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A Reading of “Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graziosi

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About The Author

Dean Graziosi is a writer who knows how to bring about success. Dean began with a high school firewood company from extremely humble beginnings to a collision repair shop and his first real estate contract before the age of 20. From there he built a multimillion-dollar real estate business, became a best-selling author for the Multiple NY Times, 16 years on TV every day, and is one of our generation's most watched real estate and success trainers.

Dean maximized success and wealth during his growth in each of these endeavors, and his companies and name helped to change countless lives. Dean is fascinated with sharing with the world the Success Habits that he discovered on this trip.

Millionaire Success Habits

Here are some of the most important and necessary points I picked up on after my in-depth reading of Dean Graziosi’sMillionaire Success Habits.”


  1. Figure exactly where you are now, where you are going, and what your reason is. Ask hard questions and provide specific answers. Write it down.
  2. Use the Deep Exercise of 7 Levels to uncover your true reason. Say you would like to make $100,000 a month. Cool, ask now why 7 times in a row. For example: why is it that $100,000 is important per month? Then, I would have been free. Why does freedom matter? I should have been spending more time with my family. Why is this important? And so on and so forth, until you have gone deep into seven layers.  No more, and nothing less will suffice. What you have left is the true, genuine, heart-felt purpose that will keep you marching toward that target, even when you are at your worst.  If you don't dig this deep, you'll have a weak purpose, aka your “why” and when times get tough, it'll be too easy to quit.
  3. Exchange stories. First, why do you feel about yourself? What are you saying to justify where in life you are at? Why do you hold back that “story?” Once you have your story, prove yourself incorrect. If you blame a lack of business success on a crappy childhood, go read about a billionaire who surmounted an even worse upbringing than yours. Say this out loud, too. Hear how dumb that sounds. Take away the power of your trauma. Just pretend to tell it to God. Provide another, fresh, perspective for it and try to move on from it.
  4. Look to the bad to find the good. Search your “poor me” story for silver linings and brighter sides. Now rework the story so you cannot stop. Write it down yet again. Look for evidence to back up your thoughts. Read it out loud before bed every night, and first thing in the morning.
  5. Become confident. Using the justification to build the courage to get the ball rolling. So fully commit to the process: stop dabbling, and really intend to go for it. Then, by learning skills from the right people and sources, make yourself self sufficient. Trust is a good side effect when you do this, because it feeds itself.
  6. Create a note of the do nots in your life. What are you honing in on? What is it you don't like to do? What do you waste your time on? What stuff keeps you from achieving your goals? Transcribe everything. Now, if any of the above still needs to be done, ask yourself how each item can be automated, delegated, outsourced or replaced.
  7. Jump back onto the track quicker when you slip into a funk. Will you take a big pizza down tonight? Jog right tomorrow morning, when you wake up. By the way, this practice seems simplistic, but it's had the most positive effect on my life. Don't take it lightly please.
  8. If you are afraid of selling and marketing, look into that. It might be a sign you have to work on yourself, your product or your service. (What aren’t you proud of?)
  9. People will learn from you, listen to you, love you, and buy from you, but only when they feel comprehended – not when they understand you. Let it sink in. This is the basis for allure and convincing. Ears over lips when this comes to shaping. Stop speaking and start listening- listening really.
  10. Millionaires use these best practices to make more sales:
    1. Transparency and confidence, always.
    2. Authenticity and passion over perfection and structure.
    3. Abundance over insufficiency.
    4. Appeal to want, not necessities.
    5. Use stories to capture, keep awareness and make points.
    6. Don't sell for sales. Shut up when you get that yes.
    7. Passion should always be palpable.
    8. In the minds of customers, camp out. What is it that makes 'em tick?
    9. Have a grateful attitude.
    10. Base relationships over transactions
  11. Follow some of Dean’s personal habits. Here are some of them:
    1. Define what happiness means to you and log it.
    2. Lean as much as you can into the moment.
    3. Stop worrying about things.
    4. Focus on the good things that can come from any situation.
    5. Keep up your calm. Keep the negativity out.
    6. Note that suffering is a choice – you can choose not to suffer
    7. Embrace your failure with open arms
    8. Don't hold grudges, ever.
    9. Let your hopes go. You are just going to be disappointed when they don't come true.
    10. Be grateful for what lies ahead of you.
    11. Don't settle for the status quo. Change it.
    12. Be a part of bigger things. Faith, charity, whatever gives you purpose.
  12. Overall, keep a few tips in mind. You should take out time to have “creative time” each day. This is the time you should spend writing and reflecting so you can collect your thoughts. Also remember to save up money, even if you don’t have a goal in sight. Getting into the habits of self-reflection and saving will greatly help your process.

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