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YouTube Revenue Machine Review: Can This Course Help You Make Money?

 Heard about how people are making a lot of money creating videos on YouTube, and thought David Vlas’s YouTube Revenue Machine might help you achieve the same?

If this sounds like you, then you want to read my YouTube Revenue Machine Review to the end.

In this review, I’ll carefully explain what the training covers, its pros and cons and then leave you to decide whether it’s the right course to help you make money online. Or not.

youtube revenue machine review

What is YouTube Revenue Machine About?

YouTube Revenue Machine is a training course that teaches you how to make viral videos on YouTube and turn your channel into a money-making machine. The course was packaged by David Vlas and hosted on Teachable.

  • The course promises to teach you how to apply basic SEO knowledge in your video page copy to gain visibility and rank higher on the search results in your niche. It also intends to teach you how to create thumbnails that grab attention, and drive views. It equally features some tips you can apply to start earning with affiliate marketing using your videos.
  • David Vlas promises to teach aspiring YouTubers how to make thousands of dollars through their channels. He claims that you don’t need to have any prior experience about how the platform works to apply his strategy. And begin to create viral content that in return earns you considerable income.

It’s normal to stay upbeat about the chances of making lots of money from YouTube especially if you’ve heard inspiring success stories of those who have done so. For example, a popular beauty aficionado, Jeffree Star was reported to have made $50 million from her YouTube channel in 2019. Same year, pro-gamer Daniel Middleton came second with $45 million income from the platform.

These are just a few examples out of probably thousands of YouTubers out there that cash out big time from the world’s leading video search engine. But there are also hundreds of thousands of struggling YouTubers. Some have even given up on trying due to frustration.

The internet is the gold rush of the 21st Century. Fortunately, anyone can make money online. What it takes are:

  • Enroll for a rounded and reflective training course that prepares you for relevant skills
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals
  • Create value with your skills
  • Start making money with your skills

The biggest question here is, can David’s course help you make money on YouTube?

I’ll answer this question in just a few scrolls away. But before then, here’s a little thing you may find enthralling about David Vlas.

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Who is David Vlas?

  • David is a nineteen year old YouTube star (as it the time of writing this review). He claims to have started making money on YouTube since the age of sixteen. According to his official website, his net worth falls within the range of $800,000 to $1,000,000 which he generated through his YouTube channel and his online store.

According to his YouTube bio, David creates and uploads vlogs, pranks, and challenges. He also shares content about popular online games such as Fortnite Battle Royale. David recently ventured into a course making niche with the intention to teach you how to make money from YouTube videos.

YouTube Revenue Machine: An Overview Of The Course Content

youtube revenueThe course is divided into eight parts. Each part has a variety of lessons presented in different formats such as video and PDFs. The videos are generally short, ranging from 1-13 minutes. The following are the details of the course curriculum:

Getting Started/Optimization for Growth

  • Lessons taught in this module include:
  • Introduction to the course
  • Tactics you can implement in your videos to make them go viral
  • Types of videos that get you the most views
  • Optimizing your channel for fastest growth
  • Tools you need for fastest growth
  • Why looking at analytics helps your channel grows fast

Branding Yourself/Making Money

  • Monetization
  • Getting high CPM (click per mille or 1000 views)
  • How to join the right networks that helps you grow
  • Making your channel a brand to sell products
  • Affiliate Links to YouTube
  • Earning money from sponsors

SEO/Ranking videos to generate millions of views

  • What’s SEO and why are YouTubers getting views from it?
  • How to title your videos to get clicks and views
  • Tagging your videos for best results
  • How to get high retention
  • Getting ranked on YouTube
  • How a video can go viral on your channel
  • How to get recommended on viral videos
  • Fully optimize your videos

Making Clickable Thumbnails

  • What you need to know before making thumbnails
  • Using Photoshop
  • Hiring someone to make your thumbnails/Making Thumbnails like big YouTubers do

Editing Videos

  • How to edit video intros
  • Editing for high retention’
  • Record, Edit and Share
  • Transitions, Annotations and Behaviors
  • Animations and Effects
  • Editing Audio’
  • Produce & Share
  • Importing Videos

Copyright and preventing getting striked and terminated

  • Preventing copyright and termination of your channel

Getting Subscribers

  • How to gain your first 1000 subscribers fastest way possible
  • How to grow past 10,000, 50,000 & 100,000 subscribers
  • Gaining subs from social media fast


  • Outro

How Much Does the Course Cost?

