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Siteground Drops Support for WordPress

OK listen I am not going to get long winded here! I have used SiteGround for a long time! Still a great hosting platform!

Although they started moving to their own dashboard after they moved all there hardware to the Google Cloud… I really didn't like it to be honest… I digress…

However in the last year or so I really did notice that the support was starting to lack… where they used to go a few extra steps to help you out, they no longer do that… it was very subtle too! Today I had an issue with a site, that for some reason from the start was just running slow and hanging up… so today I hit up support…. and I was given the… get a developer etc…..

Now listen I don't expect them to fix all my site issues, but I did all the basics… and something is just not right. I would think maybe just a bit more help would be worth it… considering I was hosting about 80 websites with them across 6 different plans!

Anyways here was our convo… I crossed my name out just in case this gets shared, but I mean you can find my name on the site anyway LOL

I have had Stefan Sta in the past and he was helpful!

Click Image For Larger View

Maybe I am just being a whiny baby… it is very possible… I won't re-invent the wheel here but you can check out the follow blogs and see the writing is on the wall!

I did not plan on doing a post like this, but my convo today kind of pissed me off! That is why I am currently moving all my sites to Rocket.net…. You can see my review on Rocket.net here https://thedailysem.com/rocket-net-hosting/


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