how to use email campaign software to create and send follow-up emails to prospects.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Affiliate Institute?

  • Like most MLM schemes out there, there are different levels in AI (although most students were unaware of this until they joined). The Level 1 costs $99/month with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Once you’re in the program, you will have to deal with a barrage of upsells. The Level 2 (at the time of writing this review) is valued at $2,995.

In addition to these costs, online promotion is very key to generating sales/referrals in this program. You will have to run paid Facebook ads or make free inspirational social media posts to generate traffic.

Members are also encouraged to attend motivational seminars to help them advance their MLM business. This is an important aspect of the business that you want to take seriously if you eventually enroll for the program. The seminar, which normally costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, provides avenues for you to meet people of like minds and establish business connections.

Affiliate Institute: Legit Or Just Another Scam?

  • Well, I wouldn’t say AI is a scam. However, I’m not personally comfortable with their discreet pricing and other key information about the course.
  • I expected the course creators to be up front about what the students will be learning from the beginning. Instead, all you see is scanty and very limited information about the course.
  • Most people who joined the program ended up earning only by promoting the program on social media. It’s common to receive a message from a random person on Facebook persuading you to join the “tribe.”

To be honest, I almost became skeptical about the genuineness of any positive review about the program I see on the internet due to the manner existing members try to recruit new people..

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Affiliate Institute?

  • It might be possible to make money enrolling for the program and working to recruit more people to join the tribe. But it’s certainly not going to be a walk around the park.
  • Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of get-rich-quick schemes and I don’t recommend them.
  • Let’s get something straight real quick, it’s important to make it clear that Affiliate Institute is largely MLM and it requires you to sell products as expensive as Enagic water filters costing thousands of dollars. Even if the products are valuable and helpful, the question is, how many people can you convince to buy the machine from you?

If you want to choose the easier way, you may choose to focus on marketing the program itself to people who might be interested in joining. Nonetheless, that comes with its peculiar challenge and a meager commission of just $100.

Do I Recommend The Program?

  • Nope, I wouldn’t recommend you to enroll for the Affiliate Institute. Trust me, I’m not hating on the program or the guys behind it. I just doubt the program can help an average Joe make consistent income online.

In addition to the expensive upsells, you will also have to spend money running paid ads. These Facebook ads don’t guarantee sales/referral as the program only provides a slightly higher than elementary training on social media advertising.

Finally, many people have a negative perception of MLM. This might make it difficult for you to get people to join the program and buy the pricey products.

Is There An Easier Way To Make Money Out Therefore?

  • Yes, there’s a way to make easier, and more consistent income online. After trying several opportunities to make money online, the business that has helped me make the most money is lead generation. Lead generation is the practice of helping local businesses acquire leads. I generate leads for my clients using Facebook ads. This helps them increase their sales while I get paid as well. Currently, I make 4-5 figures every month doing this business.

To be honest, running successful Facebook ads isn’t a piece of cake. It is possible for someone to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars running Facebook ads without getting qualified leads or conversions. I learnt how to run Facebook ads that convert through the Local Marketing Vault.

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What Is The Local Marketing Vault?

  • The Local Marketing Vault is an easy to duplicate funnels and Facebook ads program that trains you how to build a profitable business by generating qualified leads for local businesses. With the Local Marketing Vault, you can earn 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.
  • The good part of this program is, you don’t have to be a tech savvy or an experienced digital marketer to make it. In the vault, there are a good number of people with no experience when starting out who are now killing it. The program has several pre-made funnels that you can easily duplicate and tailor to your client’s needs.

Whether your client is in a personal injury niche, tree care service or consumer products, there’s a pre-built funnel available for you. The program also boasts of an active private Facebook page made up of about 5000 people. These super helpful people can also help to facilitate your progress and help you succeed faster.

If you’re really serious about earning legitimate and consistent income online, then you should check out the Local Marketing Vault. To read about what other successful members of the Vault are saying, click HERE.

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