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empower-reviewFYI: Empower Network is no longer in business…

Are you thinking about joining Empower Network? Interesting in making a little money on the side? Empower Network offers mouthwatering deals for guys just like you and me!

I mean, when I joined up, David Wood (one of the co-founders) told me all I would have to do is blog and I would start getting paid! I thought to myself, ‘what a great deal! This is something I can really get behind!’ And I joined up.

I’m not going to lie. I have made money with Empower Network. That’s why I’m writing this review for you, so you know if Empower Network is the right fit for you.

Keep in mind that just because I made money working with them doesn’t guarantee that you will too. I hope you don’t feel taken aback by that! Facts are facts and my review is here to help you make a decision today. So let’s get started!

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First things first, you have to understand that this is an investment. Like any other independent business venture, you’re going to have to invest some of your own cash here.

Now hear me out: it won’t be anything drastic like $100,000! Or even $50,000. To get started at Empower Network, all you need is the good solid sum of $5000! I’m only talking about the initial investment fee here. Keep in mind that there will be some additional costs along the way.

I’ll be straight with you. Here’s a breakdown of all the costs you’re going to take on once you sign up to sell with Empower Network.

  • $5000 for ALL the training material that Empower Network has to offer for your particular job
  • $25 recurring monthly payment for access to the viral blogging system
  • $19 recurring monthly payment for the affiliate system
  • $100 for access to the Inner Circle
  • …and maybe some more fees.

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You’re probably thinking: is Empower Network worth it? Am I even going to make money off it? Should I invest my hard earned cash in an online venture? Here’s where my review gets super honest.

Not everyone will make money with Empower Network. I’m not saying it’s a scam, definitely not. I myself have been able to get some good payout working with them. All I’m saying is, it’s not for everyone!

This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, but I’m an AFFILIATE MARKETER! I already had a lot of the skills required to promote Empower Network and make sure my review ended up at the top of the search results.

I got good training from them but I already knew quite a bit about SEO. And if you know too, that skill will come in handy for when you join up!

Now if you’re not like me and don’t know SEO, then you’ll need more training. Empower Network isn’t a scam, but it’s definitely not as easy as just blogging everyday.

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I was able to make money off of it because I sell products and promote businesses online 24/7. It’s my day job! But if you’re just starting out as a newbie who doesn’t have the needed ‘know-how’ then you should reconsider your decision.

Here are some stats for you: over 95% of online marketers actually fail. Yes I’ve landed in the rare 5% who have actually succeeded, but that’s because I already have a lot of insights into how online marketing works.

That’s the key, people! Empower Network cannot help make you money if you don’t already have a few tricks up your sleeve.

I mean, they can but then you gotta pay for a lot of training and keep upgrading your skills before you see a single cent. As long as you’re still training, you’re not selling product. If you’re not selling, you’re not earning a single cent. So keep that in mind before you take the leap.

I’m going to end this review with a few words of caution. Empower Network can be a great investment opp if you wanna start earning money and ALREADY have some knowledge of online selling/promotion.

However, if you’re a total newbie, keep in mind that you will need access to training and materials before you can begin. Just want to say again, THIS IS NOT A SCAM! But be careful and do your research before you sign up! That’s all guys!

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