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5 Proven Hacks for Tremendous Lead Generation

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Here are some of the best hacks for increased lead generation for new businesses

A simple google search on any product or service is going to give you hundreds of seemingly similar results. Even though these results may be from different businesses, how does one make sure they land the maximum customers? You may be getting a lot of traffic on your website but your CTR is still too low. We have compiled 5 proven hacks that help you with lead generation and conversion. Read about them below: 

Offer Free Trial 

  • Most marketers endorse the free trial offer strategy for boosting lead generation. By offering your product or service to a customer free of charge, you are letting them experience it without any strings attached. 

Free trial offers guarantee maximum conversion and allow you to collect instant feedback as well as data from the customer. 

Use Content Specific Videos

  • Research suggests that more than 80% of customers prefer watching a video rather than reading a lengthy website article. A well-crafted video can help you deliver more information in less time. Most people start their videos by talking about the customer’s needs and how their unique selling point addresses them. 

Content-specific videos include webinars, DIY and how-to videos, learning and educational videos, customer reviews and feedback, live streams, and advertisements. These videos can help boost lead generation and CTR for your campaign.

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Use A Live-Chat Software

  • Customers often have a lot of questions, yet they don’t want to scroll through help and support pages on your website. In an effort to provide exceptional customer service, many businesses are now using live chat software. This chat software can either be a bot that uses AI, it can connect the customer with a support agent, or it can be a combination of the two. 

When a customer opens up the live chat box, they have to enter some basic information about themselves. This serves as data collection. Then they can talk to the bot that utilizes AI to answer their queries. If the customer is unable to find their answer, they can opt to speak to a support agent. A timely response from the support agent can help convert this lead into a successful sale.

Utilize Referral Marketing

  • Referrals are used by almost every major business to increase its customer base. If a customer purchases a product or a service from you, you can give them a referral offer. This offer can be in the form of a cashback, a discount, or a monetary reward.

Some businesses require referrals to make sure they sign up by filling in all their details properly. Others require a transaction to complete the referral reward. Whatever strategy you decide to use, referrals are a good way to improve your lead generation. 

Collect & Analyze Data

  • We are living in the age of data. Data, if properly gathered and analyzed can help you generate a huge amount of leads. Data can help you personalize and customize your campaigns to better serve your target customers. If you know who your customers are, what are their preferences, their spending budgets, their interests, etc., you can convert them into loyal customers easily. 

Some of the main sources of data include surveys, online tracking, social media monitoring, consumer research, collection of user data via subscription, e-analytics, and using data collection tools. After the collection of data, it is equally important to analyze it and develop actionable insights. 

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