  • YouTube Revenue Machine was formerly sold for $497, but has now been slashed to$397. Payment is made on the hosting platform, Teachable. The platform accepts common payment options such as credit cards and PayPal. David offers a 7-day money-back guarantee as long you haven’t watched up to 10% of the total course content.
  • Frankly, I think the course is a little pricey as David Vlas only teaches the basics of YouTube which you can get free on the web. If you need an in-depth understanding of how YouTube works, I believe your best bet is YouTube Creator Academy.

The platform provides a free comprehensive resource on how you can build your YouTube channel and create exhilarating video content that your subscribers would love. You can also learn how to optimize your channel and make money from the platform in line with YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

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Is YouTube Revenue Machine legit or a scam?

  • I think it would be unfair to call the course a scam. David tried to cover the information you need to get started on YouTube. For example, you’ll get to learn how to optimize your channel and monetize it.
  • However, there are some crystal-clear downsides about this course that you can’t afford to overlook. The lessons there are too basic and generic. Before paying $397 to buy a course, you want to make sure that the training has got something outstanding and uncommon to offer. This cannot really be said of the YouTube Revenue Machine.

Also, it appears that David developed the curriculum of his course based on what works for him (he creates vlogs, pranks and challenges). His course doesn’t seem to have a blueprint that you can easily replicate to achieve success. To succeed in YouTubing, you have to select a niche that aligns with your personality. And create content that helps your target audience to solve their problems or answer their biggest questions.

In addition, I doubt if older people would find the course useful. I think David Vlas’s approach and his kind of content will appeal more to young lads within his age group.

But no doubt, David Vlas appears to have made a fortune from his YouTube and affiliate marketing hustle.

Do I Recommend the Course?

I’m not going to recommend it because I believe you can get equally informative content free on the internet. If YouTube is something you want to do, then you can increase your research pace for content that’s worth your time. One to-go platform is YouTube Creator Academy. This is a free resource you can explore to gain valuable insight on how you can monetize your channel.

Is there a Better and Easier Way to Make Money Online?

  • There are possibly a number of ways to make money online. But the one that’s worked best for me is lead generation. I make money online for myself and my clients by helping them to generate quality leads using Facebook ads. Lead generation is a fantastic business that can help you achieve your goal of financial freedom and accelerated business growth.

I’ve been able to build a 6-figure online business with consistent 4-5 figure monthly income. I found out about this life-changing business opportunity through a program called the Local Marketing Vault (LMV).

What’s The Local Marketing Vault?

  • The Local Marketing Vault is an easy to duplicate funnels and Facebook ads program that shows you how to build a profitable business by helping local companies to generate qualified leads. With The Local Marketing Vault, you can earn 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.

LMV shows you tested, proven and easy-to-implement strategies to conveniently generate leads. The program offers a guarantee for success as it gives you access to high-converting pre-built funnels. These pre-built funnels make your task of creating campaigns much easier and faster. More important, you won’t have to deal with the common challenges associated with running successful ads.

LMV doesn’t only provide access to the tools and training to get results for clients. You’re going to have access to a Facebook group containing almost 5,000 success-driven people to partner with. Most of them are experts that can help you jumpstart your journey into becoming a successful lead generation pro.

You should check out LMV if you’re really serious about making easy and consistent income online. To read what people who’ve succeeded with the Local Marketing Vault are saying, click HERE.

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