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5 Latest Features of PPC

the latest features of ppc to look out for in 2021

Learn the biggest new features of PPC in 2021 here

Pay Per Click advertising is the latest trend for online marketing. It has helped businesses of all sizes gain huge successes with their campaigns and allowed more revenue within a very short period of time. PPC is constantly evolving, with major platforms continuously adding new features. Learn here about the 5 latest features of PPC. 

Google Ads Explanations 

  • Google Ads has introduced a new feature that allows users to view pop-ups for viewing KPI performance details. This pop-up appears whenever the cursor is moved over any KPI indicator. Inside the pop up there is a link to click on for viewing a comprehensive report about the past performance of a specific KPI indicator. This report also explains why the change has occurred and helps users understand their strategy in a better way. 

Quite often when a KPI indicator displays a difference in the volume of clicks, conversions, CTRs, and impressions, it is because of a change in search interest. When the variation in the KPI indicator is not due to search interest, the comprehensive report will indicate what other factors could be affecting it. The explanations tool helps PPC specialists learn a lot about their campaign performance, and by using data analytics it helps them pinpoint the problem. 

Microsoft Ads Auto Bidding

  • Microsoft has been developing and improving its ads platform by regularly adding new features and capabilities. It is quite similar to Google Ads with one exception that it did not offer conversion-based bidding. Microsoft has made conversion-based bidding the latest addition to its platform. Anyone who takes a PPC learning course can utilize this and Google Ads to their maximum advantage. 

Recently Microsoft also added tCPA bidding for search, tROAS bidding for search and shopping, and Maximize Conversions as standard features in its ad platform. There is also an option to import Google Ads campaigns directly, but the bidding method has to be changed for it to work successfully. Although Microsoft Ads is a newer platform as compared with Google Ads, it is catching up fast. At the moment, their data sets and analytical performance reports are not as comprehensive as one would expect. 

Google Analytics 4 Beta

  • Google Analytics 4 Beta is the latest PPC campaign analytics tool that lets users review their campaign’s performance in a much more comprehensive manner. This version employs artificial intelligence to formulate predictions and create accurate insights. The current version is the Universal Analytics, and it does a pretty good job too but Analytics 4 Beta offers much more in terms of practical value to the PPC expert. 

The AI integration helps users automatically build exclusion lists as soon as the audience completes a certain action. This reduces the workload for the PPC expert as they no longer have to manually build exclusion lists. Thus users who’ve purchased a product or a service no longer get to see the same ads again. Analytics 4 also utilizes machine learning and focuses on customer performance and customer life cycle. 

Google Ads’ Custom Audiences  

  • Google Ads has introduced a new custom audience management system, by combining both custom intent and custom affinity. There are a lot more options for the custom audience settings such as keywords, apps, places, and domains. Places are different from locations, as these are various venues that might not seem significant. These include places like car parks, shoe stores, and dog parks. Autocomplete is included as a standard feature. 

In addition to this, there is also detailed analytics on the audience, as well as weekly impressions for the PPC campaign. These characteristics help users fine-tune their PPC campaign for maximum reach and CTR. 

Microsoft Ads New UI

  • Microsoft Ads has introduced a new UI for advertisers and is currently rolling it out in phases. It is a major revamp, which improves ease of use.

Microsoft Ads has been constantly testing and adding in new features designed to help PPC experts make the most out of their campaigns. 

If you are interested in learning more about PPC, and how it can help you maximize revenue for your business then it is highly recommended to take a PPC learning course. We, at The Daily SEM, suggest that you should enroll in a PPC learning course by Local Marketing Vault. They utilize a practical hands-on approach while keeping you up to date with the latest trends in the industry. 

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